Jun 25, 2014

Melaka - Day 1

Today, Sobri came to Melaka.
After 9 months of not meeting each other, he came to my place, asked permission from my parents and we went out.
I know Melaka bukannya ada apa sangat pun, but still there are good places okay *flip hijab* haha.

Sobri arrived at noon and I was very very very hungry so we decided to search for fooooooddd first.
We tried finding Papparich but unfortunately we didn't even see any signboard or anything that can lead us there (tho we used Waze).
I called Ummi and she told me Papparich is in Ayer Keroh, which is about few kilometres from where we were.
Memang tak lah nak patah balik all the way.
So we just stopped at Windmills bcs I was frigging hungry that time hehe.

I had a plate of chicken chop and plain water.
While Sobri had a plate of lamb chop and a glass of chocolate ice-blended.
Good food, great company but my tummy didn't really satisfy.

We went to Masjid Selat to perform prayer.
The mosque is actually situated in a small island which is separated with the "big ground" by Selat Melaka.
I came here for the first time so macam jakuns lah juga a bit hahaha.
A part of the mosque is actually on the water. 
Macam biasa, took few photos after solat then cabut to somewhere else.

Masjid Selat

I ajak Sobri to Halia Inc, and kebetulan lapar lagi so if I could get a fudgy choc brownies mmmmm that will be great!
We parked near the riverside hotel (which I cant remember its name) and walked to Halia Inc.

Halia Inc is actually a cafe, coffee bar, restaurant or whtever you wanna call it.
It serves scrumptious food, but unfortunately makanan cepat habis.
Sounds pretty weird right?
But it is true. 

I mengidam their brownies and I wanted Sobri to taste it too,
But when we ordered.. dah habis. 
All desserts had finished sobsob.
Even the drinks that Sobri wanted pun habis juga.
So we only ordered a glass of chocolate milkshake.
Nasib lah sedap nyum nyum.

Then we just strolled around, walked by the riverside and captured photos.
Sobri sent me back to my home, fuhh luckily we arrived sharp at 6 haha.
And that's the end of Day 1.
Haha only 2 days je pun.

Will be continued tomorrow.. 


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