Oct 14, 2017

R&R Is 500m Away

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

As usual, I'm home for the weekend. I'm gonna go back to Seremban tomorrow by the way as I have classes on Monday and Tuesday next week, before I have a 5-day holiday due to Deepavali. I came home yesterday by bus, instead of driving as I still need my car on Monday and Tuesday and I was soooo lazy to drive back home. Class ended early yesterday. Sanaa sent me to Terminal 1 Bus Station around 4.50pm so I thought I still had the chance to grab 5pm-trip ticket. But it was sold out, so I needed to take the 6pm trip instead. 

"1 hour to go. Where should I lepak?"

I decided to spend time at Dunkin' Donuts. I bought 2 donuts and a cup of iced coffee. I shouldn't buy coffee as I'm on coffee-free diet to sort of 'detox' myself, but I did, so I just drank it anyway. 10 minutes before the bus departed, I left Dunkin' Donuts and immediately walked to Platform 35. Everyone was already in the bus, except for this one Chinese lady and I. 

I followed her back and entered the bus. It was super full. I tried to search for an empty seat beside any lady, but I couldn't find one. Then I saw a vacant seat beside a guy. And another one, beside another guy. The lady chose to sit the other seat at the back. I went to her. 

"Do you wanna sit with me?" 

It was a bit awkward for one second. Because all people were staring at me and I wished she would say yes haha. I know it was just a seat, but still.. haha. So she said yes and asked me where did I sit. Then I called the guy who was sitting near the window and asked him whether he could move to the another vacant seat so that I could sit with a girl. Luckily he agreed. That lady and I had a short conversation before we both turned back, looking at our hand phones. 

"I'm ready for this 1 and half hour journey. I have downloaded a few movies in my phone, so I can kill the time by watching it."

Little did I know, this would be an unforgettable journey.

15 minutes after the journey, I felt the urge to pee. I regretted of drinking coffee, but I could still hold it. Hope I can stand for another 1 hour.. and 15 minutes? If it jammed, it will be longer..? It's okay. I really can do it. 

Half an hour passed, and I. Regretted. Every. Single. Thing. I. Did.

Why did I drink coffee?
Why didn't I just go to the toilet before entering the bus?
Why did I drink a lot of water?
Why didn't I feel sleepy?

A lot of whys, blaming myself for every single action that could or might lead to this. 

I could not even watch the movie. I never noticed high pitch sound could make the urge to pee becomes stronger. I noticed every single high pitch and the different tones in one's voice. I noticed every bumps the bus passed, even the small ones which will usually rock you to sleep. 

I looked at my watch. It was 6.40pm. It felt like forever. Yes, it did. 

Then suddenly I saw the bus passed by a signboard showing R&R is another 1km away. I was in dilemma.

"Should I tell the bus driver to stop?" 
"But what if other passengers become mad at me?"
"And I sit too far behind. I have to walk to tell the driver."

We passed by another signboard.

I could hear the signboard said, "R&R is 500m away. You better decide now." Kidding. 

I just looked at the signboard, and I told myself that it's okay. After one second, I regretted of not telling the bus driver to stop. 

Every metre the bus moved, I was hoping the bus driver could hear my inner voice, telling him to stop. Please stop. Please stop. I'm begging you. Please stop.

I wished I had telepathy at that time. 

To my surprise, the bus turned to R&R!!! I shouted on top of my lungs, quietly in my mind. Haha. I said "Alhamdulillah" countless of times. I wanted to go to the bus driver and thank him thousands of times, but let's not be creepy haha. A new lesson learnt. I shall never forget this experience. And yes, no more coffee if I don't wanna go to the toilet before boarding into the bus. 

Have you ever had any experience like this before? Tell me! I would really wanna hear it, so I know that I'm not alone hehe