Jun 8, 2020

Wedding Series Ep1: Pre-Engagement - How Did He Propose To Me?

Assalamualaikum and hi guys! 

I'm sooooo excited for this wedding series. I've been planning to write this series for quite some time and I finally have the motivation to start writing it! This series is gonna consist of a few posts, probably 5 or 6, depending on how much I wanna talk about. Or maybe lebih if tetiba banyak benda nak cakap hehe. 

Anyway stay tune with this series. I'll upload my wedding video by the end of this series and along the way I'll include some tips and hacks, InshaaAllah! 

The Proposal (9th of August 2019)
On the 9th of August, I passed my final examination and officially became a doctor (Post: Finally, a doctor). Sobri dropped some hints that he wanted to get engaged in a month time, and I secretly wished he'd propose to me the way how people advertise a romantic proposal should be; the guy asks the girl out for dinner, the guy kneels on the ground, pulls out a ring, and asks her to marry him.

Scrap that off. I know, mengarut haha. 

Sobri proposed to me via my parents. No lovey dovey, 'Will you marry me?' or 'Will you become my wife?', etc. He asked permission from Ibu to meet and discuss our engagement with both Ibu and Ayah at my house. I'm touched to be honest. It was a better way of a proposal and 10 points for braveness. *claps* 

Ibu and ayah agreed since I already completed my degree. Kalau cakap before habis study ni mesti confirm tak boleh haha. 

The Meeting (11th of August 2019)
Sobri came all the way from Kajang that afternoon. We welcomed him and the four of us sat in the living room. Ibu cooked sambal bali and nasi impit for him, and that was his first time tasting sambal bali. Second time was during Raya (Post: 5 Unexpected Things I did During Cov-Eid). I helped to prepare the drinks and served them. 

Ayah started the conversation and Sobri told his wish of getting engaged with me. Something like, "Saya datang sini nak bincang pasal tunang." 

Oh. My. God. 

It was soooo awkward. I was there. I was literally there beside Ibu. I was stunned. Never thought it was gonna be this awkward. I wished I could run away and hide somewhere. Rasa jantung tergolek keluar okay haha. 

My parents already had the idea that he came to discuss our engagement, but I totally was not prepared for the awkwardness. Planning for the first child to get married, I bet I was not the only one who felt awkward. Ke I je yang over kot haha maybe. 

Here's a photo I curi curi took during the pre-discussion hehe. 

The discussion was short and quick. Ayah agreed and we decided to have the engagement on the 29th of September 2019. I could see ayah's eyes were watery. Not able to see someone sad, my eyes started to watery as well. Padahal entah entah mata ayah masuk habuk haha. 

How was my engagement preparation? 
It was fun and.. funny. 

There was something my father told me that I would never forget. 
I will talk more about it in my next post, so see you guys there! 

P/s: Do you have any dream proposal? Share with meee :)

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  1. Gentleman! Tahniah dylla!

  2. Honestly I dream of movie-like proposal too haha. But your fiance's proposal was so lovely nonetheless! Couldn't wait for more of the series!

  3. woah~ congratz dylla. ^^

    Oh, btw selamat hari raya. omg, u bertunang on my birthday. hehe

  4. Mrs. A dah tak ingat dah hahahaa... dah hampir nak 20 tahun, zaman tu tak tahu nak memblog.
    Bagus tulis kat blog dah tua nanti boleh baca semula.

    1. Haah itu lah. Saya plan nanti nanti boleh baca balik akan datang hehe

  5. He's doesn't beat around the bushes, not every man is brave enough for that.
    Lucky you. I am happy for you.

  6. dad n daughter bonding is special.. u have to be grateful ur dad ada when u got married and hes there for u. akak rasa if one day akak kawen.. ill cry hard too because my dad wont be around.

    dad is our forever superhero =)

  7. Such a gentleman! Hihi.
    Tahniah Dylla 😊

  8. Congratulations on your engagement and also your marriage! May Allah bless you both :)