Sep 26, 2015

Politics And Malaysian

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Politics is the last thing I wanna talk about as it will usually end up with a fight or bermasam muka and terasa, unless you have the same mind and opinion. That is what always happened when it comes to talking about politics. Yes, politics is important as what is a country without politics, right? But not every single thing we have to include politics in as certain issues or actions are better without politics. I'm not rooting any party as to be honest, I see more destruction than benefit on all sides, so basically, I'm rooting for those who I think s/he is right. Politics doesn't portray how the real Malaysia and Malaysians look like. Foreigners and outsiders will think Malaysians hate each other, races can't get united, and Malaysia is far from peace, but actually the real thing is, forget about the politics for a while and you can see the beauty of staying together, as Malaysians.

Why am I saying this? 
Because I witnessed the beauty with my own eyes. 

It happened when I was in Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). While the bus hadn't arrived yet, I went to the toilet and waited for my turn. The toilet was full and there were a few people waiting for their turns as well. A toilet door was opened and a lady went out of the toilet. It was a Malay girl's turn to use the toilet. Instead of entering the toilet, she offered a Chinese old lady who was waiting for the other toilet to use the vacant toilet first. With a wide and bright smile, the elderly woman thanked her.

Then another toilet door was opened, and it was a Chinese girl's turn. An Indian girl was standing behind her. Out of the blue, the Chinese girl turned behind and offered a Malay lady to take her turn and enter the toilet. From behind, I couldn't see what was happening so I wonder why did the Chinese girl offer to a lady who looked young and healthy. Then main tolak tolak-- this Malay lady asked the Indian girl to enter first. I just watched them from behind. Both the Chinese and Indian girls kept insisting the Malay woman to enter first. Ended up, the Malay lady walked to the toilet and used it first. No wonder they gave up their turns for the woman, because she was pregnant.

So kind.

Another incident happened at my house. I'm living in a housing area where most of my neighbours are Chinese and Indian. I do have a Malay neighbour, but.. (krik krik). Anyway, there was one time my car's alarm rang from morning till night and we didn't know about it because all of us were not in our house at that time. At night, a Chinese old man came to my house when my ayah was about to enter the gate. He told ayah about how my car rang all day (mesti memekak kan haha) and he asked for my ayah's phone number, just in case the car's alarm rings again.

So prihatin.

My house gate had some problems. Gate dah lama, roda pun dah berkarat. My ayah told this problem to our Chinese neighbour who stays in front of our house. Guess what? He offered willingly to repair the wheels for us, just had to pay him RM50 and the wheels cost. He said because dia pun takde kerja kat rumah nanti so boleh lah tolong tukar kan. We were kinda touched with our neighbours' kind actions, sedangkan yang we expect never offers any help. Husnudzon. Dia tak perasan and memang tak campur orang. Yelah, takut campur orang cakap busybody pula kan. Manusia macam macam.

What I wanna say here is, we are the one who makes politics what it is, not politics makes us what we are. Politics is not there to shape you, to hate one another, to make you who you are supposed to be. Instead, you are the one who makes you as you. If you think that person doesn't have the same root as you, put aside politics for a while and start with topics like 'Gunung tu lawa jom pergi daki' or maybe 'Eh tahu tak ada mall baru buka?', or anything else that doesn't involve politics. To be honest, I don't really like when we talk about casual things and then someone brings up politics topics though s/he knows not everyone is on the same side as her/him.

Politics sometimes makes us think we can't be in peace. But the truth is, it is not. Let's be kind to each other, and dispose all dislike and hatred, as we are the one who portray what Malaysia is.

Stay together. As Malaysians.