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Post-TOF: A Stranger Cried, I Cried

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Credits to Sham Jolimie (photo taken from here ) If you read my previous post , you might still remember that I wanted to tell you guys about this story. "Hati tisu" (hati = liver, tisu = tissue) is a term used for those who cry easily. Don't ask me why liver, and not heart. Here in Malaysia, we use to call heart as 'hati', which means liver actually. Although I don't think there's anyone from overseas reads my blog, I explained it just in case there is hehe. Indirectly "hati tisu" means you have a really soft heart. I don't consider myself to have "hati tisu" (flip hijab, I'm in denial haha), but my eyes can be so watery because of small simple gestures or unremarkable events, that touch my heart. And ... I can't see someone else cries.  I still can remember, there was one time I was in the medical ward. I met a lady who was admitted due to shortness of breath.

Post-TOF: Am I Not A Stranger?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Credits to Ronald Cooley (taken from this website ). You know when you first meet a stranger and it's all so awkward in the beginning? You feel the gap and you don't know whether you should talk or just keep quiet because you wanna beat the silence and awkwardness, but you're afraid you might make s/he feels annoyed. That was what I thought a few days ago. I almost canceled my weekend plan because of the thought and I'm really grateful I did not. I have to admit that I'm not comfortable to be in a new place or situation alone. It all started when my Maklang (aunt) could not make it for the Twins Of Faith.  She offered me a Twins of Faith (TOF) ticket for free. TOF is an annual Islamic conference, where they will call a few sheikh(s), ustadh(s) and imam(s) to deliver Islamic talks based on a theme, and this year it is about Qalb, which means heart.  True they say that if you were to do a good thing, Allah