May 12, 2014

Of Phone And Good Photos

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon.

From Google

Is there any relation between phone and good photos?
Yes! Phone is needed to take good photos.
Not that I meant you MUST have handphones to take good photos.
But what else yang you guys bring along every time with you if not phone right?
*Angkat kening twice*

Good photos, not good quality photos.
If nak yang good quality pergi get yourself single-lens reflex (SLR) camera.
I just googled that. Baru tahu what SLR stands for haha.

Even if Nokia 3310 ada camera pun you can take good photos.
Depends on how you use it lah.
Janganlah asyik take selfie all the time oops.

That's why I always make sure I have my handphone with me.
Ceh alasan to be an anti-social person.

But somehow kalau asyik ambil gambar je pun tak boleh jugak.
Yelah everytime nak makan, snap until 20 photos before eating, haaa tu over lah.
Just once or twice is okay I guess (bcs I also did that hahaha).

I don't know why am I really into this kind of so-called-photography thingy.
Rasa seronok when I can capture good photos and bila tengok balik rasa mcm..
Ahh lawanyaaa. Haha that kind of feeling I tell ya.

If photography can make sure I have a stable life with a permanent job yang senang cari and I diizinkan untuk travel jauh jauh, I will definitely be a photographer.
So as a solution, I wanna be a doctor and a photographer at the same time.

Haha not a real photographer yang masuk hutan all that lah.
Bila free ajak lah friends or family hangout and capture good photos.
Maybe jugak time surgery boleh ambil gambar kejap ke haha jk!

So that's all about phone and photos.
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Haha sesi promote diri jap. Okay till here.
Have to prepare myself for the upcoming interview.

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaa!!! dlm insta lgi byk gambo2 santekkkkk... isk2.. xtdo mlm la dok tgk gambo