4D3N Krabi Budget Trip (Day 2 Part 1) - Hot Spring Waterfall, Emerald Pool & Blue Pool

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Here comes the Krabi post!

Today's package was 700baht per person (~RM70), included admission ticket fees for all places and transportation from Luna House to Hot Spring Waterfall, Emerald Pool & Blue Pool and Jungle Trekking and back to Luna House. At 8.15am we already got ready at the lobby. Surprisingly, breakfast was served on the small kitchen counter and I still can remember there were a type of cereal that can be eaten with either milk or yogurt, some readily toasted bread with jam and butter by its side, some fruits (pineapple and watermelon), hot drinks such as coffee and tea, orange juice and not forget, milk. I never knew our stay was included the breakfast as well, nonetheless, we had our breakfast heartily. 

The van arrived sharp at 9.00am. Our place was the second last, before going to another hotel to fetch a couple. The journey took about 1 hour time and the first place we arrived was the Hot Spring Waterfall (Namtok Ron). 


We were given about 1 hour here by our van driver. Walking a few minutes to the destination surrounded by nature was a pleasure. I enjoyed walking and taking photos of.. everything haha. A lady ranger told us that the temperature of the hot spring was 40'C. This place is open every day from 8.30am to 6.30pm and the best time to go is of course during weekdays and near to either the opening time or closing time, when it's not too crowded. If you prefer to go by yourself rather than follow a package tour like us, you can buy the admission ticket at the entrance, which costs 100baht.

No worries, there's a pavement for you to walk to the hot spring waterfall.

I like how the tree branches arrange themselves. 

Are we out of the woods yet? 

Selfie dengan Sobri satu

Here we are!

Silap angle ni. Dylla nampak terlebih besar haha

As you can see, the waterfall is on the right side of the photo below. The combination of hot spring and mini waterfall makes its name hot spring waterfall. 

I read in a few blogs telling that the river can be entered as well. No wonder there's a pool steps nearby. Though at first, I was wondering why is there a pool steps in the middle of a jungle haha. 

Selfie Sobri sorok pipi

And here is the waterfall. It's like a series of mini pools and the hot stream flows from one pool to another before entering the river. No one was in the river.

Manusia bergelimpangan

And this is how the view from above looks like.

1 hour well spent with celup kaki and taking photos. We made our way back to the van and went to the Emerald Pool, which is 20 minutes away. 


The journey to the Emerald Pool took 15-20 minutes from the Hot Spring Waterfall. The Blue Pool is not stated in most of the tour package, but worry not, the blue pool is within the same area as the Emerald Pool, which is in the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. We were given only 1 hour and 30 minutes here. The package we took was excluded lunch and there were a lot of stalls along the road to the entrance of Emerald Pool. We were kinda late and left behind. Confusion happened and 5 minutes wasted, explaining to them that we already paid to enter. Luckily, there was a guy who noticed a tag on Sobri's shirt (each group got one tag). Baru tahu ada function rupanya tag yang ada pin ni. Anyway, if you preferred not to follow any package tour, the entrance fee costs 200baht per person. 

*In case you are separated from the group, just show them the tag and they'll allow you to enter as it shows that you belong to one of the groups. 

A small pool near the entrance.

Ardilla wanted to take a photo with the small pool.

There are 2 ways that you can take to arrive at the Emerald Pool; either the long-but-more-scenic path (1400m) or the shorter-trekking-path-but-still-long-for-me (800m). I was planning to take the 1400m path, but luckily Sobri suggested to take the latter one, which later I felt really grateful I followed his plan haha. Pergi tak terasa sangat, bila balik tu pehh. Sampai tahap nak merangkak dah haha.

It's a long~ long~ way~

Along the trekking path, you'll pass by a number of clear mini pools and streams and hundreds of tropical plants and tress. 

Taraaa! This is the Emerald Pool. Subhanallah, the emerald coloured pool is astonishingly incredible. This place can be a bit crowded and touristy especially during holidays and weekends. 

The rocky edge of the pool is kinda slippery, so be careful when you enter the pool. An unforgettable incident that made us decide to enter the pool had happened to us haha.

This place is kept clean and bringing food is prohibited here. Only mineral water is allowed. Well, obviously because if it spilled, it wouldn't affect the pool haha. 

Sobri requested a photo of him berendam in the water under the bright light as well. Gambar terang lawa sikit. We were too lazy to turn back to where we started and walked to the spot where he stood, so guess what we did? 

As former cheerleaders, we did a cheer stunt in the pool with me as the flyer! Gara-gara malas nak pusing jauh. And 'twas a success haha. 

Audi as the captain and Marni as the main base

Tick tock tick tock. We forgot that we had a time limit, and we hadn't gone to the Blue Pool yet. This is one of the cons of taking a tour package. You cannot have your own sweet time and must follow the (short) time given, or the van driver might shout, calling you from afar haha. 

We quickly left the Emerald Pool and walked to the Blue Pool.


The Blue Pool existence was neither stated in the package brochure nor being told. It is located 600m from the Emerald Pool. 

When we almost reached the Blue Pool, there's no more cemented path. Tengah jalan tu macam tak sure sangat betul ke tidak jalan ni haha, but we continued walking and just followed the trek. 

The water is so clear that you can even see what's inside! Swimming is prohibited here due to the deep water and sucking mud. It looks scary though. You never know what might inhabit deep inside this Blue Pool.. haha. Anyway, they said that if you clapped your hands, bubbles/waves will present more. Though it was a long walk to reach here, but it was worth it. 

We spent too much time in those 2 pools without realising it. We were supposed to gather back at 11.20am and when I looked at my watch...

... it was already 11.20am and we had to walk 1.4km to return back to our van.

!@#$%^&*(). Salah bajet masa punya pasal. Make sure you arrange your time properly, so you don't have to rush back to the meeting point, like us haha.

Audi and Marni walked so fast, or maybe because Sobri and I always stopped to take photos here and there. Dah lambat pun sempat lagi nak ambil gambar.. haiyoo.

Anyway, make sure you arrange your time and divide it properly so you would not run late back to the van. Luckily, we didn't take the package together with lunch because we didn't have enough time even to buy some food at the stalls haha. 

To be continued.. 


  1. Such a nice views. Indah betul ciptaan Allah :)

  2. Ya Allah air diaaaaa, tengah2 panas ni kalau berendam memang nikmat betoi rasanya kihkihkih. kawan akak ada pegi blue pool tu. tapi tula dia pun tangkap gambar aje kihkihkih

    1. Itu lah pasal haha. Haritu tak sempat berendam lama sangat sebab ikut tour sobsob. Haah Blue Pool tu singgah ambil gambar je :)

  3. Ya Allah lawanyaaa air diaa ~~~~
    *clik clik nuffnang *

  4. Dylla...cantiklah tempat ni..rugi sis JM x pergi 2 tempat ni dulu

    1. Cantik cantik! Takpe Sis JM kalau pergi Krabi lagi singgah lah tempat ni nanti hehe

  5. menarik ni. kene masuk dalam wishlist bile ke krabi lagi

  6. Cantiknya view! Waterfalllll! Memang tak puaslah kalau pergi dengan time limit kan..

    1. Betul tu tak puas! Kalau pergi dengan family ke serious better ambil asing asing sbb boleh spend time lelama sikit.

  7. bestnyaaaa, cantik la kolam tu. jernih je..

    1. Kannn? Yang biru tu lagi jernih sebab takde orang pernah mandi

  8. Ya Allah cantiknya.. dah la booking nak pergi awal tahun cancel sebab peknen.. huhuhuu..

    1. Oh yeke. Haha takpeee nanti dah deliver boleh pergi! Hehe. Congrats anyway!

  9. Sobri satu tu tour guide u all ke? best lah baca blog u,planing nak pgi bulan 3 tahun depan ..2017

    1. Eh tak lah. Dia kawan saya. Hehe thank you. Selamat bercuti! Krabi besttt.

  10. Actually Sab ni takut dengan air tapi bila tengok pic2 dekat atas tu, masyaAllah !! Cantiknya... Teruja sangat !!

    1. Ohhh takut air ke? Haah cantikkk! Kalau tak pun nanti pergi main kat tepi tepi jelah pun best juga :)

  11. Woaaa! Emerald and Blue Pool. Heaven! I see heaven when I look nature :D
    Air dia memang blue. Jernihnyaaa nampak sampai dasar.

    1. Yup memang jernih! Tapi tak boleh mandi lah and tengok dekat dekat cam scaryyy haha

  12. isk3.. cantik nya la haii airrr.. biru la, hijau la.. ⁠⁠⁠سُبْحَانَ اللّه (Subhanallah)