International Medical University (IMU) Interview

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Today I'm gonna tell you about IMU interview that I had attended yesterday. The interview was held in the main IMU campus in Bukit Jalil. My interview had been scheduled at 3pm and I must arrive an hour earlier to register and prepare myself. I went straight to IMU from Melaka. It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to arrive (bcs ayah drove fast and he only slowed down his car when there's a camera haiyo haha). Ayah parked the car in the Visitors Car Park area. Then we headed to Ground Floor and entered Student Services Office. In the office, I met a lady officer who in-charge for the interview to register and confirm the validity of my certificates.

While waiting for my turn, a Chinese young lady came to us and I got the opportunity to ask questions about IMU. The lady is from Melaka too! (Haha semangat Melaka jap). I asked her about accommodations, lifestyle etc.

Tick tock. Tick tock.
Cuak mestilah, siapa tak cuak haha.

Then after about 10mins that lady came back and asked me and another guy to follow her. I got room 9 while the Chinese guy got room 8. While waiting outside of the rooms, sempat lah berbual with the guy. He tegur I dulu, haaa pantang orang tegur, I memang suka bercakap haha. One of the interviewer buka pintu, keluar a bit and called my name.

I had been interviewed by 3 people, but yg sorang ni (an Indian woman) just watched and didn't say anything. The other two (a guy and a lady) were both Chinese.

So these are what they asked me yesterday;

Tell us a bit about yourself.

What is the most recent book that you read? (Bcs I told them I love reading)

Did you read only novels? How about non-fiction? Have you read anything?

Tell us about curricular activities you joined.
(I told them I was a cheerleader and a vice president for UNESCO club.)

If you were the captain of the cheerleading, what will you do to make sure everyone cooperates?

Do you know any stunts?

Is it only you're the one who did all stunts?

What event have you participated for the cheerleading?

You know that life as a doctor is very busy, are you mentally prepared for that?
(I just said 'yes' at first without any elaboration then they just stared at me waiting for further answer. So I had to continue talking hahaha.)

What makes you keep going for another 9 or 10 years?

How are you going to cope with your family life? Well bcs you're a woman and you have to handle all the house chores and so on.

Are you willing to sacrifice your family time? Your kids?

Those questions were out of my 'spot' actually.
I thought they would ask questions like 'what is your strength' 'what is your weakness' etc haha.
But nahh, mostly, they asked me questions from what I'd answered before.

Then jeng jeng jeng, tipu lah takde case study.
This is medicine interview, remember?

I cant really remember the exact question but it was more or less like this;

You have an orphanage which has financial problem and you really need a van. A dealer offers to give you a van worth RM 80,000 but only if you tell the government that he gives you a van worth RM150,000. What will you do? Will you accept the van?

I strictly answered that I won't accept no matter what.
They tried to make me accept the van.

"How if the real price is RM60,000 and he asked you to say to government he gives you a van worth RM61,000? It is only RM1,000."

"But you really need the van. Nobody will know. And it will make the kids happy. Dont you want to see them happy?"

They asked all kind of questions to make me change my answer haha. But for this type of question, stick to your answer! Don't change. There is no right and wrong answer.

As a conclusion, the most important thing is be confident!

That's all I guess. Hopefully IMU will send me an offer letter haha.

Finger crossed.

Toodles! Assalamualaikum.

Stop Complaining

Seeing someone who's skinny; 
"Why am I so fat?"

Seeing someone who's rich;
"Why am I so poor?"

Eating something that isn't really nice;
"Tak sedap lah makanan ni."

Seeing someone who's pretty;
"If only I were that pretty."

Seeing someone who's not pretty;
"Eee dah lah tak lawa, gemuk pulak tu."

Seeing someone who's very intelligent;
"She has no life. She lives and sleeps only with the book."

We tend to complain and critic about the things we don't have and forget those blessings that we have.

Have you ever thought..

There's someone out there who is very very fat and wanna have a body like you.
There's someone out there who is very very skinny and willing to do anything to have a body like you.
Lizzie Velasquez eats 60 times a day to have a body like you.

There's someone out there who is poorer than you and is struggling to live.
Even RM 1 is really precious to them.

There's someone out there who has no food to eat.
There's a family who only eat rice with salt water for breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Just look at those poor countries.
When a food truck comes, berebut semua orang kejar.

You think you're not pretty?
You have eyes to see, nose to breathe, mouth to eat.

Criticising someone else without thinking about their feelings.
Don't you realise you are judging Allah's creation?
And who are you to judge His creation?
Biar tak cantik di mata manusia, asalkan cantik di mata Allah.

He's intelligent because of his effort.
Perlu ke you question and critic him because of his intelligent?

There're many other blessings that we get.
A new day to live on.
People to love and yourself to be loved.
Food to eat, things to think.

Be grateful. Be grateful. And be grateful.

And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, 'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.

Dan (ingatlah) ketika Tuhan kamu memberitahu: "Demi sesungguhnya! Jika kamu bersyukur nescaya Aku akan tambahi nikmatKu kepada kamu, dan demi sesungguhnya, jika kamu kufur ingkar sesungguhnya azabKu amatlah keras".
[Al-Quran, 14:7]

Be grateful. Of what we have and what we don't have.

... but perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.

... dan boleh jadi kamu benci kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu, dan boleh jadi kamu suka kepada sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah jualah Yang mengetahui (semuanya itu), sedang kamu tidak mengetahuinya.
[Al-Quran, 2:216]

Don't count others' blessings (in negative way),
as it may lead you to being an ungrateful servant.
Just a bit food for thought.


Google Maps VS Waze


Do you always have problem when it comes to finding direction?
You know the place but do not remember the direction?
You don't even know where to start?

Don't worry much, you don't have to buy any gps, if you have a smartphone.
No need to pay, all applications are free.
Here I would like to suggest you to use either Google Maps or Waze.

Google Maps
Those pictures above are the icons for Google Maps and Waze.
All you have to do is install both apps in your phone and try them by yourself!

The most preferable app for me and my friends is Waze bcs;
Waze shows you if there's any traffic jam, police, accident, hazard, camera etc.
And as a Wazer (a person who uses Waze), you can easily report and tell other users if you encounter any dangerous too.
Google Maps requires wifi / mobile internet, while for Waze you don't really need wifi (if you're kedekut like me to spend RM5 for mobile internet haha) tho it isn't really accurate bcs you'll not know how many metres left and the expected time to arrive.

But for me, setakat ni Waze boleh dipercayai lah tho tak guna wifi / 3G.
Oh btw before I forget, Waze can be used without internet but you still have to search for the place first (so mestilah guna wifi) and save it.
Waze also helps you to drive alone and you don't need to keep looking at your phone.
Biasalah in every gps memang usually ada mcm a robot tells you to turn left or right kan kan?

Yeah so that's it.
Download and install them now!

See you again next post. Good-bye.


Assalamualaikum and how are you today?

Oh yes yes I'm fine.
Really really fine.
Bcs ibu had discharged from the hospital just now and I feel like a very responsible daughter.
Haha proud of myself.

Ibu had to stay in the ward since yesterday bcs..
Ahh it's a long story.
Okay macam ni ceritanya.
Ibu and I accompanied Ica to Poliklinik Ayer Keroh to settle her medical check-up thingy.
I decided to drive bcs ibu wasn't feeling well; headache yang dah beberapa hari tak elok plus pain in the bottom part of the chest aka 'pedih hulu hati'.
Alang-alang Ica buat medical check-up, ibu went to see the doctor too.

Ibu dah pergi dulu bcs to register for the medical checkup kena tunggu until 8am baru the lady on the counter starts working.
Tunggu punya tunggu, bila dah 8am we asked a guy who replaced the lady's place about the medical checkup.
Then tetiba he said that it was already full and we have to come back on 10th June.
Seriously?! Masalahnya Ica nak masuk uni on 1st June!

Kitorang just cakap hmm okay takpelah (yelah takkan nak force them to allow haha) then we blah.
Ica and I sat on a corner, waiting for ibu.
Luckily I brought along my John Green's novel yang tak habis habis lagi sbb lama lah jugak kena tunggu.
When ibu came to us, her face was already pale.
She said that the doctor told her maybe ada masalah dengan jantung so nanti ambulance hantar pergi hospital.
I was like,"Whattt?!" I felt sad.
But ofcs I didn't show that I was sad, I must be strong for ibu.
Lagipun doctor didn't confirm anything yet. He just said MAYBE.
But siapa tak cuak!?

Nak dipendekkan cerita, we went back home first.
Ayah drove us to Hospital Pantai.
Kasihan ibu ayah.
Ibu was sick while ayah had to stop working for the whole day.
Alhamdulillah, the doctor said there's nothing to worry about and ibu's heart is in good condition.
Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb.
But ibu still had to stay in the ward for a night so that it's easy for the doctor to examine and look after her.

Today I brought Ica to Klinik Kesihatan Ujong Pasir in the morning.
Well, kakak bertanggungjawab kan. Hehehe joking.

In the evening, the doctor told us that ibu could leave the hospital. Yeayyy!
So Ica and I settled everything and drove ibu back home before heading to Big Bowl Ice.
Delicious, scrumptious ahh sedap gila tak tipu their chocolate ice with banana (whatever its name is haha).
I ate 2 bowls!

The other one was a bowl of ice and fruits yummy!
While on the other hand, Ica had a bowl of ice caramel with ice cream.
I'm sooooo gonna bring Ummi or any other friends here.

Alright see you next time. Tata!

Of Phone And Good Photos

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon.

From Google

Is there any relation between phone and good photos?
Yes! Phone is needed to take good photos.
Not that I meant you MUST have handphones to take good photos.
But what else yang you guys bring along every time with you if not phone right?
*Angkat kening twice*

Good photos, not good quality photos.
If nak yang good quality pergi get yourself single-lens reflex (SLR) camera.
I just googled that. Baru tahu what SLR stands for haha.

Even if Nokia 3310 ada camera pun you can take good photos.
Depends on how you use it lah.
Janganlah asyik take selfie all the time oops.

That's why I always make sure I have my handphone with me.
Ceh alasan to be an anti-social person.

But somehow kalau asyik ambil gambar je pun tak boleh jugak.
Yelah everytime nak makan, snap until 20 photos before eating, haaa tu over lah.
Just once or twice is okay I guess (bcs I also did that hahaha).

I don't know why am I really into this kind of so-called-photography thingy.
Rasa seronok when I can capture good photos and bila tengok balik rasa mcm..
Ahh lawanyaaa. Haha that kind of feeling I tell ya.

If photography can make sure I have a stable life with a permanent job yang senang cari and I diizinkan untuk travel jauh jauh, I will definitely be a photographer.
So as a solution, I wanna be a doctor and a photographer at the same time.

Haha not a real photographer yang masuk hutan all that lah.
Bila free ajak lah friends or family hangout and capture good photos.
Maybe jugak time surgery boleh ambil gambar kejap ke haha jk!

So that's all about phone and photos.
Oh before I forget, feel free to visit my;

Instagram & Vsco Grid

Haha sesi promote diri jap. Okay till here.
Have to prepare myself for the upcoming interview.

Random Post On Random Day


Why my previous posts were so skema and formal sangat hahaha rasa macam baca someone's biography pun ada.

So I decided to be more sempoi. Haaa easy for people to read (eventho takde orang baca).
And easy for me to write.
Tak payahlah tunggu few days create ayat sedap sedap baru update haha.

Nak cakap pasal apa eh today hmm lemme think first ...

After 1 hour ...
Type. Delete. Type. Delete.

Haha I never thought nak tulis apa pun kena fikir berjam-jam like this.
Talk about my current condition jelah senang.

Apparently I'm a penganggur and will still be a penganggur until september (oh god lamanya).
Preparing myself for interviews bla bla and trying hard paksa Ummi (my best friend) to go out with me, and jenjalan area melaka.

Haritu which was last week I went out with Ummi.
Just hanging around together, cerita problems and life well dah lama tak jumpa lah katakan.
Sambil sambil tu guess what?! Ummi and I bertemankan phone and Waze app pergi cari sawah!
Hahaha pelikkan tetiba cari sawah.

Yesss we did that. Cari sawah jauh gila and we spent almost 2 hours kottt, siap pergi about 30km from our hometown only to find sawah haha.
But unfortunately, tak jumpa sawah langsung.
Luckily we have Waze and I already set it to places I wanna go so alhamdulillah selamat pergi and selamat sampai.

Oh act we found sawah. Siap ada electric cable yg ala-ala eiffel tower tu, memang lawa lah if ambil gambar tapi..
Hmm tak tahu how to get there, yelah jalan dalam kampung orang takut pula if tetiba sesat ke apa.

Dengan rasa hampa, we went back to our hometown.
Dropped by at AEON lama, went to Secret Recipe and had a piece of cake.
Okay lah tu at least dapat cake to comfort ourselves. Sobsob

Can't wait to plan another outing with Ummi yeayyy.


Assalamualaikum and hey there! It has been awhile since the last time I updated my blog, quite busy lately with.. sleeping and eating and wasting time hahaha. So today I would like to share some experiences and thoughts for those who might search and wonder about this stuff. 

This post is written based on my past experiences. Well, as usual after SPM result is out, SPM leavers will have to decide where they wanna go; Local uni? Private uni? Form 6? Matriks? and of course will have to think about fees and accommodations etc (money money money). During my time, bursary was introduced for the first time. Bursary is a sponsorship given by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for those who get 9A+ and above. Bursary sponsors and pays everything include tuition fees, accommodations, exam fees, allowance (aka 'pocket money') etc but only during preparation before entering undergraduate programme (degree). 

How about after pre university? Who's going to sponsor you? Where you should go? 

After completing pre university and if you have already secured a university placement, you will definitely can get JPA to sponsor you BUT only if you meet the criteria and follow the rules and conditions that they've made. Some of them (the conditions) are; 

1.  University must be in the JPA university list. 
2.  You meet all the requirements. 
3.  The university for that particular course you're applying is accredited. 

That is about Bursary-JPA. Now let's move on to MARA.

I don't really know much. But basically if you go for MARA, you don't have to find other scholarship during undergraduate (degree programme) bcs MARA will pay everything from pre university until you graduate. But if I'm not mistaken, there is no MARA scholarship anymore nowadays but if you get good result, you don't have to pay 100% and they may cut the cost you have to pay up to 90% (I'm not really sure, go check with them). 

So here's my opinion. 
If you get good grades during SPM and you would like to further your study in Medicine or Dentistry in overseas, I advise you apply for MARA, bcs JPA university list for UK is very limited and it is not that easy to get into those Medical schools. JPA will not sponsor for other universities except those in the list. But if you plan to further your study in other courses, then bursary-JPA is okay bcs it is not really hard to get at least an offer. 

I'm not saying that you shouldn't accept bursary. After all, you're the master of your future plan. Think properly and make the right choice.

I guess that's all for now. Toodles, assalamualaikum.