Oct 6, 2018


Failure is not something one aims for. I bet no one ever wishes to fail. I set up a really high goal for myself, and when I don't manage to achieve what I've aimed, I feel like I fail. I see myself as a failure. 

The thoughts of being a failure haunt me day and night, telling me I'm not good enough. Like I'd said a few times, Medic is never easy for me. When I fail to achieve something, my heart shatters. I feel discouraged and down, at the same time start to doubt myself.

And knowing that I have less than one year to graduate somehow increases my anxiety. 

Am I competent enough? 
Can I handle everything? 

But, every time I have this feeling, I would remind myself. 

Failure without effort is either a real failure or a reminder. Failure after putting a lot of effort and hard work is a chance to improve and a gap to fill, in other words, to make you better in that particular area. In life, there are ups and downs, and I believe, one time you fail does not mean you will fail forever. And failure is not always a bad thing. We stumble and fall, then stand back up, keep moving on and realise how strong we are and can be.


  1. wow you will graduate soon! good luck. May Allah ease everything for you, future doctor

  2. I question myself each and every time. About the same thing. And I wonder if I am able to do it (something) which I am pursuing now. It scares me, of not being able to complete what I've started.