Dec 28, 2015

My Study Week Routine (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

The lights went off and everything turned dark. Adrenaline surged. I thought I had become blind, or dead. I screamed, calling my mother, "Ibuuuuu, kita tak nampak." One chance to confirm it. I flipped the curtain and saw there was moonlight outside, and at the same time ayah opened my door with a torchlight in his right hand. I felt relief. I was neither blind nor dead. It turned out that my housing area had gone blackout. Ceh, penat je over panic macam dalam drama haha. 

Anyway, as most of my study week break I spend at home and I don't have any other things I do or places I go, today I'm gonna tell you guys what is my study week routine. Yeayyyy. 

The main thing I do is of course, studying. 

The reason why I choose to have my sweet time at home is because there's no one in Vista as they are having their Christmas holiday and I don't have to think what to eat, what to buy and how to survive the day. Plus, I can save my money for something else. 

I prefer studying in my bedroom instead of my study room downstairs because I can just straight away lie down whenever I feel sleepy haha. Do you wanna see my study place? 


Typical Ardilla. Can't live without food haha.

I put a small table on my bed, so that I have the right posture when studying. Takde lah sakit belakang compare to if meniarap lama lama. Sometimes, when my legs start to feel numb, I change my posture from sitting upright with kaki 'bersila' to leaning on 4 pillows piled on each other with kaki melunjur.

Nowadays, I can't study non-stop for a couple of hours like when I was in high school. Once in a while, I would stop studying and so-called 'get a life' by playing games. Not a video game, which you have the box and controllers. Just some simple games on my phone such as Neko Atsume, Piano Tiles 2 and 2048. Those are the only games I have in my phone actually hahaha. When playing games becomes a boring thing to do, I would log on to my Facebook and watch cooking videos!

I wonder if this kind of study habit is considered as a sedentary lifestyle hmmm I hope not. Suddenly, it reminds me of my first problem based learning (PBL) case discussion about a boy who had a sedentary lifestyle, spending hours sitting and binging on junk food, and eventually became obese. To not feel guilty, I spend my 5-10 mins doing some light exercises. I'm planning to reduce some weight, so that I can eat more in the future. I had a hard time thinking on what shall I do until I found Kak Farrah's post about 'My 20kgs Target'. Maybe I should try it. Mana lah tahu berjaya turun hehe nak turun 5kg if can :p

My most fav break time is of course during lunch or dinner when I can spend my time watching Totally Spies, while eating without any guilt! Hehe. I spend my days and nights in the bedroom. I only go out when I wanna eat, or if otak tepu sangat then I'd watch the television with my Ibu and brother. (Ardilla tipu sikit. Sebenarnya time tak boring pun kekadang dia keluar pi borak dengan Ibu, kacau Aiman and tengok tv membuang masa haha).

I didn't expect this post to be this long and I still have a lot of things to tell you guys! Maybe I shall make this post as Part 1 and continue with Part 2 later. I have some quick tips and easy way on something for you guys! You might need them hehe, so stay tuned for part 2!

Before I end this post, I have something to ask. Does anyone of you know how to stay focused without being procrastinate T.T I really have trouble with procrastination. Whenever I start checking my phone, I can't stop playing with it until I realise I've spent too much time procrastinating when I'm supposed to study. Tsk tsk. Okay nak sambung study *campak phone and laptop jauh jauh*.

The end of Part 1 of 2.

Dec 24, 2015

Easy Way To Uplift Someone's Mood

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

One of my ongoing CPUV campaigns is Kleenex Bloom and since last week I've been wondering what is this all about actually. I know Kleenex is a tissue brand, but hey, what's up with the Bloom thingy at the back? I typed on Google 'What is Kleenex Bloom' and clicked the search button, but unfortunately I could find nothing. So, I decided to surf directly to Kleenex's website.

I found this!

You can click on the photo above to directly go to their website.

It's about their new scented tissues! No wonder they put bloom, which means flower as their newly produced tissue, CHERRY BLOSSOM and ROSE have nice fragrance and smell, just like those flowers. My sister (click here to read her blog) once told me that she would put some perfume every time before she starts studying to increase the mood and create a good aura. And yes, a nice flower-like smell can stimulate and trigger positive thoughts. 

Studying sometimes makes me feel really bored and I would start to binge on chips and chocolates. And usually, once in a while I would use my scented lotion to kinda bring back the mood, but it's too pricey to use it so many times in a day. With this new product from Kleenex, I can just use it after eating or take one every time I want to create back the joyous mood of studying and get back to my work! 

And guess what? There's a video posted by Kleenex Team in their Facebook, showing how to make roses from tissues! A budget-but-more-effort way to give to your loved ones. 

Happy trying guys! 

Dec 22, 2015

O&G Posting In HKL (Week 3) - Wards

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Counting down for my end of semester 3 examination wuaaaa mygaddd so cuak. I hope it's still not too late to update about my elective posting experience. To be in the wards was totally different from the time when we were in the labour room and clinics. We could do almost nothing as our supervisor had warned us not to touch the patient, not to take photos of patient or with the patient, not to do this, not to do that. Still terngiang-ngiang in my ears when she said, "Don't mess up with anything." (We nodded slowly dengan muka takut and kept silent).

We read a few case files, then another one, and another one. Most of the time, we read case files. Another time when we were not.. we stood quietly in front of a patient's bed, thinking of what we should do. Haha yes, that bored. Boredom struck since the first day of our posting, nonetheless we still managed to learn something. Looking at us who looked clueless and didn't know what else to do other than checking the case files, a medical student from another university approached us and taught us a few components that we should ask when clerking a patient in the obstetrics ward as it's not the same as the usual medical one. Ada lah clerk patient sorang dua orang, then continued looking each other (Tiara and I), thinking what shall we do next haha.

On the third day, we went to meet our supervisor, Dr S to give her our evaluation forms. After a few times of "Apakata kita suruh doctor lain sign" "Kena ke jumpa dia jugak" and whatnots, we made our mind and nak tak nak we had to meet her, because we already told her at the first place. Slowly stepped into her clinic and the most incredible-I-never-imagine-it-before thing happened and guess what?!

She smiled.

Yesss, the specialist who we met on the first day of week 1 yang bagi warnings itu ini. She signed, gave the feedback forms back to us and said 'Good luck' with another bright smile. From a fierce-looking woman who we were afraid of to a gentle-and-nice woman who looked really kind! I reckon she warned us this and that for the benefits of both sides.

'twas the last day of our elective posting, so we decided to take a photo or two as memories. Maka, bergambarlah kami di hadapan Wad Bersalin Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

As to celebrate the end of our elective posting and the start of our study week break, we had our lunch at Sushi King and decided to pay a visit to the National Museum. Selalu pergi muzium kapal kapal kat Melaka je, never gone to any in Kuala Lumpur. Excited because I do love going to a museum, plus got the chance to go with someone who loves it too; Tiara hehe. Unfortunately, little did we know the weather was not going to stay bright and sunny, and the rain was getting heavier by the time we arrived there. With no near car park available after dah pusing berpuluh kali, we bade goodbye to the museum and drove back to Vista.

In the middle of our journey, I mistakenly told the wrong way, Tiara made a wrong turn (because of me) and we had to follow another route. Accidentally, we found another museum! It was the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Visiting an art museum is on my bucket list! So here's to the ticking off another thing in my bucket list, Alhamdulillah!



Look carefully. There were a few people climbing the hill to go back to their homes.

I love how Awais Yaqub took those photos from different perspectives, making each photo has its own mission to tell story to those who understand.


Tekunnya Ardilla tengok haha

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Dec 18, 2015

O&G Posting In HKL (Week 2) - Clinics

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Our week in clinic started by meeting a fierce-outside-kind-inside doctor who had been told by Dr A that Tiara and I were gonna 'shadow' her. The moment she stepped into the room, we froze. As she walked by us, we stunted and held our breath, hoping we had some kind of magic charm to be invisible for a second or two. There was no other choice, nak tak nak we had to greet her and introduce ourselves. Tiara started the conversation by informing her that we are medical students from IMU and would be there for a week yada yada.

The small clinics, which can place 2 doctors at a time were connected to one another on the inside and it was really convenient for doctors to discuss cases and nurses to collect things and Bed Head Tickets (BHT) aka case files. As each room was quite small, Tiara and I had to separate as it would be very crowded for 2 students to be in the same room. I decided to leave and find another doctor for me to shadow. Throughout the whole week I had been there, upon observation and little menyibuk here and there, I got not only knowledges, but also the valuable experiences, seeing doctors and nurses did their work with agile and in an orderly manner.

All clinics had been set to deal with different types of patient according to the day and usually patients who come already have an appointment. I was attached to 3 different doctors in 3 different types of clinic; gynaecology, gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and obstetrics.

Monday was chosen to be the day for the so-called 'girls' problem' (Gynae) day. I greeted and introduced myself to the doctor, and asked the permission from her to shadow and observe procedures, then fiercely she said, "Haa?! Mesti lah boleh." Mak aih, pepagi dah kena tinggi suara U.U sobsob. What to do, just go on with the flow lah. Luckily the nurse who was in charge of that room was super duper kind and she was the one who initiated me to follow Dr N to the ultrasound room and invited me whenever Dr N started to observe the patient. Most of the patients came for follow up with fibroid and cyst, while some of them had irregular menses, etc. Dr N was a good-hearted person actually, it was just the way she acted and her attitude that made her seem to be unfriendly. I never knew how pap smear is done until I had to hold the lamp for the doctor, because the nurse went to get something and I was the only person left there. Other than a pap smear, I got the chance to witness endometrial pipelle sampling, vaginal swab and both types of ultrasound; abdominal (the normal one) and transvaginal (by inserting a small probe into the vagina).

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)
GDM clinics were for pregnant moms who get diabetes (layman's term; kencing manis), which onset or first recognition during pregnancy. This time I shadowed Dr K, who if you look at him for the first time you won't expect him a doctor, but the fact that he knows a lot and most doctors, even HO came to him, seeking for advices ruled out his all-time-tired appearance. I like the way he clerked patients, especially when he made a joke, but he himself didn't laugh haha and even though he seemed tak bermaya, he still managed to handle patients well and made some of them calm down after informing the bad news.

Obstetrics aka Antenatal Care (ANC)
Friday was the day for pregnant mums and this time I was attached to a very gentle and kind doctor, Dr R, who taught me a lot of things. Luckily I already went to the labour room so I understand some of the terms being used. Patients just started coming and the case files hadn't arrived yet, when suddenly we saw an incident of a pregnant young lady who fell down and terduduk tepi jalan from inside the clinic. The doctor addressed me by my name and asked me to have a look whether she was okay or not, so I went out and basically did like what the doctor had told me. I accompanied and helped the nurse who apparently brought a wheelchair for that lady. I kinda feel glad and honoured(?) when the doctor called me by my name. This is one of the things I learned; people feel more appreciated when you call them by their names.

I watched the doctor clerked cases, with Dr K sat in front of her, clerking patients as well as I told you that each room can fit 2 doctors and patients at the same time. Dr R explained to me about the position of placenta, how to detect it in the ultrasound and decide at what stage is the placenta previa. She also taught me how to palpate and measure the size of a pregnant mum's tummy which should be +/- 1 for the week she is now. As, for example, if the tummy's measurement is 35cm, then the lady should be in the 35th week of pregnancy +/- 1 week. If the difference is more than 1, then maybe the baby is smaller/bigger than he should or the estimated due date is wrong.

Although I had to stand for hours and steal some time to sit on the bench once in a while, being in the clinic is different than in the labour room. Previously, I always wonder how a government hospital setting would look like. Now, I know. Other than that, I learned something useful for me in the future InshaaAllah. One patient meets one doctor, but one doctor has to meet more than 10 patients per day, and how some of the doctors stayed energetic and kept smiling even though it was already in the evening inspired me to become like them in the future.

Okay, lets move on to the final week of elective posting in HKL. Will update soon, so stay tuned!

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Dec 17, 2015

Clinical Rotation To Jempol (5 Tips, 9 Things)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabakaratuh.

I manage to remember some of the things that might be useful for those who are going to Jempol for the clinical rotation under IMU.


1.  Ask permission from matron / sister
It's a matter of courtesy and politeness. Respect everyone in the hospital and when you arrive at the ward, do tell them (matron / sister / nurse) that you are there to ask some questions and do physical examinations on the patients yada yada. At least they acknowledge your presence. 

2.  Clerk before check the case file
Try to figure out the final diagnosis before you check the case file. But I advise you to check it before you do any physical examination, just in case the patient has a mild infectious disease and as a precaution.

3.  Jot down while talking
My group mates and I had been told by a doctor from the clinical school that we should jot down while asking questions. He said that you're not being rude, in fact, it makes the patient feels more comfortable as they don't need to look straight into your eyes the whole time. Plus, if you jot down everything after you clerk, usually you can only remember ~50%, which I kinda agree. Unless if it's in OSCE then you don't have to jot down because obviously the examiner is in front of you and you don't have to present the case to anyone.

4.  No need to bring any bed sheet / pillowcase 
The homestay we stayed had provided us with bed sheets and pillowcases, but you still can bring if you want to.

5.  Bring a pair of comfortable slippers / sandals
It's easier for you to just wear slippers / sandals instead of sneakers or the formal shoes when you wanna go out for dinner or to shop some junk food. 

These are the things I brought every time I go for ward rounds and clerking.

  1. Small note book
  2. ID Card
  3. Pen
  4. Pen torch
  5. White coat
  6. Nursing watch (my watch doesn't have any jarum)
  7. Stethoscope
  8. Name tag
  9. Measuring tape (or you can bring a ruler) 
Not in the picture; 
LOGBOOK (it's compulsory to bring!)
2 rulers (to measure the JVP)

That's all. Have fun!

Dec 13, 2015

Dr Bee

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

The best procrastinator award goes to me. I'm gonna have another posting, but this time to a GP's (General Practitioner) clinic before Semester 4 starts. (Semoga Ardilla pass Semester 3, amin!) GP clinic is the usual private clinic, which is not in the hospital, such as "Klinik ABC" or maybe "Klinik Dr Ardilla" (ehh) hehe one day InshaaAllah! The last day we were supposed to submit the reply form to the IMU Academic Service Department (ASD) was yesterday and me, as the best procrastinator has not sent it yet. Great. I had sent an email to the ASD, telling them that I'll submit the reply form a bit late, but the person in charge hasn't replied me and yet, I myself haven't found a GP who's willing to let me become a penyibuk inside his/her clinic for a week haha. 

Luckily, my family is quite close to this one doctor and I told my parents that I wanted to shadow him, expecting my parents would inform him about this matter, but even if they have told, I would still have to go to his clinic and ask him by myself. I printed a few copies of IMU letter and GP reply form in case Dr Bee doesn't accept my request. I heard a few stories of my friends who got rejected, so better get prepared of any possibility that might happen. Dr Bee is our so-called family doctor and my late grandfather was close to him since the time when he got his first mild heart attack. I prayed really hard he would accept me because I don't have any backup clinic in my mind and his clinic is the nearest from my father's workplace.

Oh, btw, maybe some of you wonder. Why Dr Bee?


I went to his clinic, which is supposedly only 2 minutes away, but blame the road divider, so I had to make a U-turn before arriving there. It's a not-so-big clinic, situated beside a camera shop. Upon arrival, I told the ladies at the counter who I bet were his assistant and also cashier that I wanted to meet the doctor to discuss about the GP posting. I was just about to sit on the bench provided when my name was called as they thought 'twas an urgent request. I told the doctor my name, where I study and why I came to meet him. Then, he asked me where do I live. I looked at my mother with a hope he might recognise her, but unfortunately he did not. Ibu said "Kedai gas," (my father runs a cylinder gas business) and he immediately asked, "Oh Cucu Mohd Nor?" My heart fluttered and my mind repeatedly answered "Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm his granddaughter!" I nodded my head and said "Haah." We had a nice chit chat about medical stuff, building a good rapport and he told me bits and pieces of what I'm gonna experience in his clinic. Dr Bee is like a datuk to me because he's an old-but-so-nice doctor and the conversation I had with him was a delightful one. I thanked him and made a move to leave the room when he asked me about IMU tuition fees and we continued talking haha seronok juga dapat doktor banyak cakap. There won't be an awkwardness aura later on and I can learn a lot of things from him if he won't mind sharing them, InshaaAllah!

I sent ibu back before heading to the old AEON to post something at the Pejabat Pos and treat myself for getting the clinic for GP posting(?) haha. I already parked ibu's car when the absence of my purse, included money, IC and driving license came to my realisation the moment I stepped my feet in the mall. My bad habit finally taught me something I shall always remember. I'm a type of person who likes to leave her purse at home every time she goes out with her family because she thinks it makes her spending less money. Padahal sebenarnya beli juga barang, kalau tak ayah or ibu belanja, my siblings would lend their money to me. Ish ish, perangai. So, yeah. Lesson learnt.

Don't forget to bring your purse / wallet wherever you go. 

Fortunately, the parking ticket was RM0.00. If not, terpaksa lah korek syiling memana. Patah balik to take my purse and went back to AEON. After posting a parcel, straight away walked to Sushi King! My love towards sushi nowadays is undeniable. But, 'twas kinda krik krik and hambar to eat alone so I just took away. Yummy!

Nah belanja gambar sushi satu. Gambar lain hang tengok kat Insta cheq (@dyllarezan) okay. (Bila orang Melaka acah cakap Kedah haha).

Sebahagian daripada hasil tangkapan. Sebahagian lagi kat tepi kaki.
Till here!

P/s: Do drop some comments if you have anything to say. I would love to hear your opinions :)

Loves, Dee.
(Amboi nak ber Dee dee pula Ardilla ni haha)

Dec 6, 2015


Blocked mind, twitched muscle, cramped stomach, dry mouth. 2 hours had passed, but I'm still in the bus, on my way back to Kuala Lumpur. From my home to Bukit Jalil takes only about 1 hour and 20 minutes away, but the fact that I'm going back by bus and the bus travels from Melaka Sentral to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan makes the journey becomes 2 hours. If the traffic is jammed, more hours have to be spent on the road-- and yes, I prefer sleeping. 

I have an assignment to be completed, upcoming exams to be focused on, another posting (general practitioner) to be applied, and 2 more weeks left before my elective posting comes to the end. It seems a lot, but instead of ranting how tired I am and how I have to squeeze everything as time gets shorter and exam comes nearer, I guess I just have to adapt to the current situation and move through all these and pass the obstacles. I bet there are people out there who are in a harder struggle than mine, so who am I to keep complaining about my life. Life is not a wish granting factory and what is life if there's no hardship and obstacles, innit? 

This is just a quick post while waiting for the bus to arrive. The trees are shaking in a slow motion influenced by the wind direction and the sky is getting darker in one side at which this bus is heading to. There's no any visible white cloud, which I can look at and imagine of cat, ice cream or maybe swan. God's creations are so unique that every single thing you see around you has its own duty and function and if we go one by one, I don't think we can finish talking about them in one day and some of them are so mysterious that even humankind haven't discovered the beauty of them yet. 

I wonder where are we now. I saw a sign of 'Zon Operasi Kamera', telling there's a camera in front, so I guess we are currently near to Kajang. If you notice, every time you pass by the camera sign, almost all cars will move slower in a synchronised manner, where even those who don't realise the existence of the signboard will do the same thing also, unless the driver neglects it and wills to pay for the summon haha. 

I am really good at rambling aimlessly, I should be a poet hehe kidding. An untalented poet, indeed. I saw a lightning! Do you wanna know one thing? (Hey, there's another lightning! They are so beautiful, aren't they?) Have you heard of a so-called nerdy teka-teki, which sounds like this, "Why the lightning comes first before the thunder?" The answer is because light moves faster than the sound haha sorry for the interrupt from the lightning. I dislike when I have something in my mind and the only thing left is to say it out, but then I forget it as a result of a distraction either from someone else or myself. Alright, forget about it.  

Yeah, finally arrived at the road toll! Apparently it's raining and I guess I have to take a cab. Luckily my ayah gave me some extra money this week because I told him about the increased train fares and everything. But Tiara told me that starting on tomorrow, we'd go to HKL by her car and she'll pick me up at vista every morning and send me back every evening. According to her, this way is cheaper and less time consuming (kot). 

Oh, by the way..

Sembah takziah kepada Keluarga DiRaja Johor atas kemangkatan Tunku Laksamana Johor, Tunku Abdul Jalil ibni Sultan Ibrahim Ismail. Semoga roh Almarhum ditempatkan di kalangan mereka yang soleh. Al-Fatihah.

Dec 5, 2015

O&G Posting In HKL (Week 1) - Labour Room

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Finally, it’s weekend! Last Monday was my first day in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), doing a 3-week posting on the O&G department (sakit Puan). As early as 6.45am we were already out of Vista and walked to the Sri Petaling LRT Station with my sleepy and not-enough-sleep eyes. We had to report at 8.00am, so we rushed to the manager's office and the experience I had on the first day wasn't as I expected; attach to a doctor, shadow her and follow her anywhere she goes. My expectations, just slipped through our fingers as we arrived at the specialist's clinic, where she was so busy, but we managed to sneak into her room before she checked another patient and she talked non-stop about the do's and Don'ts (mostly the Don'ts); don't take photos of anything, don't touch our patients, don't this don't that and don't mess up. Then she asked us where's our letter. When we told her the letters were in our bags, she scolded us telling us to get them.

It. Was. The. Scariest. 15 mins. Of. My. Life. 

But I guess she had her own reasons for acting like that. Or maybe that's how she makes sure medical students under her supervision (though she isn't with us all the times) won't do anything stupid that might cause her to be responsible for. A person is different from another person, one person's style might not be the same as another person's style and who are we to judge her based on her attitude towards us, right? Ada lah rasa a bit unsatisfied, yelah pagi pagi dah kena warning and marah haha takuttt. 

On the first week we had been placed in the labour ward, second week in the clinics, and for the third week we'd be in the wards. One week passed and 'twas a great experience! I was a bit grumpy on the first day as we were left hanging in the labour room and there was a slight regret in me by not choosing to do elective posting in Melaka and in a field or department, which is related to what we have learned this semester. I tried to convince and tell myself, 'It's okay to learn something new. Maybe it will be useful later.' First day was kinda exhausted with not-sure-where-to-go and what-should-I-do, but as time went by, everything became much more interesting and we were not afraid to simply get into any of the rooms as most of the MOs, HOs and nurses there were very kind and helpful.

Throughout this one whole week, we learned a lot of things and got amazing opportunities, observing the Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery (SVD) aka beranak normal and entering the operation theatre (OT) to have a better view on how c-section is done. To skim through the board every morning and find out who just came in, who had delivered baby became a routine. Went into the rooms, one by one, looked at the front door, searching for the gravida & para (how many times they have pregnant and how many children they have) and patients' bed-head tickets (BHT) aka case files to know if there's any complication and how they started coming into the hospital. Learned a lot of theoretical short-forms which were sometimes related to other systems such as CVS; DRNM, which stands for Dual Rhythm No Murmur, and also hospital short forms such as:

s/b; Seen By
IOL; Induction of Labour
PROM; Premature Rupture of Membrane
ANC; Antenatal Care

Every procedure I'd seen, I wrote in a small notebook given by Tiara and most of them have never been taught yet, included the type of painkiller, how an epidural is set up, how to read the CTG scan, which consists of Foetal Heart Rate (FHR) and contractions mothers feel, about babies, and what should we look for in placenta (2 veins 1 artery, rugae, lobes, etc), how they measure the opening and a lot more. It's gonna be a really long post if I mention everything here.

The first 2 days made us felt like we were some parasites, creeping anywhere we wanted, following anyone we preferred, like we were gonna mess up with something. Alhamdulillah, days after that were smooth and fine. Some of the nurses and even the doctors asked us some help and I got the opportunity in assisting the nurse during the suturing part.

My first time of witnessing the normal delivery was like ticking off a bucket list, a doubtlessly one of the unforgettable experiences I'd cherish in my life. It touched my heart gently, made my eyes watery, thinking how strong was my mother to face this when she gave birth to me and at the same time feeling really grateful when the newborn started moving his tiny hands and legs, crying at the top of his voice, telling the world he is here. The happy tears from the mother, the relief reaction of the husband who stayed up all night to accompany his wife and the sound of Azan from the father marked a perfect end of the 9-month pregnancy. Alhamdulillah!

But. Sometimes.

Entering a labour room will not always have a happy ending. Not all people come out with a smile on their faces. I just aware of the existence of a not-so-famous-but-kinda-familiar trisomy 18, which is the Edward Syndrome and usually occurs to a foetus of a woman who has advanced maternal age and obesity. Sometimes the foetus dies inside the uterus itself (Intrauterine Death) or sometimes he would still alive, but could only survive for an hour or two. The mother would still feel the contractions and have to give birth normally, but the foetal heart rate won't be monitored and basically they would only focus on the mother's life. 

It's a sad truth that ones have to accept.

This posting also changed my mindset; only doctors can deliver babies. But, actually no. Every room is under supervision of a bidan and I just knew that bidan lah yang selalu deliver babies! Except if the mother has complication, then the doctors will take an action. We met Kak Izi, a 4th year medical student from Perdana University who is really really helpful! When all the medical teams were busy, she was the one who explained everything to us and I'm really glad of meeting someone nice like her. One doctor is the boss to another doctor and yes, they call boss to the doctors who have higher status than them. Medical Officers (MOs) are bosses to House Officers (HOs) and specialists are bosses to Medical Officers (MOs).

The only photo I captured haha

It is a frigging long post, I know. Thanks for those who read till the end haha.
Good night everyone!

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Dec 4, 2015

Tambang LRT Naik! Ada Cara Murah?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Recently, train fares have been increased included LRT, monorail and ERL, and ever since then, a lot of people seemed to express their dissatisfaction as those public transports are used to travel from one place to another place, not only just to shop and hang out with friends, but also to work and do daily errands. I never really concerned about this situation before as it has nothing to do with me because there's neither train nor road toll in Melaka, but this issue started to alarm me 2 days ago, when using the LRT and ERL has become a routine. Bila diri sendiri yang kena baru nak ambil kisah ish ish ish.

I'm having my posting in HKL, so everyday I have to take the LRT from Sri Petaling, then change to monorail either in Hang Tuah or Titiwangsa, and straight to Chow Kit as it is the nearest train station from HKL. Itu pun I have to walk about 1.9km because O&G (Wad bersalin) building is the furthest away cis haha boleh kurus! Previously the train fare was RM3.10 one way and basically each day I only had to spend RM6.20 for transportation (yang lain jalan kaki okay *tangan di bahu mata ke atas*), but after they increased the fare, it becomes RM9.20, which is an additional of RM3 per day. My posting is gonna be in 3 weeks time. The previous total expense for transportation was RM6.20 x 15 = RM93, but now it becomes RM138! It's a huge amount. Pity those who have to travel from one end to the other end, especially people who use public transport everyday to save money. 

I already topped up my RapidKL card last Monday and I expected it should be enough for this whole week, but since they just increased the fare, I had to buy a one-way token from Chow Kit to TBS just now because my card can't be used as the amount was not sufficient for me to do so. Chow Kit to TBS is 3 stations lesser than Chow Kit to Sri Petaling and I assumed the price should be lesser as well, but guess what? The price is actually more; RM4.90! I was a lil bit confused because before this whatever method you used to pay, the price would still be the same, so I asked the guy who sat inside the counter. He told me that there's a discount using the RapidKL card. Hmm boleh pula macam tu. So if you use LRT or monorail frequently, especially those who use them as a daily routine, I suggest you to either use RapidKL card or Touch 'n Go. Here are the latest CASH & CASHLESS FARES. 

Selamat tengok! Hehehe jk. If you wanna see them in a larger view, just click on the photos. 



To be honest, I'm kinda frustrated with this matter. Imagine a single mother with 3 kids who travel anywhere using the LRT because she couldn't afford to buy a car, and a motorcycle can't bring 4 people at the same time, and what would happen to her after this? She has to work harder? She has to leave her kids at home unguided, instead of bringing all of them together? I wonder what were they thinking when they increased the prices and fares. Makin hari makin terasa, but there's no positive outcome yet. 

I'm neither a supporter, nor an opponent. 
I'm just a citizen who hopes better things for us to have benefits. 

Dec 2, 2015

Clinical Rotation To Jempol (Day 2 & 3)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Warning: It's gonna be a long post.

(25-26th November 2015, Wednesday & Thursday)

The night wasn't as cold as I thought, then I realised the static-not-swinging air conditioner only blew to the other side of the room hmm I bet Eema must be shivering last night, kitorang pula sedap je tidur aiyo later on we'll make sure the air conditioner swings okay? I think I heard someone knocking the room doors at 6.00am, but I refused to wake up as my alarm clock hadn't rung yet, so I continued sleeping before waking up for real at 6.30 and instantly entered the bathroom to take a bath. I prayed and got ready. Others started to rise, had their shower and we had a breakfast with food we bought yesternight before kicking off the day, walking 1.5km to the hospital. 

I only brought my white coat and necessary things such as stethoscope, pen torch, pocket watch, name tag and ID card, 2 pens, measuring tape, a notebook given by Tiara and the most important thing, logbook, which was used to record everything. We straight away headed to the hall for a short speech from the deputy director of the hospital, Dr Guna and a briefing about our tasks by an IMU doctor, Dr Sasi. 

She gave us the itinerary for today. We were divided into pairs and each pair had to clerk and take a history from a patient in the male ward or female ward based on the bed number given, and we also got the chance to do the physical examination on the patient if she/he allowed us to do so. (Finally we could do with a real patient who had a pathologic condition!) If we still have time after the first patient, we could go to another patient to clerk another case. There would be a case presentation and discussion in the evening, so we were required to jot down every single history taken and finding we got. 

I had been paired with a Chinese friend of mine, Saw Yeong. We went to the female ward to meet our 'patient', but unfortunately she just cried and I don't think she was really stable to answer our questions and stuff, so we decided to find another patient, who wasn't taken by anyone else. The male ward is situated at the other side on the same floor. We walked to the male ward and found an uncle sitting on a bed with an aunty on the bedside. I bet that aunty must be his wife. We had been advised not to look the final diagnosis in the case file and come out with our own differential diagnosis. 

The uncle came because of chest pain on last Friday's morning. 'Twas a compressing retrosternal pain, which radiated to his left arm and back. This was his first time experienced it and there was no exacerbating factor as he straightly went to the nearest clinic. He felt better after they gave him sublingual GTN and he rated the pain as 10. The first thing came into our minds was; myocardial infarction (MI) or its layman's term is heart attack. He vomited a few times before the chest pain came, sweated profusely and had an episode of shortness of breath. Though we kinda figured out that he had a heart attack, but we still had to rule out other differential diagnoses; GERD, asthma, etc. He had neither bitter taste in the mouth nor burning sensation in the chest. He also had diabetes and hypertension, and he doesn't really compliant to the medications. Then we tried to assess the level of diabetes and hypertension; no blurry vision, no abnormal great thirst or hungry, no increase in urination, having a headache was normal to him. Past medical; never admitted to hospital, never undergone any surgery. Finally, we covered about his family and social history, then moved forward to do the physical examination. 

Upon general physical examination, no abnormalities on the hands and arms except for the pulse which was irregular and the volume was sometimes strong, sometimes weak. He had a lil bit of off-white discolouration in his eyes, but his mouth was okay. We did cardiovascular (CVS) and respiratory examinations on him. Almost everything was normal, though his heart beat couldn't be felt upon palpation. No parasternal heave, no thrills. His S1 and S2 (heart beats) were synchronised with the carotid pulse and there was no murmur or any other additional sound can be heard. For respiratory, everything was fine, included his chest expansion and breath sound, though the air entry was kinda reduced, but I'm not really sure. Maybe it's normal for an older patient like him. 

Then we looked at his case file and yes, he had a heart attack (myocardial infarction), together with uncontrolled diabetes and ketosis, which causing him to be admitted into the hospital. My friend and I jotted down almost everything, included the medications given and tests done, so that we won't miss out anything important.

We continued with another patient from the female ward, there was nothing much can get from the woman as she was about to start crying and I didn't wanna make anyone cries just because I asked her some questions, plus the time for history taking was over and we had to gather back in the hall for case discussion. 2 of my friends were presenting that time about a girl who came in because she always felt tired easily. We had a break after the discussion and then we were divided into 3 groups, A, B and C, which went to either haemodialysis place, accident & emergency (A&E) or chiropractic side and we rotated every 25 minutes. 

In the evening, we had a class with a doctor from Hospital Jempol itself and basically what we did was clerking and doing physical examination on the patient supervised by the doctor.

We did the same thing on Thursday, with paediatrics ward as an addition but only until about 3pm. This time I managed to do a physical examination of abdomen on a patient who apparently had hepatomegaly (enlarged liver) and splenomegaly (enlarged spleen). We also did the renal punch and assess his kidney function. We gathered back at the hall before continuing with bedside teaching with the doctors there. Dr. Sasi warned us that we shouldn't take any history from a kid if there's no consent from the parents or guardian. We gathered in front of the lobby to take a photo or 2 with the doctors and walked back to our homestay. Then we packed our things and went back to IMU.

It was a great experience with wonderful people. I'm so gonna miss it. Thank you Jempol!

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