Oct 2, 2018

Final Chapter

Currently, I'm in week 6 of Surgery & Anaesthesia postings. Surgery is always one of my favourite postings and surprisingly, I kinda like Anaes as well, especially during the simulation of clinical management sessions, where we had to manage the patient in an emergency situation. I might become an emergency specialist one day, who knows? Hehe.

"Final Chapter" 
Nah-uh. It’s not really the final chapter of the final book. It’s the final chapter of the first book entitled ‘Life As A Medical Student’. Somehow, time flies so fast. I tend to say ‘fifth year’ rather than ‘final year’, although both bring the same meaning. I’m so eager to finish med school and start working, but I can’t help asking myself, “Am I competent enough?” Honestly saying, I don’t even remember all the dosage for medications. Yet. 

Hoping for the best. Fingers crossed.


  1. Yup, that constant worry of my own competency though. Scary also... Anyway, all the best Dylla soon will join the 'graduated' club weee! :)

    1. Mai boleh punyaaaa! I believe in youuu! Hehe thank you Mai! :D

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