Saturday, May 23, 2015


Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I was kinda happy at first after we managed to recruit about 10 people in less than 24 hours, a good sign as our initial plan was to recruit at least 30 people. We already did our very best to gather as many people as possible to join our homestay programme. We changed our date to fit with others' timetable as many of them told us they couldn't go because of exam, presentation, etc. After a while, time becomes a huge matter, and frustration is just a breath away. Still having faith, we kept promoting day by day, but then none of them showed up. 

I didn't know whether it's a matter of time, or maybe because the price is too high hmmm I just don't know. Or maybe they don't wanna join an event organised by us hmm. Okay, lets not make things more complicated and start to think positive. I'm not gonna blame anyone as they have their own choices. If they don't want then we could not force them. It's their own money, and maybe they have a really good excuse, but they didn't wanna tell us. 

Some of the participants told me they wanna withdraw from participating. It was a heartbreaking moment for us, leaving us speechless. Especially when even our batch mates refused to join. Who else will support you more if not your batch tapi tiada yang sudi wuaaaa okay brb crying. Haha. We still haven't decided yet what's our final conclusion. My study is quite a mess lately, Haemato System is on the way, but I still get lost in the labyrinth of the Respiratory System. (ceh ayat over haha!)

There's a point in my life, a breaking point, where I feel like wanna stop everything and do nothing. Not even eating. (Eating as an example, as that is what I love doing the most haha). Okay, back to seriousness. In times like this, I start to compare myself with others. It's not a good decision tho. I start to compare myself with those in instagram and twitter and facebook etc. Those social networks lower my self esteem, make me think that I'm the worst person who has the worst thing to face. I overlook the beautiful things around me as they are overwhelmed by the frustration and sadness built in me by myself. I know, it sounds like I'm destroying myself haha. 

Then I remember 1 thing said by a famous scholar, Nouman Ali Khan in one of his lectures. I couldn't really remember the exact statement, but it's something like this;

"When you're in this world, you're already given a stated amount of obstacles and advantages. That's the limit. You won't get any higher or any lower. You won't be given with challenges that you couldn't overcome."

Yes, something like that. If I said it wrong, do correct me. This statement is one of those which I usually recall in my mind while picking myself back up. Telling myself, "It's okay Dylla tomorrow is a brand new day. It's gonna be a great day for you. You must trust Him." If picking up myself alone is not enough, then I will remind myself, He will help me. As long as what I do is based on a good intention, InshaaAllah He will definitely help me. Dunya is not worth to be cried for. 

Hopefully everything will go well. Pray for us. 


Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

It's 1.45am. Penatnya study, mashaaAllah. Dah sampai tahap tersengguk depan lecture notes, baca hopefully masuk lah otak hmm jangan masuk mata keluar kat telinga sudah, ehhh ada ke macam tu haha. Ada sorang makhluk Allah ni cakap kat Dylla macam ni.. "Dylla is back on her track" and tetiba Dylla rasa macam bersemangat nak study. A statement that made my day hehe.  

Anyway, this morning the Bad Blood MV by Taylor Swift had been released!!! And Taylor won 8 awards!!! Ahhhh so happy. Plus I still couldn't get over all those photos of her with Calvin Harris! I ship Tayvin aka Caylor! Sorry, ada one of the fans yang tak betul sorang tersesat kat sini :p I've become a Swiftie since Form 1 lagi. Time tu Taylor baru lepas broke up dengan Joe Jonas and she wrote "Teardrops on My Guitar". Basically Dylla memang tahu all of her songs and almost all hidden stories behind them hehehe. Okay macam mana boleh tetiba masuk pasal Taylor Swift pula ni haha. Anyway, congrats Taylor Swift! 

Nak tidur tapi tak boleh tidur hmmmm what should I do? Nah few tips nak senang tidur yang Dylla teringat dalam otak. Hopefully useful for you guys! 
  1. Minum air panas yang bersusu seperti susu ataupun milo.
  2. Jangan minum minuman yang mengandungi kafein seperti teh atau kopi.
  3. Jangan bersenam sebelum tidur. 
  4. Padamkan terus gadget dan letak jauh jauh. Tangan jangan nak menggatal check sana sini. Habis duk buka Twitter Instagram Facebook ulang-ulang. (Cakap diri sendiri hahaha).
  5. Gelapkan bilik. (Dylla tak suka gelap gelita, nasib ada lampu menyelit masuk dari bawah pintu hehe).
  6. Mandi air panas. (Tapi macam gedik je memalam baru nak mandi haha) 
  7. Make sure bilik nyaman je. Kalau panas tapi tak nak guna aircond ke apa pergi buka pintu tingkap semua luas luas so takde lah berpeluh time tidur nanti. 
  8. Baca buku. Haaa alang alang tak boleh tidur lagi boleh lah baca buku. Lagi bagus kalau buku pelajaran mesti cepat tertidur. Kalau novel best takut sampai esok tak tidur sebab nak habiskan punya pasal :p 
  9. Kurangkan gangguan bunyi. Kalau suka tidur sambil dengar lagu, jangan pula duk pasang lagu hard metal ke apa haha cari lah lagu yang mendayu dayu sikit ke haaa baru boleh cepat tidur.
  10. Kira kambing. Okay tipu je. Dylla pernah buat tapi ter'imagine' kambing langgar pagar apa lah then tergelak dengan lawak sendiri. Okay tak betul sikit otak kejap time tu hahaha.
Ye orang yang bagi tips sendiri belum tidur apa cerita? Irony. Hm Dylla minum nescafe tadi wuaaaaa. Ye ye nak try tidur lah ni. Good night semua! 


Saturday, May 16, 2015


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

UPU result is out! Congrats to those who get what you want. For those who didn't, cheer up! You still have the chance to continue studying, your life is not over yet and in fact, this will make you even more stronger! 

Here's what I'm gonna tell you today. When everyone else is preparing to study overseas, some of us have to accept the fact that we have to continue and pursue our study in local universities. Either because we didn't get any offer to study abroad, not enough money to pay for overseas tuition fees by ourselves, didn't get the course that we wanted or maybe all of them. But there are also people who prefer to study in local. Some of them are really excel in their studies, just like a few best friends of mine who are studying Medicine and Dentistry in local universities. It's not easy to get those courses.

To those who have read my previous posts, maybe you guys know why I decided to study in local university. Almost one year I have been here and it's not that bad at all. In fact, I am really, really grateful with what I have chosen. No, no, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that studying abroad has no advantage at all and that you should not go there. Every place has its pros and cons. I just wanna say that it is okay to study here, in Malaysia. 

To be honest, even now, sometimes I still feel a bit sad when seeing good photos taken in front of buildings with great architectures, beautiful scenery, different seasons, ahhh you don't know how much I really love photography and I'm longing of that moment, still waiting for my time to really appreciate the beauty of it! 

A cousin of mine told me that she felt a bit anxious and worry because most of her friends already applied for colleges and kept telling her that they will 'fly' to the United States, something like that. Then I asked her what did she want actually. She said she wanted to take either Medicine or Actuarial Science. Then I told her, no need to worry anything, just ignore them and wait for UPU result. She got 2Bs in her SPM so she couldn't apply for MARA or JPA (Medicine/Actuarial Science). For me, a place to study is important, but the most important thing is what you want actually. If you don't have a definite intention, then you can just go on with the flow, but if you have that one dream that you had since you were a child, then stick to it as long as you can. 

I told you right that sometimes I feel a bit sad when knowing that my friends in overseas can easily travel here and there. Even when they were at the university also seems like they're having a vacation! Haha. To be honest, after 1 year I've been here, I just realised that travelling is the only thing that I couldn't get now, but I have lots of things here to be grateful for. 

I have my parents and family near to me. A fortnight ago, I was homesick. Really, really homesick that made me felt like I don't wanna study in IMU anymore. I told ibu and ayah I wanna go home blablabla and they said if I've got no class then just come home whenever I want. From IMU to Melaka takes only 2 hours in the bus, and LRT station is just behind IMU building. I go back home almost every week, anytime I want. The homesickness I felt last week really broke me down for awhile and as a family oriented person, I could not imagine how myself would be if I were far away from here. But well, maybe in that way I would know how to adapt better and can be more responsible haha.

And I'm surrounded by positive vibes and good people, how can I not be grateful? Alhamdulillah for everything. My friends not only help me academically, but also spiritually. We remind and help each other in every possible way we could. No such thing as 'kau susah kau tanggunglah sorang'. Most of them especially those who are close to me, aren't like that.

Some people say that going overseas makes you meet new people, new cultures, mix yourself with more open-minded people. Yes, that's true. But it doesn't mean you can't get that in Malaysia. Like where I am now, I still have the opportunity to meet new people and know new cultures. I make new friends and mix with open-minded people. Maybe the environment and the feeling of having 'mat salleh in my class' is a bit different haha. 

Food is not a problem. I am a big eater and to have a continuous food supply is a must hehe. Alhamdulillah it's easy to find halal food here in Malaysia, obviously. You do not need to worry about missing your mum's cooking because you can easily go back home whenever you want! Besides, there are a lot of newly opened cafes and restaurants, which means more nice food to be discovered. Malaysia is one of the places that has the best food, okay? ;) 

Studying in local also makes me realised that it is not difficult to find happiness in life. Happiness is around you. You are the one who have to appreciate it. The most important thing is to chase your dream and do what you want. I have a friend who studied engineering for one semester in the United Kingdom, but now she's in a local university, taking Medicine. She said it was good to be there (in UK), but the feeling of doing something she didn't like overwhelmed everything else. And of course, homesickness worsened the condition.

And just now I saw a friend of my, Audi shared something on her FB wall. It was about something that related to Medical students. "25 peratus doktor muda graduan luar negara mengalami tekanan mental." Yes, the education system in Malaysia is quite hard. For example like Medicine in IMU, we have to pass everything; theory and clinical skills since the first year. You will be given only one chance to repeat a year, but if you fail for the second time then they will kick you out (uh oh, that's sound a bit cruel err). But then, InshaaAllah it will make us become stronger to face the real life as a doctor later! 

Ibu and ayah also always tell me, "Belajar apa yang awak suka. Tak kisah mana mana. Nanti akan datang kalau dah kerja ada duit pergi lah mana mana awak nak." 

It's just my humble opinion. Opinion is neither right nor wrong, it is just accepted or not. So here I am to say the same thing again. It is okay to study in Malaysia. 

Assalamualaikum :) 

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