Nov 28, 2015

Clinical Rotation To Jempol (Day 1)

(24th November 2015, Tuesday)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I just ended my 3-day-clinical rotation and came back from Jempol the day before yesterday. Previously, IMU would send all semester 3 medical students to Hospital Kuala Kubu Baru for the clinical rotation, but this time they added one more hospital, making it becomes 2 and we are divided into 2 hospitals; half of the students go to KKB and the other half to Jempol. My group (E5) became the first group from the first batch being sent to Jempol. 

This Jempol posting was one thing that I really looked forward other than the elective posting, which starts next week, but the past experiences told by seniors and not-so-nice stories about KKB accommodations made me a lil bit nervous and I expected to stay in Jempol would be more or less the same, or maybe way far worse than KKB. A place with bunk beds, no bed sheet and pillowcase, no iron, lack of this and that, it's gonna be hard, but don't worry, we're gonna survive! The bus was gonna leave at 3pm and I started packing at 1.30 in the afternoon. Tiara arrived at Vista around 1pm and we packed our things together, trying to make sure everything important is inside and discard all the unnecessary things, which would only make bag becomes heavier, but useless. After everything was ready, we walked to the IMU bus stop, which is only about 5 mins away and boarded into the bus that had arrived earlier than us. There were 30 people in the bus included the bus driver and we left IMU at 3.10pm.

Me & Tiara

After 1 hour+ of the journey, the driver asked us whether there's anyone among us who knows how to go there and the worst case was, we just knew that we headed to Jelebu instead of Jempol because the driver thought we were going there. With terrible phone connection, diminished mobile data and not functioning Waze, we tried our best to find the way to Jempol and by the time Waze could be used, the driver refused as he knew how to get us there by using the main highway and road, instead of following the Waze, which tends to lead us to a short-and-well-trodden-but-got-worse-the-further-we-drive roadway.

A petrol station

Upon arrival in Jempol, we had to find the location of the homestay we would be staying for these 2 nights. We stopped in front of a school, while my group mates tried to ask our doctor and the local people who live there. Eventually we found out we had been in the wrong residential area. It was supposed to be Taman Serting Perdana, not Taman Serting Indah. As we arrived in front of the first house with luggages and bags, where the owner waited for us, he told us there were 3 houses for us and each house would consist of 10 people. He asked Tiara and I how many Muslims were there and we answered 5 (Me, Tiara, Sarah, Fatin and Eema). He told us that this first house was for the 5 Muslims plus another 5 students, which at the end were Sinead, Alex, Shuru, Deviyah and Anna. I think he wanted Muslims to be in that house because the 'Qiblah' sign is already there, so it's easier for us to pray.

How was the house?

It was..


I'm really glad I had the chance to be the first group to Jempol, but I'm not saying that I'm happy not to be in KKB because I myself have never gone there, so who am I to judge, right? Both of them have pros and cons. Accommodation in Jempol is better, but Jempol Hospital is a new built hospital, so there are more cases in KKB if compared to Jempol (I guess). Anyway, back to our topic, the house was way way way better than our expectations, really. A single storey house with 4 air-conditioned rooms (but we only used 3), wifi, a fridge, TV & Astro, cups, mugs, basic stuff such as towels, soap, etc. Our house has wifi maybe because it's next door to the owner's house, which has the wifi modem. (I tried to reset the wifi modem, but couldn't find it in our house haha).



After performing Asar prayer, we went out for dinner to a nearby restaurant on foot. Jempol is about 130km from KL, so we were allowed to perform Jama' Qasar here. We sat together, all 29 of us on a long table. I ordered Nasi Goreng Paprik and a glass of iced lime water. While waiting for the food, some of us went to a nearby 7-Eleven and bought some junk food and 2 large mineral water bottles for our house. I was frigging hungry as I hadn't eaten anything since morning, just a packet of Lexus biscuits and luckily the food was served hot and nice! After eating, we walked back to our house, took a bath and that night we spent our time together, playing congkak and charade.

As it was almost 12, we decided to sleep or else we might have trouble waking up tomorrow. Tiara, Sarah, Eema and I slept in the master bedroom with Tiara and me on the Queen-sized bed, Eema on the single bed and Sarah on a comfy mattress, which she herself had chosen earlier. I set the alarm clock, got into the bed, trying to sleep and finally managed to doze off after 1 hour staring at the dark ceiling.

I wonder how tomorrow is gonna be like.

Nov 24, 2015

A Community Visit (KK Seri Kembangan) - The Van LEFT Me!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabakaratuh.

It was our second clinic visit for this semester. The previous visit was to a dialysis centre, while this time we went to a government clinic, which is usually called as a 'Klinik Kesihatan' (KK) aka 'Poliklinik' for follow-up cases with diabetic patients. My real fear about clinic visit had finally come true, though I had neither wished nor expected "today is the day". I already woke up for Subuh prayer and continued sleeping after that, without realising I had turned off all the 5-minute-interval alarms that I had set the night before and the worst part came..

IMU van left me. Yes, it literally LEFT. 

One of my group mates to KK Seri Kembangan gave me a call at 7.30 as the bus was gonna leave soon. Wait. Not a call. But thrice. Minus the two calls from my other group mate. I asked them to go first and I'd find my own way to reach there, which after a while of thinking, I only had 2 choices which were either calling a cab or just 'burn' this visit, and I prefer not to risk myself choosing the latter one as IMU might ask us to write a reflective writing from this visit, plus this clinic visit was like an opportunity for me to meet real diabetic patients, record everything in a given logbook and practice what we had learned and been taught during CSU (Clinical Skills Unit) session.

The van always leaves early, around at 7.30am and we usually start everything at 8.15am, after being briefed by a sister (pangkat nurse) who's in charge from IMU. I rushed to the toilet, simply took clothes that do not need to be ironed, wore a shawl I favour, grabbed my lab coat, stethoscope, pen and logbook and immediately browsed the MyTeksi app (I'll show you how to use it later) and wore my socks while waiting for the taxi to arrive.

Luckily KK Seri Kembangan is just 15 minutes away from Vista. Imagine if my group were being selected to go to other clinics, which are further away hmmm tak pergi lah nampaknya manusia bernama Ardilla ni. I had to pay 18 bucks for the taxi. If I go there by IMU van? Free. (Sabor jelah jang oi, mu gak yang salah)

I arrived at the right time as the sister just started the briefing session, telling us the do's and don'ts, and what were we supposed to do here. 3 hours were given and we had to take history from at least 4 patients, then we had to submit the logbook at the end of the visit before we went back to IMU. Again, something unexpected thing happened..

I left my logbook in the cab. Great.

Nothing else I could do other than admitting my mistake by telling the truth to the sister in charge and accept whatever the sister might tell me, whether it's a scold, or bebelan, etc. The sister was really kind as she didn't scold me at all, in fact, she gave me a day and told me to submit by tomorrow. It seemed not a big deal to the sister hmm, maybe I was just over thinking about it haha. Just after I realised I left my logbook, I told the taxi driver he could just leave it at the guard house in Vista and he said okay.

As usual, if I take a cab to anywhere alone, usually I'd send a Whatsapp of the taxi driver's information to my family Whatsapp group and Sobri, just in case if I was nowhere to be found then they'll know where to start finding me. Upon arrival, I curi-curi sent Ibu a text message..

"Ibu kita kat clinic." 

I felt vibrations came from my phone, looked like someone was trying to reach me, calling me a few times, but I didn't pick up because I thought 'twas kinda rude to pick up the phone while the sister was talking, and I'd already informed the taxi driver about the logbook I left in his car. Maybe he didn't realised the text I sent yet. So, I totally ignored the calls. After the briefing, I looked at my phone and I was really surprised. Those calls were from Ibu! My god. I should have at least looked at the caller's name. I called Ibu and asked her what's going on. She asked me whether I was alright or not as she thought something bad had happened to me until I had to go to the clinic and it drove her crazy. My bad about not telling a full sentence. I should have said "Ibu, kita pergi clinic under IMU." Hehe maafkan anakanda, ibuku.

The patient 'hunting' session began and I found a makcik sitting near the diabetes clinic who looked nice and approachable. It was a great start. I managed to get almost all information I needed with a good rapport and a nice ending. Then I found a middle-aged male patient and I was just starting the conversation by telling him my name and asking about his diabetes, but he already started the engine-of-talking right before me and told me everything about his condition, didn't let me talk at all. This is one kind of difficult patient, but we haven't really gone through as our hx taking session should be the week after (today), and I couldn't interrupt, so I let him keep ranting about everything and ended the conversation as fast as I could. I gave up with the interview. I didn't have enough courage to divert him back as I thought I might sound a lil bit rude.

Later I found a few more patients before gathering back for a debriefing and logbook signing. Then we went back to IMU.

The difference between the usual history taking and follow up with diabetic patients is a follow up consists of the basic history taking components PLUS a few other stuff such as current control, whether the patient is compliant with the medications, complications, exercise, diet, etc. It was an eye-opener to me I must say because at the moment it made me realised that when it comes to the real situation, you can't really follow the format like how you've been taught in CSU setting as real patients bila bercakap tengah seronok takkan nak pergi cut semata-mata kita nak tanya pasal family dia pula kan? So, basically we have to follow the flow of the conversation and try our best to make sure every component of history taking are there without interrupting the good rapport that has been built with the patient.

Long story, don't know how to cut short. Bye.

"A good day is a good day. A bad day is a good story. At the end of the day it's all good."

Nov 21, 2015

How To Add Pages / Tabs At The Top of Your Blog

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabakaratuh.

Recently, I edited my tabs at the top of this blog by changing it from list of posts to list of links because I think it's more reader friendly (acehh) as you can just click on the tab and there's a list of titles. Then I realised there are a few ways to where you can lead your tabs/pages to. I'm going to show you how to do it, step by step :)

As far as I know, there are 3 ways of doing it. Let's begin!

FIRST STYLE (A list of links)

1.   Go to your dashboard (, then click 'Pages'.

2.   Click 'New Page'

3.   A new page will be opened, and it's like a normal 'new post' page. But the difference is this page won't be posted in your 'home'. As for example here, I wanna make a backlink to '2015 KL Big Kitchen Festival'. So, open a new page of where the post is and copy the link above (as you can see in the second photo below).

4.   Highlight the text you wanna put your backlink and click 'Link'.

5.   Paste the link that you have copied in the box as shown below.  Then, click 'OK'.

6.   Taraaa! And you can easily change or remove it whenever you want.

7.   Click 'Update'. 

8.   Click 'View' at the bottom of the 'page' you have saved. (Eg; Foodylla)

9.   Copy the link.

10.  Go to 'Layout' and click 'Add a Gadget'. Then click 'Pages',

11.  Click '+Add external link'.

12.  Write the title of the page and paste the link of the page (eg; Foodylla) that you have already copied. Click 'Save Link'.

13.  Then you can arrange the order of the pages according to your own preference. And click 'Save'.

14.  Reposition the 'Page' to wherever you want; whether at the top, or maybe at the side of your blog. Then click 'Save arrangement'


Now I'm going to explain the SECOND & THIRD STYLES. Only a few steps difference compare to the FIRST STYLE above and trust me, they are way much more easy than the FIRST STYLE.

SECOND STYLE (Posts from Labels)

1.   Click on any of the labels that you want, and this time I chose 'Medical School'.

2.   Copy the link above.

Repeat steps 10 to 14, but at step 12, paste the link of the label.


1.   Go to the post that you want and copy the link.

Then do the same thing. Repeat steps 10 to 14, but at step 12, paste the link of the post.

I hope this post is really helpful. Any comments or things that you don't understand, just drop a comment in the comment box below. 

Toodles! :)

Nov 18, 2015

6 People, 1 Team

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Done with the 1000-word-critical-appraisal essay with 0% plagiarism in one day, yes, you'd never know what completing an assignment last minute can do to you; you would be super fast trying to finish it before the dateline or you would be totally doomed.. Luckily, I didn't choose to be the latter one, phew! Well, although this is only a formative assignment, which will not be counted and acted as a carry mark, but still, I kinda feel guilty if I didn't submit it haha. My semester 5 housemates are packing their things as they'll be moving out and entering the IMU Clinical School in Seremban. Anyway, back to the main topic, which I was supposed to write since last week! Oh my, what this week had done to me.

Last Friday night was the end of IMU Malay Cultural Week 2015 and to be honest, twas the best feeling ever after countless of not-enough-sleep at nights, a number of classes skipped, the weekend I sacrificed, together with the sprained neck and dislocated shoulders. The initial disagreements, small-little-immature fights turned into a mutual agreement to ensure that everything that had been planned would run smoothly and gloriously. 6 people of the high committee with different ideas in our mind and unique creativity that we'd like to show each other, became 1. That's what I meant with . . .

. . . enam menjadi satu.
(Acece acah deep hehe)

Malay Cultural Week is one of the major events organised by Malay Culture Society every year and if we failed to make it a success, it's like you've ruined the whole MCS plans haha. We already discussed and planned for this event since one month ago, but this is life, not everything we plan will run smoothly without any obstacles and difficulties, things are just not meant to be and to Him should we have our faith in. With the small circle of the high committee, which consists only 6 people; president, secretary, treasurer, multimedia, logistic and public relation, Alhamdulillah we managed to make this event a success and to be honest, I learnt a lot from them. Hope they feel the same way as I did.

It was a 3-day event with exhibitions, a silat performance, Malay cuisine, mock wedding, traditional games and theatre. Tiara and I had been assigned as the props team, and basically our job was to make sure everything is tip-top on the stage during the theatre performance night. Senang cerita kerja belakang tabir lah gitu, nak berlakon takut pula orang terpegun sampai pengsan hahaha. At the same time, even though our task was only to handle the prop thingy, but we also involved for the other activities and stuff as well. The 2 main things during the Malay Cultural Week were mock wedding and theatre.

Mock Wedding

Imagine you have to plan for a (mock) wedding with a small amount of money. Hm I bet it wasn't an easy task. Nisa was the main wedding planner, while Tiara and I were among the advisors. As the amount of allocated money wasn't as much where you can simply buy everything without looking at the price tags, we tried as hard as we can to make sure everything we bought, we rented, we borrowed etc didn't exceed our budget by making our own bunga telur, and reused back materials that were still in good condition.

As a tradition, a couple of non-Malay is picked to become the bride and the bridegroom, and for this year we chose Shawn and Nikol, because they are super duper cute couple (they said they're just friends, but mehh hehehe). 'Orang sebelah' (family sides) were consisted of their orientation group mates. Tiara and Nisa became the mothers for the bridegroom and the bride respectively. Me? I took care of the PA system, controlling the paluan kompang and wedding songs.

It was extremely fun, with Malay, Chinese and Indian, all together like a family. A multicultural family with no invisible boundaries separating us, ahh the harmonious feeling.

The 'berarak' video I managed to record

I wore batik lipat sendiri for the first time

Theatre 'Alahai Menantu'

I didn't join when they filmed the trailer for this 'Alahai Menantu 2.0' theatre as I was at Audi's place, but I helped Nisa a bit in the making of the trailer, even though tambah sikit depan and belakang je haha ceh saja nak bagi kredit kat diri sendiri.

Anyway, my main task in the making of this theatre a success was the props, of course. I was really lucky to have Tiara as my partner to handle the props team, as almost everything we planned ran smoothly, except for the part where some of the actors were kinda unhappy and worried with our prop-making progress, but I totally understood and I admitted they had the right to feel it that way because yelah diorang penat practice berlakon, tapi takut props pula sambil lewa haaa. We didn't do the signboards, the wooden house, etc in front of them, that's why. We already started buying styrofoam and pelaka paints a month before as we were afraid if we did things last minute, unexpected bad things might happen and of course, you didn't want to be the culprit, don't you?

The theatre went well. I was really amazed and impressed with the talent those actors have, wondering if I would ever be like them.. no.. I couldn't. But hey, people are perfectly imperfect, one might have this, one might not have that. So, I still have time to find my 'hidden' talent, well, in case if I have one haha.

Pembantu bawa terbang dari Bangi haha

Okay lah. That's all I guess. I have a clinic visit tomorrow for follow up cases with diabetic patients wuaaaa, better sleep now. Toodles!

P/s; More photos in my Instagram; @dyllarezan :)

Nov 17, 2015

How To Keep Plastic Bags Neatly

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Some people categorise the neat people as "OCD". OCPD is quite true, but don't worry. I'm having neither OCD nor OCPD. It's just a preference and personality, not something that I have to do, if not I'll be having anxiety. I'll talk about OCD and OCPD later. 

Usually at home, I'd just crumple all the plastic bags and put into a plastic bag holder hanging in a corner of the kitchen, but when I'm away from home, since when I was in SSP until now, I prefer to fold my plastic bags. It's not only neat, but also save a lot of space. Nonetheless, kekadang tu time nak cepat ada lah juga main letak je dalam hand luggage bawah katil haha. 

Lets start!

1.   Take a plastic bag and spread it like this. Remove all the air inside by smoothing it using your palm.

2.   Fold it into half.

3.   Fold again into another half.

4.   Fold a small triangle at the edge of the plastic bag. 

5.   Flip the triangle up and fold another small triangle. 

6.   Repeat it until the end of the plastic bag.

7.   Insert the tip of the plastic bag under the fold. Taraaa!

See? It's slimmer, smaller, neater to be kept anywhere; inside a desk, a small compartment. And you don't have to worry as your plastic bags won't simply scatter lying everywhere hehe.

P/s: I'm having a hectic and busy life lately. Sorry for the long silence (macam ada orang kisah haha). I've saved a lot of interesting stuff in my draft, but haven't completed writing them yet. Sob sob.