Aug 17, 2017

1204 Not The Real Numbers

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Meet Ummi Umairah binti Kahar

I can't remember when was the last time I met this girl. She's my best friend since standard 1, although back in primary school, there were times that we were not friends and we created our own gang where we persuaded our classmates not to be friends with the other party haha. But still, she was among those who stay in my life the longest, congrats and thanks, you're the chosen one haha.

The initial plan of our hang out yesterday was to go to Mahkota Parade, have a lunch at Boat Noodles and then watch Bad Genius at Lotus 5 Stars Cinema with Ica (sister) and Haniza (cousin) as well. Unfortunately, Haniza couldn't join, so Ica decided to let Ummi and I spend time together. Too lazy to drive until Mahkota Parade, plus we thought of trying the 'Malaysian boat noodles', we chose to go to Aeon instead because Aeon has a cinema too.

The 'Malaysian boat noodles' or its real name Eat & Repeat is one of the shop lots, opposite to Aeon. There are quite a number of choices you can make from. To be honest the food was okay to me. I don't really favour the mee rebus and mee celup, but mee bandung was quite good.

Here's the menu. Yup, each bowl is RM1.90. The portion is a bit more than Boat Noodles. Probably because they use the usual yellow noodles, thicker than Boat Noodles ones.

As you can see in the photo down below, here's the food that we ordered yesterday. 

1. Mee celup
2. Mee kari
3. Nasi putih ayam cincang
4. Pulut mangga
5. Brownies with ice cream
6. cendol
7. Mee bandung
8. Mee celup
9. Mee rebus

Here are some zoomed-in photos.

Rate: 6/10

While eating, we remembered that we were supposed to check the showtime for Bad Genius. I noticed Ummi just changed her phone. I wanted to Google for GSC showtimes, but the phone was locked with a 4-space passcode. Obviously, my thumbprint wasn't saved so I couldn't access using the fingerprint sensor. I asked her the passcode to get access. 

Mi, apa password kau?

I keyed in the code and the phone was unlocked. My next action was halted by the lingering thoughts in my mind. Why 1204? Her birthday is on first of November. Maybe, it's someone special's birthday? Her crush probably? So, I asked her.

Mi, kenapa 1204? Nak kata birthday kau, bukan.
Oh, tu 12 April tarikh aku beli phone ni. 

It was my first time knowing someone puts the date she bought the phone as her phone passcode. I laughed like crazy upon hearing that, and I teased her of course because I thought it was someone's birthday haha. It's quite interesting to know how people make up passcodes and passwords. Especially when creating password needs certain requirements; special character, capital letter, number, etc. For me myself, I have a lot of passcodes and passwords, which most of the times, are so random, so I quite understand that. 

Anyway, just to make sure there's no one will secretly try to access her phone ...

1204 are not the real numbers. 

Aug 15, 2017

Counting Spoons

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I feel that my few previous posts are a bit hambar because there's no photo at all.  So I thought this time maybe I should at least include one. So taraaa!

These are nenek's by the way as I'm currently at nenek's house. I know moms like to count Tupperware(s), even my ibu is not excluded among those moms of course. She is an amazing mom. She can do everything at one time, such a great multitasker. Hands down. 

She knows where things are, and surprisingly even the missing ones. 

Ibu, ibu nampak tak mana kita letak getah rambut kita.
Ada dalam bilik air tu.

Talking about missing items, of course ibu will know where her things go missing, especially her Tupperware(s). But, it looks like my ibu has developed a new habit, which is counting spoons and a new skill, finding spoons.

Ibu allocates 10 spoons for the 5 of us, not including the ones that ibu hides in the cabinet. Shh, don't tell ibu that I know this, she might change the hiding place haha. How does ibu get the idea to count spoons? Blame my youngest and the only brother, Aiman. 

Last time when spoons were never been counted, ibu put all the spoons we had at one place. Day by day, without we even noticed it, we fought for it. Ibu decided to 'investigate' where her spoons had gone MIA. One day, she found out that Aiman was the culprit. It turned out that once in awhile, when he forgot that the spoon didn't come together with the food, he would simply throw the spoon as well. Ever since then, ibu started counting spoons. Worry not, she only counts once every a few weeks haha. 

But still.. when one of her spoons is not there.. 

Kenapa sudu ibu tak cukup lagi satu ni. Ada sesiapa terbuang ke?

Ibu knows about this blog post by the way. You know what she replied when I told her?

Memang lah kena kira sudu. Kalau tak kejap kejap hilang.

Haha ibu, ibu.

Aug 5, 2017

A Different Thing

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

I just sat for my end of semester assessment yesterday and it marked the end of Year 3 MBBS. I can't be more than grateful to be where I am now. Although it's still a long way to go, Alhamdulillah I still survive, though sometimes barely breathing. Some asked me to share my clinical phase journey so far. In IMU, because clinical skills are already incorporated since the first semester, the REAL clinical phase will only start after 2.5 years and semester 6 is the first semester in clinical school. Our clinical school which consists of Sem 6 to Sem 9 students is located in Seremban, in front of Hospital Tuanku Jaafar (Seremban General Hospital), Negeri Sembilan. 

Throughout this semester 6, clinical school to me is a lot more interesting than in Bukit Jalil last time. And it's wayyy different. Now we are dealing with real patients who are sick for real. No more simulated patients. And we begin to learn on how to deal and have a human to human interaction, rather than being a robot repeating the script of "Hi, my name is Ardilla. I'm a second-year medical student from IMU blah blah." over and over again until it sounds so robotic and heartless (?), well that was me last time. I just didn't know how to not sound like a robot who had rehearsed the script for thousand times. After all, that was what I did haha. 

Although it is more interesting nowadays, still ...

Medicine has never been easy for me. Never. I'm not a fast learner. I have to work really, really hard, which sometimes (or most of the times), it is still not enough. Being in clinical school is an eye opener for me. I went through so many ups and downs, one second I felt happy because I could answer doctor's questions, the next day I felt so stupid for being blurred, not answering any questions. Even in a day, my mood could drastically change. 

I couldn't remember how many times I almost burst into tears; an old lady who was suspected to have breast cancer told me she couldn't sleep well because she felt breathlessness due to the cancer cells that had metastasized to the lungs; a guy who was okay a minute ago suddenly became unconscious and eventually passed away after a few mins of CPR; an old guy told me I'm lucky for being healthy, not like him who had a number of diseases and needed to consume a lot of medications; etc. 

Sometimes I wish I can do what I like during past time, oh well what's past time though, I've forgotten the meaning haha. I wanna learn photography, I wanna read novels that I bought, I wanna do this, I wanna do that, but I know I can never do that because I feel guilty of not doing anything related to Medicine, but end up I'll be doing nothing inc studying. Double the guilty haha. 

Being in a clinical school, when every day is about meeting patients (reminding myself that's what I'm gonna do in the future), I have no time to have Monday blues or any-other-day blues, except for weekends, but obviously, I won't because I'll be going back home. No matter how my mood swings on the previous day, I have to move on and start a new day with a new spirit. It'll be a lie if I said there's no day that I feel dreadful and tired, but I have to put things aside. One secret to share, most of the times, talking to patients is what makes me feel much better. To know their stories, their concerns, their life perspectives and their ways dealing with trials and difficulties, oh god I learn a lot from them, not just about their conditions, but how to look at life as a whole. I feel accepted and trusted when they allow me to talk to them, when they are willing to share their stories that they don't simply share to anybody else and when they allow me to examine them, though they know they won't get any treatment or management in return as I'm still a student and making decision is not in my job scope.

The main point here is, things can be so hard. There are times, everything will be so overwhelming and you might feel it's unbearable. Fret not, you are not alone. Everyone has that moment. Everyone feels the same thing sometimes. But, remember, you've already started and you are capable to do this. Chin up, and show the world the real you, who they never imagined you could ever be!

Anyway, I had done 3 postings which are Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Surgery. I must say that I love Surgery the most. So far haha. Although the 3 postings have already ended, it doesn't mean learning has ended as well. I still have a loootttt to learn. Really, really a lot. I just arrived home for 3-week holiday this morning, and I already have a holiday to-do list.

Oh ya, updating blog is on my to-do list as well hehe.