Feb 16, 2016

4D3N Krabi Budget Trip (Day 3 Part 1) - Phi Phi Islands Tour

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I had a terrible stomach ache in the morning. The cramping pain made me felt like having diarrhoea with no loose stool. I reckon it was because of last night's dinner. I ate a bowl of spicy tom yam noodle with extra spicy, making it a bowl of double extra spicy tom yam noodle. Looks like my stomach couldn't stand the spiciness as much as my tongue could. Tak cukup Melaka lagi perut ni haha.

At 9.00am, we were really anxious as the van that was supposed to fetch us hadn’t arrived yet. After 15 minutes of waiting and urging the owner of Luna House to call the tour package company, a small pink tuktuk attached to a lorry arrived. They were in a rush and I reckon they accidentally left us for real. They brought us to the gathering point near the Ao Nang Beach, where the long-tailed and speedboats were arranged by the sea shore.

We were among the first to arrive on the speedboat and immediately sat on the rearmost seat of the boat. Feeling proud at first, but regretted it later because little did we know that it was the most perfect spot to get drenched from the water splash as the speedboat made its way across the sea.

Let's start the journey, shall we? 

This photo below is taken before the journey became.. a bit scary, and while we had the chance to hold our camera still. The sea became very rough in the evening with big waves everywhere and bumping of the speedboat here and there.

Excuse my sunburnt face haha


Bamboo Island is categorised under Thailand National Park so we had to pay 400baht to step on this island for the national park entrance fee. Luckily, the 400baht was paid for both Bamboo Island and Maya Bay. If it was for Bamboo Island only, for us, it's totally not worth it. The so-called tour guide collected 400/200baht (adult/children) in the speedboat before we set our foot on the beach. 

Sakit lah juga pijak batu batu kat sini. The sand isn't so smooth here.

The water is crystal clear, but sadly there was no fish. Well, I saw one. The moment I blinked my eyes, it ran away. Sob sob.

Gambar bertiga dulu.

Sorok pipi ke tu dik? Ops.

Some of the stones here are a bit slippery so be careful when you walk on them. 

Audi sempat terlelap dan Marni pening memikirkan nasib sebagai seorang duyung haha

We spent for about 40 minutes here and continued our speedy-bumpy journey to the next stop. Sobri and I were the last person to arrive at the boat. As usual. 

Our tour guide told us that we couldn't snorkel at the usual spot so the helmsman tried to find another spot for us, which near the Monkey Island. 

See, I told ya this was the perfect spot to capture the beautiful scenery clearly, either with your eyes or with gadgets you have and also to get really, really wet. Yes, they come in combo haha. The 'advantage' of sitting at the rearmost; getting a warm up soaked and being fully wet from head to toe before you even start snorkeling. Your sunglasses can be quite useful to cover your eyes from the splashing of seawater haha.


We had been told that the Monkey Island has a lot of monkeys. It was clearly seen that some of them, especially the 'orang putihs' like monkeys. Me? I'm scared of monkeys, to be honest. Not geli kind of scare, but takut-monyet-tarik-tudung-and-gigit kind of scare haha. 

The beach was quite far from where we stopped as we went here for snorkeling, instead of strolling by the beach. It was my very first time snorkeling. Another thing to be ticked off from my bucket list, weehoo! 

The fish and coral we saw here were not really varied. I bet the previous spot must be a better one! Anyway, 'twas a good experience. We swam too far from the speedboat and when we had to get back to the boat, jauh gila dah kenapa boat tu dah gerak ke. Luckily Sobri was with me. At least I had someone else to be late together haha as usual. Creds to Marni and Audi for this precious photo below. 

We were really hungry. Lets go makannnnn!


It was 12.20 when we arrived Phi Phi Don. Ko Phi Phi Don is the largest of the Phi Phi Islands and it is made mostly of limestone. The best time to go here is of course during the high season (between November and March) when the sea is calm. To be the only inhabited island among all Phi Phi Islands, with colourful houses by the beautiful shade of turquoise seawater, the view was a mesmerising one I must say. 

We were among the first group to arrive here.

Eh eh stop posing jap.

We had a buffet lunch. The choices were not too many, but the food was nice. I had a full plate of spaghetti with only-got-onion-tomato sauce and 2 pieces of fish nugget. 

*For Muslims, before booking any tour package, ensure that the food provided is halal. 

Audi, Marni and Sobri ate rice with chicken and tom yam. Baru sedar kitorang makan banyak gila. Nasib sampai awal, so boleh lah ambil bebanyak lelama sikit. "Ni makan malam terus ni," said Sobri, who was the first person to get hungry back haha. 

There are a few shops where you can buy souvenirs. We bought some postcards (15baht each).

A handsome monkey on a shoulder of a handsome orang putih haha jk.

Look at the fine white sand! If it wasn't crowded, I would have guling guling from one end to the other.

We headed back to our speedboat and this time, Sobri and I were not the last person to arrive. Yeah! It was an achievement! Haha. Now move on to our next stop, Maya Bay! 

As we approached the so-called 'hidden treasure' in the middle of the deep blue sea, which surrounded by steep limestone cliffs.


Maya Bay becomes a more popular tourist attraction since The Beach, starred by Leonardo, was filmed here. Don't expect it to be an untouched paradise like in The Beach as it will only stay in a range from a bit crowded to extremely crowded. 

The waves were gently drenching the sand, crawling on the shore and the fine white powdery sand was really soft as my foot made its first step on the beach. It was the most soft beach I've ever laid my foot on. 

We found a perfect spot with no crowd to take an ootd-like photo. Ootd lah sangat haha.

Berkerutnya muka. Tengah fikir apa tu >.<

Menghadap lah matahari yang terang benderang untuk dapat lighting yang bagus sambil tutup sunburn yang agak kritikal perubahannya haha.

It was hard to find a no-one-else backdrop, but this one was kinda okay. It wasn't too crowded like in some of the blogs I read before I came here. Those were too crowded, where you can barely walk fast and straight along the water's edge without bumping into other tourists. 

Marni and Audi, from afar.

The four of us, with the incredible rock formation, breath-taking-and-calm turquoise shade of seawater and a long-tailed boat as an additional subject for a perfect group photo. Not to forget, the couple of love birds tengah main baling baling air haha.

The shallow bay is safe for kids to play, with the monitor of the guardians of course.

Just like the one in the postcard. Well, I just realised all long-tailed boats are almost the same haha.

Kalau lalat masuk nanti padan muka.

This photo below is taken when our speedboat was about to leave the Maya Bay.

It might be over-rated, but Maya Bay is a place worth to visit. Just make sure you don't really put high expectation to it as sometimes it can be a bit annoying with crowds and all kinds of boats coming in and out of the beach. Nonetheless, it is still one of the most picturesque beaches I've been to. Try to visit early in the morning or after 5pm to avoid the crowd. Unless if you took a package tour like us, then you have to go through and be among the crowd. 

Going back to where we started was a bit creepy to me. With big waves here and there, the ride was a really bumpy one, feeling like the speedboat was going to topple at any time if we moved a muscle. We cannot reach Loh Samah Bay and the Viking Cave because of the rough sea. I heard it's a nice place to go for snorkeling. Anyway, I was too tired to care about the splashing of seawater over my face and finally fell asleep. Bak kata Sobri, "Layan je bot ni" haha. 

*For those who easily get sea sickness, I suggest you to consume the pill before this trip.

A tuktuk sent us back to our hotel and tiba-tiba rasa lapar.

To be continued.. 

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  1. Seronok tengok..cantik sangat la pulau2 kat sana..untungnya dpt pegi sana.. :)

  2. gambaa dilla amikk sume cantik2 *thumbs up ;D

  3. seronoknya!!!
    teringat masa bercuti di langkawi...lebih kurang...tapi memang best!!!

  4. Ya Allah, bestnya tempat-tempat tu. Scenery pun cantik!

  5. Masakan siam @ thai kan memang dah pedas. Bila mintak extra cili memang bergolak2 la perot. Akak mengaku. Akak tatahannnnn hihihi.

    pulau first tu mcm teluk senangin. Banyak kulit siput. Bila terpijak hazab rasa.

    *escape tu kalau masuk x main pun kena bayar jugak kecuali kids umur 0-3 tahun dgn warga emas 61 ke atas :D

    1. Itu lah berapi-apiiii pepagi je sakit perut haha. Ohhh sbb dia entrance fee eh? Jauh kak kiera reply. Terima kasih!!! Hehe

  6. cantiknyaaaaaaaaaaaaa T^T seronok tgk satu2 gambar tu. huhuhu. what an experience!! memang suka eh jadi last person arrived every time? hahahahaha lawaklah akak ni ><

    1. Takde lah suka tapi ter'jadi' pula :( hahaha

    2. Boleh share amik tour dgn company tour mana? hehe thanks!

    3. Alamak, sorryyy saya pun tak ingat sebab pamplet tu dah buang. Kalau terjumpa saya beritahu ye :)

  7. yeah you are right, with all the crowds, hardly can take any nice photos without others photobomb in it. haha

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  8. My best place, Bamboo Island! Bestnyaaa nak jerittttt :'(

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    nak tny soalan cepu emas buley???
    pakai krim muka ape eayh hehehe.. xjejas kulit muka kene 'selar' matahari tepi pantai :P

  10. Pakej ni jumpa kat mana? Apa name company or agen?

    1. Minta maaf sangat sangat tapi saya tak ingat ambil dengan company mana.