Sep 11, 2014

20 Facts About Me

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Looks like this '20 Facts About Me' hashtag has gone viral on instagram. There are some people who tagged me but I'm afraid it may annoy others. Instead of writing a long caption and posting it on instagram, I decided to write them here. Besides, not everybody on instagram is gonna read this hehehe.

1.   My name is Nurul Ardilla binti Noorezan (yes with double L and double O) but my family and friends usually call me Nurul Ardilla (ibu likes to call my full name haha), Dylla, Dyll and Ar.

2.   Was born on 11th Jan 1994 in Malacca.

3.   Half Malay, a quarter Chinese, a quarter Bugis.

4.   Major characteristic is Peacock, while minor is Dove. I am friendly and easy to make new friends but it depends on situation actually. Sometimes, I prefer to be shy and keep quiet.

5.   Really really really scared of lizard. I can cry because of it! My friends know that.

6.   Really concerned about neatness and all my stuff (most of the time) is always well organised and neat. It's advisable not to touch my things if you don't care to put them back at their places. I know it's quite disturbing for some people but this is me.

7.   Wanna be a doctor since I was in kindergarten, maybe it's because of my beloved Datuk who always kept telling me that he wanted to see his first grandchild to become a doctor. Now Medicine has become my real passion, although Datuk has passed away.

8.   I love to eat and I eat very fast (which isn't good actually). A plate full of rice is never enough for me.

9.   Rarely watch movies and tv programmes unless recommended by others.

10. Really love Maths. I can do Maths exercises for the whole day.

11. Afraid of the thunder, lightning and dark. Never sleep in complete darkness.

12. Love kids especially those who can only say few words (so takde lah banyak songeh) and of course they like me too! Hehe

13. Love shopping esp for shoes but dislike window shopping when I have no money haha

14. Kangkung is my favourite vege. I started to like it when I was in SSP. They served kangkung, chicken soup and sambal sotong for dinner nyum nyum what a great combo.

15. Love adventurous journeys but not really into adventurous and extreme rides. My parents don't allow me to ride crazy-pusing-terbalik roller coaster, bungee jumping, and those that fall into the same category but I used to ride some of them (with my parents' permission ofcs).

16. I dislike horror movies and I never watch them any more.

17. Allergic to seafood and cats as I may get terrible flu but never say no to them.

18. Always feel insecure that leads to over thinking. Still trying my best to always be proud of myself.

19. A Swiftie. I memorise most of Taylor Swift's songs and know the stories behind them. But I never go to her concert bcs my parents never allow me to go to any concerts.

20. I love watching soccer (I'm a gooner) and rugby, playing FIFA and GTA, reading about sports cars (Aventador will be my future bf) rather than wearing makeup and buying handbags. (I only wore a skirt once, hmm so sad)

So I guess that's all. Thank you for reading haha.

Assalamualaikum and good night peeps!


  1. Singgah disini..
    Btw anda telah ditag

  2. eayh3!! nama ayah tu mcm nama asben akk la.. cuma ejaan je lain.. fuaghh!!!