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Graduation Day

Life can be so amazing, isn't it? 

Vietnam (Intro): I Was Hit By A Bike

I never got hit by any vehicles in other countries before, so here's to the first time encountering it. 

KonMari: Don't Judge My Room

Here are some before and after photos of my room. 
But before you look at them, promise me you won't judge hehe. 

Finally, a doctor

Have you ever thought of quitting something when you were almost at the end?
Have you ever cried so hard inside, but pretended you were okay? 
Have you ever felt like giving up and wanted to run away, but you just can't?
Have you ever felt like giving up, but you know you'd regret it?

I had. 

Getting Out of Comfort Zone

Easier said than done. 
I challenged myself to do something that I had never done before. 
Did I succeed?

Write. Save. Repeat.

I'd been writing and saving posts in draft, but yet, did not publish them. Blame my laziness to continue typing and end up writing them halfway. Anyway, I have a new resolution. 

I'm thinking of starting writing like on weekly basis, at least. Since this is my final semester in medical school (InshaaAllah!) and although I don't fancy roller coaster rise, but these few months will definitely be a thrilled ride for sure and publishing the stories here might be a good idea since I don't have a diary. 

 A quick summary of my current life. 

  • For semester 10 aka the final semester, I am posted in Hospital Enche' Besar Hajjah Khalsom, Kluang. This semester we are supposed to 'shadow' housemen, which sometimes I think we really ARE shadows, like what Dato' Siva told us haha. 
  • I started with Internal Medicine posting. It was amazing. Never thought I could love Internal Medicine as much as I did here. Well, although I have to admit that I'm still not that good in reading ECGs, but I definitely know more than before hehe, but that's not enough and I really need to brush it up! 
  • Next, I was in Obstetrics and Gynaecology posting. It has always been one of my favourite postings and I somehow can imagine myself delivering babies and scrubbing in as a surgeon to perform hysterectomy. The doctors and nurses were super helpful! I was given a chance to even conduct the delivery on my own! Which I refused and asked to assist instead haha. I managed to assist in a few number of deliveries. And I did manage to observe few surgeries inc ELLSCS, EMLSCS, cystectomy of endometrioma, TAHBSO, female sterilisation, etc. 
  • Currently, I'm in Surgery and Orthopaedics postings. Yes, they are combined in this 5-week duration. It's a bit hectic since we have to do 2 portfolios (for Viva), but so far so good. I always enjoy both of these postings, even back then when I was in Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban. Other than O&G, these are my favourite postings! I know right, it seems like I like most of the postings haha. It will be difficult to choose a field to specialise in, although for now in a long run I wanna become a surgeon, whether general surgeon, Obs and Gynae or Orthopaedics, I haven't made up my mind, but of course, I have to pass the very final exam first! Wish me luck hehe. 

Ahh, finally a complete post I can publish. I can't promise, but I will try my best to publish posts as frequent as possible. My Kluang house does not have wifi fyi, and my mobile internet rarely becomes 4G. Yes, most of the time it is E hm so slow like siput, even siput is faster..

Till here first. Bye!  

A Year Older, But Am I A Year Wiser?

You know how people always say a year old, a year wiser. 
I had never said it before until I posted a photo on my Instagram a few days ago.
I always write things ONLY if I really mean it.
And I had a long pause before typing that sentence, thinking ... 

I Have Something To Admit

Let's this be something just between us, shall we? 


Failure is not something one aims for. I bet no one ever wishes to fail. I set up a really high goal for myself, and when I don't manage to achieve what I've aimed, I feel like I fail. I see myself as a failure. 

Final Chapter

Currently, I'm in week 6 of Surgery & Anaesthesia postings. Surgery is always one of my favourite postings and surprisingly, I kinda like Anaes as well, especially during the simulation of clinical management sessions, where we had to manage the patient in an emergency situation. I might become an emergency specialist one day, who knows? Hehe.

"Final Chapter" 
Nah-uh. It’s not really the final chapter of the final book. It’s the final chapter of the first book entitled ‘Life As A Medical Student’. Somehow, time flies so fast. I tend to say ‘fifth year’ rather than ‘final year’, although both bring the same meaning. I’m so eager to finish med school and start working, but I can’t help asking myself, “Am I competent enough?” Honestly saying, I don’t even remember all the dosage for medications. Yet. 

Hoping for the best. Fingers crossed.