Jul 7, 2014

Book Review: Kot Putih

Assalamualaikum and good evening.
A book review jeng jeng jeng!
Haha so today I would like to share my opinions on a book entitled "Kot Putih".
Ahh the title itself portrays people who wear white coats.

A friend of mine gave this book to me.
This book is actually written specially for Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) students.
It's written by some of the former students there.

It is a story about the journey of 5 medical students named Aki, Amran, Pit, Imah and Sofeya in JUST.
Different characters, different hardships, different struggles.
They changed to become better people.
From lazy to hardworking.
From hot-tempered to cool and calm, willing to say sorry.
From selfish to kind.

Being a medical student is not that easy.
But in this book, their passions and how they survived encourage readers to be tough and keep on moving although you feel like you wanna stop everything what you have already started in medical school.
It also tells us that as a medical student, you don't have to study 24/7.
You still can spend times with your friends, organise events etc.

Besides, there are few medical terms included in this book.
Idk why but this is the most interesting part for me.
I was fascinated with how they managed to answer the doctors questions.
How they easily knew what's the patient suffered from and what are the causes.
How they conducted surgery and so on.

Lastly, I also love how this novel made me touched.
Touched bcs of the power of love created among the people in this book.
The love between family because of Allah.
The love between friends because of Allah.
And the love as a servant to The Almighty, Allah swt. 

That's all for today.
If you have this book, I suggest you to complete reading it.
Open your mind and reflect back yourself.