Aug 13, 2016

Treat Chunks And Pieces As A Whole

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

It's 1.30 am. I was supposed to sleep 2 hours ago, but my eyes seem to refuse, though I had already drunk a cup of milk. Blame the culprit; what else other than the late night thoughts, which lead to over thinking? Haha.

I started to realise that life is made of chunks and pieces, but it should be treated as a whole. Those pieces complement one another. Instead of like jigsaw puzzle, they are more like a sphere made up of irregular torn papers, stacking and overlapping on each other. One part affects the other part either directly or indirectly, especially to us, girls. You know how girls' minds can be really complicated sometimes. 

Maybe you guys are wondering, what am I talking about? What do I mean by treating life as a whole? It means.. well as for example, if you're studying and at one point your brain can't accept and absorb knowledge anymore. You try to recall what you have read, but your mind is totally blank and you can't remember anything. If you focus to solve only this problem (can't remember what you have read), you might continue reading and just ignore what you've forgotten or you might read back everything from the start. 

But if you treat it as a whole, you might be considering the food you consume, the sleep you had, your social interaction with others, etc. Maybe you eat too much nasi lemak and feel sleepy? Maybe you are too tired after sleepless nights and need some rest? Maybe you feel homesick because you haven't gone back to your hometown for weeks? These are some examples of other aspects that you might put into consideration when dealing with a problem like this. Problems do not necessarily result in negative consequences. Most of them make us human a human, imperfect, trying to become a better person. 

Another example, if you have problems in trying to leave bad habits, whether how small it is to you, to Allah it might be a serious one. The intention is there, so don't stop. Take a few steps backwards and look every single thing that is happening around you. Mend what's wrong, improve what's right. Check back your relationship with Allah SWT. How's your salah? What's your intention when doing a good deed? Etcetera. 

Hardships and difficulties are part of this worldly life. Never ever ever lose hope. They are made for us, human being to get closer to Allah SWT. Look at hardships positively. Return to Allah and ask for His help. InshaaAllah, you will get through this. Stay strong!

P/s: This post is dedicated to myself.


  1. Agree with you, dik. Life should be treated as a whole, bukannya separuh2 ;)

  2. a very nice entry. :)
    never give up and be strong no matter what happen. Allah always be there :)

  3. bnykkan solat sunat dhuha, bacaan ayat al quran, solat tahajud dan hajat dan solat sunat witir.. didalam doa mohon berkatkan ilmu yg dipelajari.. insyallah akan berjaya..

  4. To add, BARAKAH also a crucial thing for students and anybody else. Ni dari sudut pandangan Islamic hahah *tetibe menyampuk*