Nov 19, 2016

Luckily I Ran Like Crazy

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

My friends and I went to MidValley after the OSCE debriefing session last Thursday. We didn't have any specific plan; just bought some stuff for our upcoming trip and spent time together before going back to our hometown. Around 6, it was time to go back. We had to take the KTM first from Midvalley and then changed to LRT in Bandar Tasik Selatan. By the time we wanted to go to the train, many people went up from downstairs, which means they were just arriving. 

We ran as fast as we could because you know how tiring it would be to wait for 40 minutes before the next train arrives. We were quite relieved when we saw a long queue waiting to board the train. The train was really packed with people coming back from work and whatnots. Though the long line could buy us some time, but the problem was.. the 3 of us + 1 cabin-sized luggage (I just bought it) were not gonna fit in there. Fatin and Sanaa were in front of me. They ran from one exit to another exit, and there was a moment when they already can fit into the train, but not me. So, they went out from the train and tried to find another exit.

Me? I was running like crazy WITH my luggage. No time to be ashamed, I just ran as fast as I could. I thought I might have to stay there first and wave goodbye to my friends, but I don't think it's wrong to try haha. And yes, luckily I ran like crazy because at last we managed to enter the train though we were standing really, really close to the door, almost kissed it, but we didn't have to wait for another 40 minutes phew.

I thought that was the only time I had to run like crazy, but I was wrong.

I wanted to go back to Melaka that night and as usual the last bus from KL is at 9.30pm. I just arrived home around Maghrib, and being me who likes to procrastinate when it comes to getting ready, I simply bought a ticket for the last bus online without even thinking twice as I didn't think I could prepare everything earlier than that. I was really hungry. At 9pm, I cooked (too lazy, I just put the hot water haha) 2 packs of curry Maggi. It was already late, but I refused to go out without filling my tummy first. I ate the Maggi in only 5 minutes! (New achievement unlocked!) Then I wore my shawl and booked a Taxi from the Grab phone application. The taxi arrived at 9.15pm. I only had 15 minutes left to be exact hm it was not funny...

I told the taxi driver to drive fast if he can. The uncle was sooooo kind! We had a nice chat from about how he works from 5am to 1am every day to a pregnant lady who asked him to stop the taxi metre and told him to keep driving. I was 50/50 at that time; convincing myself I would arrive on time, but at the same time telling myself I won't make it.

I arrived TBS sharp at 9.30am. Again, I ran like crazy. Yes, with my backpack and a medium-sized luggage. I ran as fast as I could, but tried my best to run in a 'sopan' way to the boarding pass counter to get the ticket. I asked the counter guy if I could make it and the lady who was sitting next to him, took the walkie talkie she had with her and tried to contact whoever downstairs to ask whether the bus has taken off or not. Luckily it hadn't.

I got my ticket and immediately went to the long line of people who were waiting patiently for their tickets to be scanned before going to the waiting area downstairs. I didn't have much time, so I asked a guy if I could cut his queue as I was running late. He allowed me to. I thanked him a few times and he just smiled.

Luckily my bus this time waited at the nearest gate, Gate 1 and Alhamdulillah the bus was still there. I boarded the train and sat down at seat number 15. While trying to catch my breath, I smiled thinking of what had happened and felt really grateful and thankful to have met those people who helped me.

I shouldn't do anything last minute. Lesson learnt.

Have you guys ever had any experience like this?


  1. I know the feeling! Selalu berlari bila train dah nak tutup pintu. Masa tu memang tak fikir dah orang lain pandang semacam, fikir nak masuk dalam train je. Haha 😀

    1. Haha kannnn? Especially if ktm memang lagi lama nak tunggu. Tak kisah dah lari orang pandang pelik rather than have to wait more than half an hour for the next train haha

  2. Yup, I also had that experience. It was sooo tiring. For my case, my friends and I were running for KTM and then go to TBS and ask for the ticket which is the last one for that day. Alhamdulillah, we make it! Walaupun masa trun escalator tu kena sound suruh cepat sikit. Haha

  3. akak yang baca pun rasa tercungap sekali hahahahaha. akak pernah alaminya jugak!!!

    masa tu nak pergi bintulu. gate flight punya lah jauh. masa tu memang dah lambat. berlari ke gate tu sedangkan ikutkan kitorang sampai klia sejam awal kot.

    masa nak balik kl pun sama. berlari nak masuk gate dekat bintulu balik kl. adoiiiii letih kerja berlari je. dengan ada anak kecik lagi masa tu (Fateh Uwais)

  4. wahhh wahhhh so good meh

  5. rsa mcm akk plak yg hampir 'termiss' bas heheheheh

  6. I also have the same experience. Bayangkan 1 hour before departure, KTM Stuck. semua passenger kena turun dkt Stesen Salak Selatan sebab ada gangguan trip. TUnggu punya tunggu. Ya Allah risaunya takut tk sempat balik kampung dkt Kelantan. Lastly, alhamdulillah walaupun yawa2 ikan masuk Gateway terus naik bas lepas dengar nama kena panggil. haha. Pengajarannya kena turun awal sbb KTM tk istiqamah haaahaa