May 28, 2016

That Girl Is So Ugly!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

"Lelaki tu handsome tapi isteri dia tak lawa."

"Mak cantik tapi anak tak handsome langsung." 

What is lawa (beauty) to you? 
How do you define it? 

'Lawa' or beauty is a subjective thing. Everyone knows that. But we live in a society where beauty is defined as someone who has fair & flawless skin, thin model-like body, big eyes, rich etcetera etcetera, and beautiful girls always have this one kind of 'pass' that everything they say is correct. If you against them means you are against a bunch of her supporters as well.

A girl was being kutuk ceca hina on her instagram because some of you think by having asymmetrical eyes and big front teeth is ugly. If she were perfectly fit in your category of a beautiful girl, upload lah selfie setiap saat pun takpe, but because she is what she is, you torture her mind by criticising her physical appearance and let unwanted harsh words flooded in her instagram comment section. This kind of attitude.. astaghfirullahalazim. Who are we to judge Allah's creation?

While scrolling on Instagram just now, I saw someone did a challenge that started a few months ago. It was still vivid in my mind as hundreds of videos were uploaded with the hashtag 'Don't Judge Challenge' as the caption with the motive of (kononnya) creating an awareness to educate people not to look down on people with acne and weird eyebrows as they can turn into someone who is good looking with flawless skin and perfect complexion. But the problem is.. those who joined this challenge took a marker pen or eyeliner (I don't know what they used), drew acnes and eyebrows, made their faces horrible and in few seconds, video changed, and they turned into a handsome guy / beautiful girl. It seems like you were trying to tell people that wearing make up, without acnes and no attached eyebrows are beautiful. Does that mean those with acnes are ugly? It's not the exact perfect way to tell people not to judge others though. Beautiful girls got this chance to tell people that they are really beautiful-- while the girls with acnes and weird eyebrows (in their pov) thought they should wear make up just to ensure no one judges them.

You are who you are.
Not what people think you should be.

Like what I have told you, beauty is a subjective thing. It is not necessary to wear 10 inches of foundation, 10 cm of fake eyelashes, with 10 different shades of pink on your cheeks just to be beautiful. I'm not against or telling people that you shouldn't wear makeup, but I just wanna express a humble opinion; telling you that being beautiful is more than that.

Being beautiful is how you treat others.
Being beautiful is how you take care of your words.
Being beautiful is how you respond when someone asks for your help.
Being beautiful is how you act when something is not right.
Being beautiful is how you keep your mind positive.
Being beautiful is how you dress up.

Again, beauty is a subjective thing.


  1. ye betul tu.. setuju dengan article ni..
    cantik tu subjektif...

    biar muka x cantik or tak hensem.. tapi hati dan budi perkerti dia cantik..
    tak gitu dyla? hehe

    Blogwalking sini, jom belajar tutorial ni

    How To Display Author Info Box in blogpost article...

  2. Don't Judge Challenge sepatutnya dilakukan oleh orang yang bermake-up then dia dengn beraninya remove make up dia. Kira macam, "Ouh selama ni kau nampak aku pakai make up ye. Nahhh kali ni aku tunjuk muka aku yang sebenar. Terimalah!". Hahhh barulah nampak wajah yang sebenor heee =)

  3. Indeed and you are beautiful... everyone is beautiful in their own ways..

  4. Yes, what is 'beauty' is very subjective. Just because our appearances do no fit with other people's interpretation of it, tak bermaksud kita tak lawa :)

  5. stmt mcm ni : "Lelaki tu handsome tapi isteri dia tak lawa." "Mak cantik tapi anak tak handsome langsung." mmg kerap sgt dengar..cantik is subjektif..each people has a different view..di mata sis JM..Dylla is beautiful..seyes!

    1. Betul tu Sis JM. Haha walaupun tak berapa setuju dengan part saya cantik tu tapi thank you Sis JM :')

  6. A'ah. Setuju sangat sangat sangat dgn tulisan dylla yg niih. Sekarang dah malas nak bukak ig dan dah unfollow dah semua geng yang muka yg flawless sbb kadang bila selalu tgok gambar diorg mulalah timbul perasaan tak bersyukur. Cantik ITU subjektif. Hitam tak bermakna tak cantik :)

  7. kita ni manusia 'terikat' pd HAKIKAT pandang pd rupa luaran bukan pd dalaman

    1. Sebab tu lah kita kena jadi yang sebaliknya kan kak? Kenal orang tu dulu, tengok hati budi macam mana. Jangan tengok luaran terus judge yang tak baik.

  8. I really love this quotes!! Everyone has thier own beauty on their own way!