May 22, 2016

Ragam Ayah Macam Macam

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Hey guyssss! I have so many posts in the draft, but lack of time to edit and publish them. I just arrived KL from Melaka this evening, so I thought why don't I spend some time updating my blog. Anyway, final examination is just a month away! Weehooo.

2 weeks ago, while my family and I were on our way sending Ica to Melaka Sentral, where the intrastate and interstate buses are, we talked endlessly about current issues, from the news we watched on the television to things that happened in our surrounding, and notwithstanding of the different opinions that we had, we voiced them out calmly and accepted each other's view.

I told them that I came across some good tips on how to control anger while scrolling the Facebook timeline and one of them is whenever you feel angry, put some water in your mouth and hold it until you have cooled down. My mother asked me why, so I told her that when someone holds the water in her/his mouth, s/he couldn't reply with words that can cause the other person to feel more irritated and angry. Then suddenly my father said, "Alang-alang masukkan air, baik letak Listerine (antiseptic mouthwash), boleh buang kuman sekali." ("Better you put Listerine in your mouth. You can wash out the bacteria.") Hahahaha we laughed upon hearing my father's joke. Tak habis habis promote Listerine dari haritu ever since he had the terrible toothache haha.

Then after awhile, ayah asked me,
"Kak, awak kan belajar Medic. Nak tanya, kenapa kalau duduk ayah tak boleh pakai socks eh?
"Because you learn Medicine, I wanna ask you something. Why I can't wear socks while sitting?" 

I thought of some pathological problems and asked my father a few questions to kinda 'rule out' the causes as it might be happening due to some nerve or muscle problems, but my ayah said no to every question, indirectly telling all signs and symptoms were negative.

Then my ayah asked,
"Nak tahu tak kenapa?"
"Do you wanna know why?"

Eh eh ayah ni tadi tanya orang, rupanya dia dah tahu kenapa. So, I asked him why.

Then he told us. . .
"Sebab perut ayah buncit. Bila tunduk perut halang"
"Because I have distended stomach. My stomach blocks me when I bend forward."




  1. salam! heheheh, ayah memang selalu macam tu akan time dia punya lawak , abis satu rumah sakit perut

  2. ahahhha.. asal la buat lawak cmtu.. ahhaha

    1. Haha itu lah. Terkejut saya memula ingatkan ayah ada sakit ke apa haha

  3. hahahahahaha ayah kak dilla mesti kelakar orangnya. macam ayah fieyqa jugak, ada je benda dia nak usik, nak buat lawak. haha rindu ayah :D

    1. Haha itu lah ada jeeee. Orang tengah serious pun dia buat lawak haha

  4. hahaha.. lawak2.. sebb perut ayah buncit.. betul juga tu.. susah mahu pakai stoking...

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  5. Kihkihkih gelak besar akak baca. Ayah Dylla ni ada sense of humour :)