Feb 13, 2015

2D1N In Singapore - Marina Bay

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

The next day after going to Universal Studios Singapore (USS), we went back into Singapore and had a tour to nearby places.
We stayed in Hotel Sentral JB the night before as it was easier for us to travel anywhere (yelah JB Sentral kan mesti ada bas hehe).
Pepagi dah semangat check out hotel and straight tunggu bas.

Kiri kanan semua cermin

Our first stop was Gardens by The Bay.
Lawa permandangan sini! 
Because I really love photography and taking photos of scenery, I think this place is really really suitable to take photos. 

A boat on buildings?

Actually if I'm not mistaken, there's a building in the Gardens by The Bay which is more more beautiful inside, but unfortunately not everyone like me (love to take photos) sigh haha buat cerita sedih.
Then my friends and I took an escalator to have a view on the overall scenery.

Dah dah pergi tempat lain jom.
We continued our journey to..

.. the Helix Bridge! 
Tetiba time atas bridge rasa macam goyang sikit, haaa Resonance (in Physics) gituuu.

At first I thought it's a flower tp rupanya tangan. 

Then we headed to the famous Merlion Park!
Sambil-sambil tu tangkap gambar lagi haha.

It was a longgggg way walking to the Merlion Park.
Rasa macam bila lah nak sampai haha.
Taraaaaa, kepala Singa yeay yeay!

Penat but worth it lah.
At least if someone asks where is the Merlion Park, I can answer that hehe :p

Will be continued..

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