Aug 8, 2015

1.35am, It's Raining

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Counting sheeps isn't working anymore, and my eyes have been unwillingly wide awakened since the past 1 hour. My nenek hasn't come back home yet-- paklong and maklong brought her to the hospital because she complained of having terrible pain on the right side of her body. Makcu had been admitted to the ward yesterday after her body temperature raised until 40deg celcius, which can be dangerous if it doesn't return to the normal range. 4 out of 5 makcu's kids are here in this house right now (the eldest is just 14yo and she's in a boarding school). Without nenek and makcu in this house, how can we leave the 4 of them to stay without any guardian. Even my ayah also told us to stay in order to make sure they're safe. 

I never saw nenek in a terrible pain like just now before. Well, except when she has an asthma attack, but that one also still looks bearable. While ibu was visiting makcu, nenek ate some mashed potato, which was bought by MakNgah Milah who dropped by for a while but it seemed like her stomach kept rejecting the food. She couldn't even eat more than 2 teaspoons as what she ate came out directly after she swallowed it. Pity nenek. Ica and I asked her how she felt and so on. 

Somehow, I reckon she tried to tell me everything that she felt just now so that I might know what's the problem hmm how I wish I were a doctor already so that I can straightly check her stomach and tell her what's wrong. But I can't. I only studied about heart, lungs and blood, neither more nor less than that. From her symptoms and signs, the only differential diagnosis that I could get was appendix. That's all. Tbh, I feel a bit sad. Nenek is not just a nenek. She is also my datuk. Because my datuk has passed away (Al-Fatihah), now she's the one who does what datuk always did in the past. It really hurts me to see her in such pain, hopefully she'll get better soon, InshaaAllah amin. 

Ps: I posted this by using my phone as something wrong happened to my laptop.

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