Oct 2, 2016

Cinderella Carriage On The Rooftop

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Creds to http://thomasfitzgerald.photoshelter.com/

I just finished my one-month posting in Batu Pahat. I feel a bit relieved as staying there can be super tiring sometimes, but the sadness I felt the moment I saw 'Malacca border' was undeniable. Early mornings, long days, late on-calls and whatnots had strengthened the bond between us, making us comfortable with each other, like a family. Academically, we learned a lot about Medicine in a real setting, but not only that, we learned about each other as well. Though I can't say that one month is enough to really know someone, but it's enough to get rid of the awkwardness when eyes meet eyes. No need to pretend looking at the phone anymore haha.

My group was the last group that stayed in Batu Pahat as we had a bedside teaching (bst) session on Thursday and other 3 groups had gone back on Wednesday. So only the 8 of us left on Wednesday's night; 4 guys in a house and 4 girls in another house. We had a nice dinner at one of the famous places to eat, Nasi Lemak Cik Chom (I'll share about it later!) before heading to the Roof Garden in Batu Pahat Old Street Commercial Centre building.

I knew the existence of that place before I went to Batu Pahat. I was looking forward to go there, but a few times we went there, it was closed. That day was our day. It was supposed to close on Wednesday and Google states that it only opens from 10am-7pm. Just trying luck on our last day here, we made our way to that place with the help from Waze right after we left Cik Chom's.

The place was beautiful with Mickey Mouse and Doraemon cafes, cartoon sculptures, and not to forget, happening aura and surrounding! Adults will be more interested in food and drinks, but kids will surely like it. Sarah and I had so much fun taking photos here and there. My friends even danced in the middle of the crowds when 'Thousand Years' song was being played haha. Oh oh, and there was a Cinderella carriage as well! That was definitely my favourite part hehe.

Enjoy all the photos below!

The cute panda seems confused.

Sarah and her street lamp. I did the same thing later also haha.

With the aca-aweeeesome leader!

With the bear bush (?)

The panda family.

Here comes the Cinderella! Not the 2 gentlemen on the carriage of course haha.

Great time playing around with Sarah aka model of the night haha.

The view from above.

The view downstairs.

The roof garden was quite spacious. I only took photos of the half of the area as another half was more crowded and had lesser cartoon stuff. I didn't try any food or drinks so I can't tell whether they were halal or non-halal, tasty or bad. Like I said, it was unplanned and a sudden decision, so we already had our dinner. 

The next day, we woke up early as our bst was in the morning. We loaded our luggages and stuff into the car and headed to the hospital. Ended a nice discussion by taking a photo with Prof. Ramji.

And yes, of course. A photo in front of the hospital.
Missing: Sanaa & Aina

Our kind of 'candid' photo with me wondering how are they posing so that I can follow but ended up with my head turning away.

42 days left before exam.


  1. wah..i want it too. nk naik Labu... fefeeling cinderella ..

  2. Bestnya.. ada mainan x kat situ?

  3. Its remind me of Cinderella. Its so prety!!

    1. Yuppp, I felt like a Cinderella the moment I stepped into it, ceh perasan haha

  4. duduk dlm carriage tu dgn harapan ada putera dtg melamar..keh keh keh berangan!

  5. Hahaha. Adohaiiii... CJN duduk kat BP pon tak tau ada tempat ni. Papepon, Tq. Leh melawat kawasan lepas ni. :)

  6. gile jelezzzz!!! few weeks ago, akk nmpak kat cyberjaya, seriusly msa tu dh nak balik.. ingt next time la bwk anak2.. mesti best.. tpi xde la secantik carriage tu.. hehehe

  7. Terpegunn kejap lepas tengok gambar sini. Cehh. Macam cinderela jadian je hahaha. This is one more place I really want to go after this. Menarik gila :D