How To Write Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Words In Whatsapp

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

One of the new features that has just been updated from Whatsapp is how to write words in BOLD, ITALIC AND STRIKETHROUGH. Here's an example;

It's so simple and you only have to write 2 additional symbols for each kind. The example sentence that I'll be using for each type is 'My name is Ardilla'.

1.  BOLD - Add * before and after the sentence.
Eg: *My name is Ardilla*

2.  ITALIC - Add _ before and after the sentence.
Eg: _My name is Ardilla_ 

3.  STRIKETHROUGH - Add ~ before and after the sentence.
Eg: ~My name is Ardilla~

And you can combine 2 or all of the types at the same time too! For example if I wanna make it like this 'My name is Ardilla', simply write either _*My name is Ardilla*_ or *_My name is Ardilla_*. Make sure you have the two symbols/characters before and after the sentence. You might be thinking, nahh, it's complicated and time-consuming as well, so why should I use this? Well, it might be useful though. As for example, if you wanna ask for something, but then you feel shy, so you can use this to indirectly tell the person you want it actually haha.

Eg: I REALLY WANT IT don't want. Thanks :)

I guess that's it for now hehe. Till here, assalamualaikum!


  1. Oh sekarang dah boleh ye,...nak pergi godek2 jap

  2. Kihkihkih thanks, Dylla. Akak dah berjaya annoyed kan kawan akak dgn 'My Name Is Farrah' in various version ;)

    1. Tapi hanya untuk iphone je kan setakat ni?

    2. Haah saya pun rasa macam tu. WhatsApp belum update kat android kot :/

  3. okayy nampak menarik,baru tahu wujud cara ni ! ;D

  4. wah, thaks for sharing.. boleh buat ni..hehe

  5. Wahhh... Dah lama cari cara nak buat ni... Akhirnya jumpa juga