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Getting Out of Comfort Zone

Easier said than done.  I challenged myself to do something that I had never done before.  Did I succeed?   Assalamualaikum and hi guys!  I loveeee challenges and adventures and I love to challenge myself. The phrase 'easier said than done' is definitely true, but I will always try to prove it wrong, although sometimes I fail. A few weeks ago, I saw someone retweeted a tweet about Baju Raya Project JB and the team was finding 150 volunteers. I instantly sent an email to the person-in-charge, telling her about my intention to volunteer. I did ask a few of my friends if they wanna join, but they had some errands on that day. This is my first time going out of my comfort zone. Usually, in any events that I participate or volunteer, there would be someone I know, but this time I knew no one. The place was not that far from Kluang to JB, but if I wanna reach on the same day before 8.30am, I would have to leave my Kluang house probably around 6 something. I rather go the