May 7, 2014


Assalamualaikum and hey there! It has been awhile since the last time I updated my blog, quite busy lately with.. sleeping and eating and wasting time hahaha. So today I would like to share some experiences and thoughts for those who might search and wonder about this stuff. 

This post is written based on my past experiences. Well, as usual after SPM result is out, SPM leavers will have to decide where they wanna go; Local uni? Private uni? Form 6? Matriks? and of course will have to think about fees and accommodations etc (money money money). During my time, bursary was introduced for the first time. Bursary is a sponsorship given by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for those who get 9A+ and above. Bursary sponsors and pays everything include tuition fees, accommodations, exam fees, allowance (aka 'pocket money') etc but only during preparation before entering undergraduate programme (degree). 

How about after pre university? Who's going to sponsor you? Where you should go? 

After completing pre university and if you have already secured a university placement, you will definitely can get JPA to sponsor you BUT only if you meet the criteria and follow the rules and conditions that they've made. Some of them (the conditions) are; 

1.  University must be in the JPA university list. 
2.  You meet all the requirements. 
3.  The university for that particular course you're applying is accredited. 

That is about Bursary-JPA. Now let's move on to MARA.

I don't really know much. But basically if you go for MARA, you don't have to find other scholarship during undergraduate (degree programme) bcs MARA will pay everything from pre university until you graduate. But if I'm not mistaken, there is no MARA scholarship anymore nowadays but if you get good result, you don't have to pay 100% and they may cut the cost you have to pay up to 90% (I'm not really sure, go check with them). 

So here's my opinion. 
If you get good grades during SPM and you would like to further your study in Medicine or Dentistry in overseas, I advise you apply for MARA, bcs JPA university list for UK is very limited and it is not that easy to get into those Medical schools. JPA will not sponsor for other universities except those in the list. But if you plan to further your study in other courses, then bursary-JPA is okay bcs it is not really hard to get at least an offer. 

I'm not saying that you shouldn't accept bursary. After all, you're the master of your future plan. Think properly and make the right choice.

I guess that's all for now. Toodles, assalamualaikum.

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  1. bgus pengetahuan ni.. walaupun anak2 akk kecik lgi tpi sekurang2nya adala pengalaman in the future