Sep 3, 2014

Why Medicine?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Recently, I went for a talk entitled "Why am I here" delivered by the Dean of Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS), Prof. Abdul Latiff Mohamed which was held in the IMU Lecture Theatre 2.
The talk actually started at 8pm but bcs of some reasons, we arrived in the lecture theatre at 9pm.
I'm really really really grateful that I didn't participate in the games conducted by seniors and joined listening to this talk tho I came an hour late.
It had changed my perception and point of view on Medicine.

Medicine is not just about hard works, failures, not enough time and rest, busy.
Medicine is more than that.
It is not dull, unexciting, boring and tiresome if you manage your life in the right way!

Here's the first thing that I got from the talk.

I am the Khalifah of my Creator;
1.  To make myself better.
2.  To help others become better.
3.  To make this world a better place.

Deep inside me, I always hope I can make everything becomes better.
Well not exactly everything, at least some of them.
To change myself, accepting others' thoughts and ideas with an open heart.
To make everyone listen to my good words.
To be a role model.
But it ain't easy.
Everyone knows that.

People will only listen to you if you're "Someone".
Prof Latiff said that Tun Dr Mahathir was in the same situation as I am.
He became a doctor just to make others listen to him.

But the most important thing is to correct your intention every day.
Studying Medicine because you wanna change yourself and others.
Change someone's life with a good speech.
Your good word or pleasant action may be a real impact on someone's life.
Who knows?
Like how Prof Latiff changed my life.

To be grateful of what we have is the starting point.
It's time to move on from your past.
You aren't meant to be where you really wanted to be, but that's okay.
Be grateful of what you have and where you are now.
There are lots of people out there who're willing to do anything just to exchange place with you even it's just for a day! (I think I'd mentioned the same thing previously)
As for instance, in Gaza they don't ask for luxury cars or bungalows or smartphones.
All they ask and what they're fighting for is just the basic needs.
Can't we be grateful enough?

When you further your study in Medicine, some people will try to stop you.
They tell you that there are too many graduates and you won't find a job but all of them are just nonsense.
Believe in yourself that this is what you want and ignore what others might say.
Find your own reasons why do you really wanna take Medicine or else you're vulnerable to suggestions and can easily fail.

One of the simplest reason to further study in Medicine is to make others happy.
Yes. Happy.
When they're happy, won't you be happy too?
And if you wanna make others happy, InshaaAllah He will help you to go through this.
Just enjoy every single day in your life.

There's an ayaah in the Quran,

"... And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely..." [5:32]

Some tips from Prof Latiff;
Plan milestones in your life.
What are you going to have in another 5 years? 10 years? 30 years?
And don't be afraid to dream high as dreams really come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Last but not least, before Prof Latiff ended the program, a young lady asked him,
"How to balance between dakwah (as we're the Khalifah) with our daily life schedules?"

And he answered, "All good things are dakwah."

Dakwah isn't just about sitting together in a circle, talking about Islamic stuffs.
Dakwah is how you treat and talk to people nicely.
Dakwah is helping your colleagues and friends.
Dakwah is general and covered all our daily life aspects.

Good blog post can be a dakwah too, isn't it?

Yang baik datang dari Allah dan yang buruk datang dari diri saya sendiri.
If I make any mistakes, please inform me.

Thank you and assalamualaikum :)