Dec 6, 2015


Blocked mind, twitched muscle, cramped stomach, dry mouth. 2 hours had passed, but I'm still in the bus, on my way back to Kuala Lumpur. From my home to Bukit Jalil takes only about 1 hour and 20 minutes away, but the fact that I'm going back by bus and the bus travels from Melaka Sentral to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan makes the journey becomes 2 hours. If the traffic is jammed, more hours have to be spent on the road-- and yes, I prefer sleeping. 

I have an assignment to be completed, upcoming exams to be focused on, another posting (general practitioner) to be applied, and 2 more weeks left before my elective posting comes to the end. It seems a lot, but instead of ranting how tired I am and how I have to squeeze everything as time gets shorter and exam comes nearer, I guess I just have to adapt to the current situation and move through all these and pass the obstacles. I bet there are people out there who are in a harder struggle than mine, so who am I to keep complaining about my life. Life is not a wish granting factory and what is life if there's no hardship and obstacles, innit? 

This is just a quick post while waiting for the bus to arrive. The trees are shaking in a slow motion influenced by the wind direction and the sky is getting darker in one side at which this bus is heading to. There's no any visible white cloud, which I can look at and imagine of cat, ice cream or maybe swan. God's creations are so unique that every single thing you see around you has its own duty and function and if we go one by one, I don't think we can finish talking about them in one day and some of them are so mysterious that even humankind haven't discovered the beauty of them yet. 

I wonder where are we now. I saw a sign of 'Zon Operasi Kamera', telling there's a camera in front, so I guess we are currently near to Kajang. If you notice, every time you pass by the camera sign, almost all cars will move slower in a synchronised manner, where even those who don't realise the existence of the signboard will do the same thing also, unless the driver neglects it and wills to pay for the summon haha. 

I am really good at rambling aimlessly, I should be a poet hehe kidding. An untalented poet, indeed. I saw a lightning! Do you wanna know one thing? (Hey, there's another lightning! They are so beautiful, aren't they?) Have you heard of a so-called nerdy teka-teki, which sounds like this, "Why the lightning comes first before the thunder?" The answer is because light moves faster than the sound haha sorry for the interrupt from the lightning. I dislike when I have something in my mind and the only thing left is to say it out, but then I forget it as a result of a distraction either from someone else or myself. Alright, forget about it.  

Yeah, finally arrived at the road toll! Apparently it's raining and I guess I have to take a cab. Luckily my ayah gave me some extra money this week because I told him about the increased train fares and everything. But Tiara told me that starting on tomorrow, we'd go to HKL by her car and she'll pick me up at vista every morning and send me back every evening. According to her, this way is cheaper and less time consuming (kot). 

Oh, by the way..

Sembah takziah kepada Keluarga DiRaja Johor atas kemangkatan Tunku Laksamana Johor, Tunku Abdul Jalil ibni Sultan Ibrahim Ismail. Semoga roh Almarhum ditempatkan di kalangan mereka yang soleh. Al-Fatihah.


  1. Dalam bas adalah waktu yang paling tak serba-salah nak tidur. Sebab tu suka naik bas instead of flight. Eeee tapi dah terbeli tiket flight awal-awal. Sekarang rasa nak balik 11 haribulan je instead of 15 T.T

    1. Tapi penattt! Kalau lah ada flight dari Melaka ke KL memang kita nak naik flight je hahaha

  2. Selamat berhujung minggu, Dylla. Jangan lupa rehat cukup2 :)