Feb 13, 2015

2D1N In Singapore - Orchard Road & Kampung Glam

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Continuation from the previous post.
Below photos are Orchard Road.
Usually if nak shopping haa kat sini lah.
Ada banyak mall kiri kanan, somehow looks like KL I think but not as busy-hot-scary-humid as KL haha.
At first we thought that we wanted to have our lunch at Orchard Road but unfortunately it was very difficult to find a halal place to eat.
Most of the Singaporeans told us the easiest place to find food was somewhere around the 'Market Place' something, I couldn't remember.
Sorang-sorang memang dah tak larat sangat nak jalan.
We decided to take a bus to find halal food.

One thing I like about Singapore is their citizens. 
They are very friendly and really helpful.
An old man helped us and followed us until we arrived at the Orchard Road as we didn't know at all where's that place. 
Nak search pun tak boleh because semua tak dapat phone signal. 
Another man guided us on what bus should we take to go here and there. 
A big thank you for those who had helped us!

Here, we arrived in Kampung Glam. 
No no, not Glam as in 'Glamorous'.
But Glam as in 'Gelam' haha yes ejaan dulu dulu! 
I said Kampung Glam then all of them laughed at me haha bebudak ni memang. 

Kat sini mostly kedai halal, ni macam perkampungan Melayu lah juga. 
After having our lunch (read: early dinner), I straight went to the mosque.
Dari luar nampak macam biasa je, ada construction apa semua.
Dah fikir dah macam mana nak solat apa semua telekung takde bla bla.
Biasalah first impression kan.
But bila masuk..

MashaaAllah lawanyaaaaa! 
Kat lampu siap ada tulis 'Muhammad SAW' 'Allahuakbar' apa semua.
Telekung bersih and wangi! 
Very comfortable, wayyyyy better than I expected, seriously.

Sanaa, Tiara, Nadia, Fatin

We bought some stuffs here as they're much cheaper than in town.
Then we went back to JB Sentral and got ourselves ready for the night bus to KL.
Alhamdulillah everything went well.
Can't wait for more journeys with them.

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  1. Oh. Susah eh nak dapatkan makanan halal kat sana. Macam mana eh trip dari KL (TBS) Ke singapore. Berapa harganya? Menarik pulak nak tahu. hikkk

    1. Rasanya senang je cuma kena pandai cari lah. Kalau dari TBS straight pergi Singapore tak sure pulak sorryyyy

  2. rsnya g singapore ni kene really 'spend' kan? yelah, RM kita kn rendah