Jun 26, 2014

Melaka (Day 2) - Safari Wonderland

Today Sobri and I went to Safari Wonderland A'Famosa Resort Malacca.
Weeeee bcs I loveeeee animals. 

We arrived there at 10.30pm and bought 2 wristband tickets for each of us.
One for entering the Safari Wonderland itself and the other one is for tiger feeding.
Here are the prices and packages which I got from their website;

There are 4 different presentations / shows;

Elephant Encounters; 
10.15am & 4.30pm

Multi Animal Funtime; 
11.20am & 3.00pm

Colour of The Bird;
12.00pm & 3.45pm

Wild Wild West Show;

We had missed the elephant encounters show so we went straight to the safari adventure.
Entered the safari adventure and explored the manmade wildlife habitat by riding on a safari truck.
The truck is ours muahahaha kidding. 
Takde lah one truck tu memang only both of us but no need to squeeze ourselves lah.
There're deers, camels, elephants, giraffes, bear, goats, tigers etc. 
I don't know why but I was kinda excited actually tho some of you might think it's boring haha.

View from inside the truck

Then we went to the Multi Animal Funtime show. 
Intelligent animals ahhh may I have them pleaseeeee. 

At 12pm, again we skipped a show (Colour of The Bird) bcs we had to go to tiger feeding place! 
Oh before I forget, the price for tiger feeding is RM30.
We went to that place by an air-conditioned bus.
I don't know what the keeper called the tigers but I just called them Blair and Busa.
Why Blair and Busa?
Well only a person knows about this haha.

Tiger feeding is once in a lifetime chance, well hmm not really if next time you go to the real safari or maybe you have your own tiger hehe.
But of course there's still a fence between the tiger and us.
You don't want to be the tiger's meal right? Haha
Sobri captured a few photos of me giving a portion of meat to the tiger.
(Tho yang rasa mcm okay satu je actually bcs gelak je lebih -.- haha)

Went to surau for Zuhur prayer, well hmmm the surau is not really comfortable.
There's only a pipe (outside) to take wudhuk.
Surau for guys and ladies are side by side so if perempuan tengah ambil wudhuk, guys can easily see them.
And it is really advisable to bring your own telekung.

Then we had our free lunch which had included in the package at somewhere near the lake.
Nearby the lake there's a Monkey Island if I'm not mistaken. 
You can go there by a boat but I tak sempat pergi.
Malas nak pergi actually bcs nak spend time looking at the horses, turkeys, flamingos etc haha.

An escaped pony (is it a pony?)

Sobri tak betul -.-
About at 4.00pm we left the place and went to Klebang.
Kat Klebang apa lagi, minum coconut shake lah hehe.
So that's it.
Today was fun, seriously.

Alright till here, toodles!
Assalamualaikum :)


  1. Akak tak pernah sampai lagi tempat ni. Macam best je,... :)

    1. Best best hehe. Kalau untuk orang dewasa je mungkin cam bosan sikit kottt. Tapi saya suka lah hahaha perasan diri muda

  2. Baru je blk dri melaka 2 mggu lepas, kerap jgk g melaka.. tpi xberkesempatan pi zoo.. knp ek?? Wajib letak dlm tempat wajib lawati ni

    1. Tapi ni bukan kat zoo Kak Umie, ni kat Safari Wonderland, dekat dekat A Famosa Waterwold :)

    2. laaa.. ye ke?? 'MELAKA' jugk heheheh... harga adoyaiiii.. :P

  3. Haaa! ni satu lagi tempat I minat. Bila orang tanya nak pergi safari buat apa. Aku cakap nak jumpa kawan2. Dia ajak lepak bagi makann hahaha. I love this place too