Oct 3, 2016

Conversation Between Buses

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Creds to Markcafiero.com

I have to go back to KL today. New block starts tomorrow and though it's just an intro and briefing, I'm not gonna skip them. Furthermore, my friends are gonna start practising OSCE (1 month in BP makes me forget almost everything, but hopefully not!) and exam is really really near, so enough procrastinating. 

After 1 month of driving back and forth between Batu Pahat and Melaka, finally I get back to my usual routine, taking the bus from Melaka to Bukit Jalil. Driving is fun, but it can be really tiring especially after you have had a long day in hospital. I just boarded into the bus. No one is sitting beside me, yeay! Both 2 chairs are mine hehehe. But, there's a divider between these 2 chairs, so getting both chairs doesn't mean anything. I still can't use the other one, unless if I can separate my legs from my upper abdomen and put them there hmm.

The bus is fully air-conditioned, so I can't really hear the sound of traffic, only manage to hear the engine revving. As another bus passed by, a mild honk sound can be heard. And the bus that I am in honked back about the same tone, not too high, not too low, just good enough to be heard by the other bus driver without waking up the sleeping passengers. 

I smiled. 

It's so good to see one person does something good to one another. I feel inspired by their actions. From small beginnings come great things. Though it was just a honk, but I felt like the buses were having a short conversation. Not the buses, the drivers, of course. Maybe they have known long enough, they are best friends, so they told "Take care" to each other. Or they may have just met in the Melaka Sentral, so they bid farewell and wished they would meet again another time. Or they may be strangers who don't know each other, but it might be a beginning of a friendship, who knows?

This is what your brain does when it refuses to sleep and wants to think, but you don't wanna think of anything heavy. The brain decides to find anything interesting haha. 

Anyway, as we passed by the road toll, they just opened a new lane for Touch n' Go and there was a guy standing under the scorching hot sun, waving a green flag to be seen by the drivers. Today is a holiday for most people, but not everyone is having a holiday. Yeap, the road toll people, bus and taxi drivers, even my father works today. Thank you for those who work for others' benefit. I wonder how a working life will be like... 

I shall focus studying first haha. Byeeeee.