May 16, 2014

Google Maps VS Waze


Do you always have problem when it comes to finding direction?
You know the place but do not remember the direction?
You don't even know where to start?

Don't worry much, you don't have to buy any gps, if you have a smartphone.
No need to pay, all applications are free.
Here I would like to suggest you to use either Google Maps or Waze.

Google Maps
Those pictures above are the icons for Google Maps and Waze.
All you have to do is install both apps in your phone and try them by yourself!

The most preferable app for me and my friends is Waze bcs;
Waze shows you if there's any traffic jam, police, accident, hazard, camera etc.
And as a Wazer (a person who uses Waze), you can easily report and tell other users if you encounter any dangerous too.
Google Maps requires wifi / mobile internet, while for Waze you don't really need wifi (if you're kedekut like me to spend RM5 for mobile internet haha) tho it isn't really accurate bcs you'll not know how many metres left and the expected time to arrive.

But for me, setakat ni Waze boleh dipercayai lah tho tak guna wifi / 3G.
Oh btw before I forget, Waze can be used without internet but you still have to search for the place first (so mestilah guna wifi) and save it.
Waze also helps you to drive alone and you don't need to keep looking at your phone.
Biasalah in every gps memang usually ada mcm a robot tells you to turn left or right kan kan?

Yeah so that's it.
Download and install them now!

See you again next post. Good-bye.

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  1. akk slalu pakai waze, kdg2 jdi nenong jgk sbb berpusing tempat yg sama :P