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Clinical Rotation To Jempol (Day 1)

(24th November 2015, Tuesday) Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I just ended my 3-day-clinical rotation and came back from Jempol the day before yesterday. Previously, IMU would send all semester 3 medical students to Hospital Kuala Kubu Baru for the clinical rotation, but this time they added one more hospital, making it becomes 2 and we are divided into 2 hospitals; half of the students go to KKB and the other half to Jempol. My group (E5) became the first group from the first batch being sent to Jempol.  This Jempol posting was one thing that I really looked forward other than the elective posting, which starts next week, but the past experiences told by seniors and not-so-nice stories about KKB accommodations made me a lil bit nervous and I expected to stay in Jempol would be more or less the same, or maybe way far worse than KKB. A place with bunk beds, no bed sheet and pillowcase, no iron, lack of this and that, it's gonna be hard, but don't worry, w

A Community Visit (KK Seri Kembangan) - The Van LEFT Me!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabakaratuh. It was our second clinic visit for this semester. The previous visit was to a dialysis centre, while this time we went to a government clinic, which is usually called as a 'Klinik Kesihatan' (KK) aka 'Poliklinik' for follow-up cases with diabetic patients. My real fear about clinic visit had finally come true, though I had neither wished nor expected "today is the day". I already woke up for Subuh prayer and continued sleeping after that, without realising I had turned off all the 5-minute-interval alarms that I had set the night before and the worst part came.. IMU van left me. Yes, it literally  LEFT.  One of my group mates to KK Seri Kembangan gave me a call at 7.30 as the bus was gonna leave soon. Wait. Not a call. But thrice. Minus the two calls from my other group mate. I asked them to go first and I'd find my own way to reach there, which after a while of thinking, I only had 2 choices which were

How To Add Pages / Tabs At The Top of Your Blog

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabakaratuh. Recently, I edited my tabs at the top of this blog by changing it from list of posts to list of links because I think it's more reader friendly (acehh) as you can just click on the tab and there's a list of titles. Then I realised there are a few ways to where you can lead your tabs/pages to. I'm going to show you how to do it, step by step :) As far as I know, there are 3 ways of doing it. Let's begin! FIRST STYLE (A list of links) 1.   Go to your dashboard (, then click 'Pages'. 2.   Click 'New Page' 3.   A new page will be opened, and it's like a normal 'new post' page. But the difference is this page won't be posted in your 'home'. As for example here, I wanna make a backlink to '2015 KL Big Kitchen Festival'. So, open a new page of where the post is and copy the link above (as you can see in the second photo below). 4.  

6 People, 1 Team

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Done with the 1000-word-critical-appraisal essay with 0% plagiarism in one day, yes, you'd never know what completing an assignment last minute can do to you; you would be super fast trying to finish it before the dateline or you would be totally doomed.. Luckily, I didn't choose to be the latter one, phew! Well, although this is only a formative assignment, which will not be counted and acted as a carry mark, but still, I kinda feel guilty if I didn't submit it haha. My semester 5 housemates are packing their things as they'll be moving out and entering the IMU Clinical School in Seremban. Anyway, back to the main topic, which I was supposed to write since last week! Oh my, what this week had done to me. Last Friday night was the end of IMU Malay Cultural Week 2015 and to be honest, twas the best feeling ever after countless of not-enough-sleep at nights, a number of classes skipped, the weekend I sacrificed, together

How To Keep Plastic Bags Neatly

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Some people categorise the neat people as "OCD". OCPD is quite true, but don't worry. I'm having neither OCD nor OCPD. It's just a preference and personality, not something that I have to do, if not I'll be having anxiety. I'll talk about OCD and OCPD later.  Usually at home, I'd just crumple all the plastic bags and put into a plastic bag holder hanging in a corner of the kitchen, but when I'm away from home, since when I was in SSP until now, I prefer to fold my plastic bags. It's not only neat, but also save a lot of space. Nonetheless, kekadang tu time nak cepat ada lah juga main letak je dalam hand luggage bawah katil haha.  Lets start! 1.   Take a plastic bag and spread it like this. Remove all the air inside by smoothing it using your palm. 2.   Fold it into half. 3.   Fold again into another half. 4.   Fold a small triangle at the edge of the plastic b