Jan 17, 2020

Graduation Day

Life can be so amazing, isn't it? 

Assalamualaikum and hi guys! I'm back! 

I've been delaying to publish this post but god knows how much I'd tried to start typing. It seems that words don't come easily to me nowadays. Blame my lazy bum. I should have read more books. Anyway if you read my blog post entitle "FINALLY, A DOCTOR", you'd probably know that I passed my final pro exam! Alhamdulillah! Finally after 5 years guys. 5 years, not included the 1.5 years of A-Level. It was such a long journey. I know it's just the beginning, but hey let me take a break for a while before housemanship starts hehe. I promise when I have kids in the future, I won't ask them to become a doctor (I will only guide and inspire them to become one hehe jk). 

Our graduation day was on the first week of November. It was 2 months after our result day. Luckily Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) allows us to use our transcript that we got during the result day for registration instead of MBBS certificate. If not, we would have another extra 2-month of waiting period for housemanship. The waiting period doesn't really get shorter as we thought it would be and I don't plan to postpone it even further either. 

We had our convocation in IMU Bukit Jalil campus. I went there one day earlier and stayed at my cousin's house, which was about 30 min away from campus. I woke up super early in the morning, took a bath, bring all clothes and important things and drove straight to campus. I had to reach early as I already asked my friend to help me by hiring her to do my make-up. Her work is amazing. You can check her work and book here; Instagram: @njhhbhr I reached campus before 7am and my friend was already there. 

It started very early in the morning. Thank you to my family who came all the way from Melaka in the morning and Sobri. So, so glad my beloved ones were there to celebrate this special day with me :) 

A moment I will remember forever. I sat at the front row (the empty seat, on the most left). 

At the end of the convocation, there was a performance from a group of singers who sang 'You Raise Me Up' and I swear my eyers were watery, thinking about my parents. They were one of the reasons why I managed to be there on that day.  

Anyway, I better stop talking now and do enjoy the photos! 

Most of the photos were taken by the talented Syarafiena (Instagram: @syarizphotographie) and some were taken by Sobri. 

Ayah & Ibu, the ones who keep me going 

Le familia

Hihihi. I secretly wished I would have this kind of photo and thanks to Syarafiena for making it came true! Hehe

Ayah: Tak habis habis ibu, ibu
Sobri: Kenapa hidung you tajam sangat dalam gambar ni

Turun escalator pun nak kena ada gambar jugak hehe 

Eh eh thank you kasi bunga

Yeay boleh baling mortar board. Tapi sambut balik sebab takut nanti rosak pulak.

Hehe candid satu!

My best friends; Law & Wen Yee 

With Nawal & Sanaa 

Farhah and Nadia 

Last but not least, 

Dr. Nurul Ardilla Noorezan at your service.