Another Tick On The Bucket List

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

It's almost one week since the last time I updated this blog. Fuhh *tiup habuk* sorry for the sudden disappearance haha before exam ada je gatal tangan nak update blog, after exam menyepi terus. Life has been so nice since I don't have to think about my study, PBL research, CSU sessions ahhh~

Anyway, as you can see, one of the tabs in the above panel is bucket list. It's a list of things either I wanna achieve or I've already achieved, and one of those that I'd written in a numbering form is to own a camera using my own money. I'd been saving money since my first semester in IMU to buy a camera. I didn't have any camera and the last time I had was an Olympus compact camera, which had been stolen after I accidentally left it in the school locker. I thought of buying a DSLR, but as time passed, I told myself maybe I should just buy a lighter camera and more handy than a DSLR, but still can be adjusted manually. I did some research comparing a few cameras and finally, chose one, which I like the most!


I bought a Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera. I wanted a black one actually, but only white and silver left. I could have waited, but then my heart said the white one looks beautiful, as white is one of my favourite colours. I bought it in Times Square a few days ago. I'm extremely excited. I can't wait to read Photography books and practice taking good photos. Photography has always been in my heart, other than Medicine. 

Can't wait to try it soon!
I hope you won't feel bored with photos that will be uploaded in my Instagram hehe.


  1. Hello there! I'd be starting my medicine degree at IMU in February (pending my A Level results on the 13th - hope I do well!). My question is: if a student receives a conditional offer and fulfills the academic conditions (ABB), does that guarantee the student a spot? Or does he have to compete with other conditional offer-ees?

    Also, what (in your opinion) are the shortcomings of IMU?


    1. Hello William. I am so sorry for the late reply. I hope you did well in your A Level and got a good result! Yup, if the student had received the conditional offer and managed to pass the requirement, the spot is guaranteed.

      For the shortcomings, last time our holiday was really short, but nowadays after they have changed the system, they lengthen the holiday break too. Other than IMU is quite small, I think everything else is okay. And to be honest, I'm really glad I chose IMU :)

    2. Kat hospital Kluang nih ramai juga student IMU

  2. cantiknya sis T_T wish i could own a camera, but hmmm nanti dululah hehehe

  3. Ni pun wishlist sy jgk. Serius lawaaa! Kena kumpul duit ni kalau nk beli satu XD

  4. Yessss,..the white one is beautiful! ;)

  5. Putih cantik.. Tapi untuk saya yang tak pernah pegang kamera hitam akan nampak macam pro... Hehehe