Dec 27, 2016

India Trip Day 1 Part 2 (Delhi) - Scary & Scared

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabakaratuh.

From the previous entry; India Trip D1P1 (Delhi) - Airport & Honk

"We were smiling and chit chatting happily in the car without knowing what we had to face later. The first day in India and I already thought of going back home."

Delhi Junction / Old Delhi Railway Station

Here's the photo of Old Delhi Railway Station in the morning.

We bought our train tickets a few weeks before going to India. The station code *DLI stands for the Delhi Junction Railway Station, which is also known as Old Delhi Railway Station. None of us had been to India before, so after looking at the above photo with the help of Mr. Google, we were kinda confident that to arrive there early in the morning should be alright. 

But, we were wrong.

We arrived at the station around 3.45am. It was freaking scary. The entrance where the prepaid taxi stopped was just the start of our nightmare. The taxi guy said he couldn't and refused to enter the station compound and just left us outside of the gate. I was like.. then how are we supposed to get into the station?! Luckily, there was another Indian family who arrived 5 minutes after us. The family of 3 consisted of an old aged couple with their son. We followed them, walking until inside of the station.

The pathway from the entrance was super duper scary. I couldn't imagine how the four of us, girls, would enter the station if the family wasn't there. The road was damaged. There were a lot of men walking here and there. And some were sleeping on the road. As we walked, most of them looked sharp, straight towards us, from the beginning to the corner of their eyes. But I don't blame them because Muslims there usually wear black clothes and cover their faces. I understand that after being in India for a few days.

The old couple who accompanied us are really nice, but unfortunately we were not going to the same place. We thanked them and went inside. We thought we were already safe after entering the station, but the thought just slipped away once we saw people lying down and sleeping all over the place, while some of them were wandering around. 

The fact that the 4 of us are girls made the situation even more scary. If anything happened, no one will help, no one will know. We prayed hard the train will arrive earlier than its schedule and everything will be fine soon. We waited at the platform where our train supposed to be 1 hour later, but many eyes were on us. So, we stepped back a bit and stayed quiet where we were. 

I felt a bit down and scared at that time. I was thinking about how my parents convinced me not going there because they were really worried about the 4 of us. All those mixed feelings attacked me at once, but I know, all I could do at that time was to stay calm, so I did. It was the first day of our 14-day journey, but I already thought of going home.

But, it's not their fault though. I know people always say this and that, but Alhamdulillah most people that we met were the good ones. And about the train station, they are already used to that situation. For them, it's normal. Some of them might come far away for a morning train, or maybe their train had delayed for hours, so they had no choice other than to sleep there. Nonetheless, this whole experience taught me one thing. Lower your expectation, then you'll be happy throughout the whole journey. InshaaAllah (If He wills). Because after the unforgettable incident, I wondered how we could survive for another 13 days, but Alhamdulillah everything was wayyy better than the first day. 

After about 1 hour waiting there, the train still hadn't arrived yet. Our sim cards were still useless. We couldn't activate it to check were was our train at that time. I bet it was delayed. Fatin and Sanaa went away for a few mins to look at the screen for our train arrival and departure time, but nothing was mentioned. Tired of standing, we looked around for any chairs. Then we saw a McDonalds inside the station. How come we didn't notice it at the first place? 

Better to wait inside the McDonalds rather than standing outside, we entered the McDonalds. Our stomach growled and rumbled. We were kinda doubt the halal status, so we only ordered some french fries. In the McDonalds, we met a group of Singaporean aunties who were waiting for their train to Shimla, which had been delayed for 8 hours. The aunties told us about their trip, and gave us some tips. I felt so relieved we found this McD, because at least we didn't have to wait outside. But, once in a while 2 of us would go out and check for the train. 

At 6.15am, we almost fell asleep when we realised the train arrived. We pulled our bags and immediately entered the sleeper coach. We booked the 'sleeper class' for all the trains between the cities as we could choose to sleep if we wanted to. It was really foggy. I sat near the window. Nothing much to see outside. Only bricks and bricks and bricks. 

7 hours to go, I told myself. I made myself comfortable and immediately fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the journey. 

We put our bags near the window, where people can't reach just in case all of us accidentally slept at the same time, which eventually we did haha. Yelah semua penat, satu malam tak tidur. 

The view inside the train. Because it was winter, so we didn't feel hot at all. In fact, we were shivering cold and wore a few layers of clothes. As you can see, those are the uppermost bunk beds. There are 6 bunk beds in each area. The middle one can be put flat against the wall and we can sit on the lower bunk. 

It was really foggy outside.

Even though the train looked old, a socket was available in each 6-bunk-bed area of the train.

This photo below looks like paddy field, right? But, actually it's not. They are flowers from where a type of oil is produced. Not sure what the function of the oil, but later on an old lady told us that the oil is for hair, skin, etc. 

7 hours passed and we arrived in Jaipur. As we went out of the station. . .

To be continued. . . 

*DLI is Delhi Junction / Old Delhi Railway Station while NDLS is the New Delhi Railway Station. Make sure you know which station do you have to wait the train because they are different and about 25mins from each other. 

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Dec 23, 2016

India Trip Day 1 Part 1 (Delhi) - Airport & Honk

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Hi guyssss! Sorry for the long waiting for the next post. I should be writing a bit earlier, I guess. Anyway, this story is the continuation from the previous post; The Intro

International arrival @ Terminal 3, Indira Gandhi International Airport

Our day started really, really early. There was no time to wait. We rushed a bit as we had a few things to settle in the airport and then need to go to the train station as our train to Jaipur was supposedly at 4 something in the morning. I know, it's very early. How was it? I'll tell you.

Right after we passed the immigration counter, we tried to find a place to pray, but there was no any suitable place to pray inside the arrival hall. With only a few thousand rupees on our hands, we decided to change money first. Right after the Duty Delhi Free, there are 2 money changers with Thomas Cook on the left and Punjab National Bank on the right. The rate Punjab National Bank offered was slightly better than Thomas Cook. As maximum per person can change is $80 (to Rs 5080, the rate was a bit sucks, yeah I know, but better than having no money), so I used 2 passports, mine and Najwa's, while Sanaa used hers and Fatin's because Fatin and Najwa already had enough money.

It was around 12.50am when we got out from the international arrival hall and I saw Airtel (a telco company) right in front of it. I asked about the price and mobile data. The Airtel guy told me that the sim card was Rs1000 and together with that, I would get 1Gb mobile data, 220mins local call and 22mins international call. Then if I wanted to have 3Gb internet, I would have to recharge (topup) Rs479. They call it recharge instead of topup by the way. So if you said 'topup' they won't understand it. It was a quite expensive. Dah lah duit takde sangat. So we went to Aircel, which situated a bit far, but near to the prepaid taxi and travel&tour companies.

We felt so lucky as the Aircel guy told us that we had to pay Rs1000 only for a sim card with 3gb internet. We bought 2 sim cards and the guy gave us another 2 sim cards for free. Then he showed us the steps to activate the sim cards. We left the sim card counter happily and wandered around to find a place to pray.

Little did we knew that a sim card actually only costs Rs100-150 each in India. In airport je diorang markup habis because they know tourists will buy. K. Haha.

After changing money, we continued searching for a place to pray. We already asked whether they provide any prayer room, and they told us none. There were armies walking here and there in the airport with a dog, so I don't think it was cleaned enough for us to confidently pray anywhere. Plus, we preferred to not have the eyes on us. We found a baby's room, near the entrance for domestic departure. Some people looked weird towards us. Yelah, apa lah bebudak ni nak buat dalam baby room padahal takde baby haha. I got it.

We booked and paid Rs600 for a non ac police prepaid taxi to Delhi Junction Railway Station (station code: DLI). It's the old Delhi train station. The new one is called New Delhi Railway Station (station code: NDLS). We already googled the train station images and they look fine. But, I don't know how it looks like in real life. Hope it's really fine.. but we had no choice. Nak tak nak, we had to arrive there before 4am.

From inside, outside seemed so hazy. The air must be really polluted. I told myself. But when we stepped outside of the airport, I instantly knew that the haziness not because of the air pollution semata-mata, but because of the fog due to the cold surroundings! It was really, really cold. Everyone was wearing jackets and coats. Never came across in my mind that winter in Delhi can be this cold.

We found the taxi and gave the receipt. This picture below was taken from inside the taxi. Anyway, our bags were put atop the taxi. I know they have like 'penghadang' to prevent the bag from falling but, still..

The taxi guy honked here and there. That was my first experience. I was a bit shocked at first because it's not common to see people honk in Malaysia, except during traffic jammed or ada-orang-potong-tetiba-then-marah-and-kejar-orang-tu-balik. And usually if in Malaysia, the honk comes together with harsh words or the jeling-tajam-macam-nak-makan-orang. But, in India, it's common. And the good thing is most of them don't curse or jeling ke apa. They just pretend nothing has happened haha.

By the way, I think if the person doesn't honk at all, that means he's not a local person or he just moves in haha. And I've learned that most of them don't use side mirrors, because obviously honking is a better way. To be honest, I'm kinda impressed with how synchronise they are on the road.

We were smiling and chitchatting happily in the car without knowing what we had to face later. The first day in India and I already thought of going back home.

To be continued..

Dec 20, 2016

India 14 Days Trip - The Intro

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

As for those who follow me on Instagram (@dyllarezan) would have known, I went to India with my IMU friends, Sanaa, Fatin and Fatin's sister, Najwa from the 30th of November 2016 until 14th of December 2016. Basically, I'm gonna tell from A till Z, from how we planned, how we applied for the Visa, the planned itinerary, the real itinerary, etc. Hope you guys won't get bored hehe. Mana lah tahu, those small details might be important ones later on. I'll highlight the important stuff either in the form of a statement or maybe a question. But the posts will still be in a continuous story form.


Before buying the flight tickets, we gathered a few times planning the route first. Then we divided the main tasks between us, except for Najwa as she was going to sit for SPM; Fatin handled flight tickets and trains, Sanaa handled accommodations and trains, while I handled the full itinerary and accommodations. We bought the flight ticket a few months before, and it costed us about RM1063.52 per person included 1 checked in 20kg luggage (shared among 4 people) for New Delhi - KL flight. Then I added a meal on flight before Fatin checked in our flight, which costed me another RM15. 

I started my journey from Melaka as semester break had already started a week before. I took a bus from Melaka to Kuala Lumpur (Mayang Sari RM12) and arrived at TBS around 1 in the afternoon.


Due to the current India's demonetisation issue that's affecting the whole country, Indian rupees are currently (even until now) not available at any money changer in Malaysia, so I changed an amount of Malaysian Ringgit to US Dollar with the hope I could manage to change it to Indian Rupees when I arrive there. Luckily a friend of mine, Rieza who's studying in India passed a few thousand rupees to me via his friend who came back to Malaysia a few days before. At least we could survive a few days there just in case I can't change money and of course, can't put hope on the ATMs as I heard they are flooded with people who line up for a few hours. 

I took a bus from TBS to KLIA 2 (Jet Bus RM11) with Sanaa at 2pm. Bear in mind as the bus from TBS to KLIA / KLIA 2 is only available hourly, which means 1pm, 2pm, 3pm so on and so forth. We met Fatin and her sister, Najwa when we were eating at Old Town. We were really, really hungry and although I know the mac and cheese was waiting for me on the flight, but no, my tummy couldn't wait any longer.

Memang kena ada gambar passport before masuk gate haha.

Good bye Malaysia. See you again in 14 days. We didn't check in any luggages at all. Luckily they were not really strict on this because guess what, my luggage was about 10-11kg. Yup for real. That was like 3-4kg extra haha. 

At the waiting area before boarding the flight.

We boarded the flight around 6.30pm and the flight departed at 7.30pm Malaysia time. While eagerly waiting for my food, a stewardess came and told me that the mac and cheese was not available at the moment so we had to change the order. Eh wait. I wasn't eager waiting for the food. I was sleeping! Hahaha. Najwa who was sitting beside me had to wake me up then dengan muka mamai mamai tukar order to shepherd's pie. The pie was delicious!

And due to the change in the menu, they gave me a cup of hot chocolate.

We arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi around 10.10pm Delhi time. As they didn't provide the immigration form on the plane, we took it from a counter nearby and immediately filled it. The queue at the immigration counter was quite long and I was hoping the money changers still open at this hour. 

To be continued. . . 

Dec 17, 2016

#MyTravelokaEscapade Wish To South Korea

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

First of all, you guys must have been wondering, what is Traveloka? Traveloka is actually a company or a platform from where you can book flights and hotels at a cheapest rate every day! Anytime anywhere, you just go to their website, then just directly book for flights and hotels, voila!

What are you waiting for? Just go to and book for your flight tickets and hotels. They even have discounts and promotions!

Anyway, I have been wishing to go to South Korea ever since the kpop dramas and music videos started to become a hype a few years ago. That time I was a really big fan of Super Junior and Girls' Generation. I still haven't gotten the chance to go there due to time constraint and not enough budget, plus being a student, you don't have much time to go here and there as you'll be having lots of assignments and examinations.

Currently I'm having a 3-month holiday and this will be the last and longest holiday I'll ever get and when I saw Traveloka contest: 'You Need A Holiday Lah!' ,  I instantly smiled and told myself, yes I really need a holiday. And if Traveloka approves my leave and I got the chance to go to one of my dream places, South Korea, these are where I'm gonna go and what I'm gonna do! 

1. View the entire city of Seoul at night from the Namsan Tower aka N Seoul Tower

The N Seoul Tower located in Namsan Mountain is part of the protection of the ecosystem of the Namsan Park. It is commonly known as Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower. It's not only a communication tower, but it's also an observation tower.

Still remember Gu Jun Pyo and Gum Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers? Yes, this is where Jun Pyo waited for Jan Di! I always wanted to go here; to see the city from above at night, to see how the street lamps lighten the road, to spend some time up there looking downwards is one of the things I wanna do in my travel bucket list.

2. Walk on Olle trails on Jeju Island and view the sunset from the beach there

Jeju province encompasses the South Korean island of Jeju in the Korea Strait. It's known for its beach resorts and volcanic landscape of craters and cavelike lava tubes.

It must be soooo nice to explore the rural area of Jeju Island on foot, looking at the house one by one, on the unique Olle trails that connecting the ground and the people, and to see the picturesque surrounding there. And of course to view the sunset either from the trail itself or the beach in is a must-thing-to-do when in Jeju Island!

3. Wear the traditional attire Hanbok and take photos in front of the beautiful Gyeongbokgung Palace and experience the guard changing ceremony there.

Gyeongbokgun Palace is also referred as the Northern Palace because of its location farthest north if compared to other palaces. It's one of the must-go places if one goes to South Korea, especially for those antique and history lovers.

Another bucket list to be ticked if I got the chance to go to South Korea. Can't go home without a picture of me wearing Hanbok in front of the palace! And it must be really interesting to see how they change the guards there. I never thought changing guards has its own ceremony and process. And if possible, I would like to try the gatekeeper costume.

4. Shopping at the primary and famous shopping place in Seoul, Myeongdong

I heard they have a wide range of cosmetic brands from Etude House and Face Shop to Laneige, everything is there. I plan to buy a complete set of Laneige brand if I went there. And maybe I can try the varieties of street food they offer there.

5. Explore the traditional hanok village at Bukchon Hanok Village 

This village has the largest community of privately owned traditional houses, which is also called as hanok in Seoul. I really wanna see how the houses look from outside and inside in real life! There are people living there and that's what makes the village stays lively.

To meet the people and know one's culture are always my favourite part when travelling. It not only broadens our mind, but also helps us in knowing and accepting the difference and uniqueness in each one of us.

6. Hunt for a bowl of bingsu while go for cafe hopping in Garosu-Gil

There are a lot of cafes in Garosu-Gil and a variety of choices to be chosen from. Korea is famous with their different kinds of the shaved iced dessert called bingsu and for me who really really love ice cream and anything icy and cold, I would love to try the bingsu, that's for sure!

I also wanna try the most famous tart they have there and drink the original Korean green tea that everyone goes for. Or maybe just wander around and hop into any kind of cafes there.

Don't they look reallyyyy tempting? Ikr! 

7. Learn to make kimchi from the locals

I bet most of them are experts in making kimchi. If Traveloka approves my leave, I would love to spend a few nights at any homestay and ask them to teach me how to make the real kimchi. If not possible then I would join making kimchi class, so that later on I don't have to go to Korean restaurant just to eat the kimchi dishes such as kimchi fried rice hehe.

8. Eat the tall Korean ice cream and the wafer tube ice cream many times

In Seoul, I can eat those ice creams at any time and any day. I would try all the flavours and eat all kinds of ice cream there, especially the ones they sell on the street.

9. Find and eat the spiciest food I can find in Seoul 

Dylla and spiciness are like siblings acehh. I really love spicy food. Being born in Melaka, and people said if you are really a Malaccan, you gotta make sure your tongue loves spicy haha but then, my younger sister can't eat spicy at all. Anyway, yes, if I got the chance to go to Korea, I'd definitely find the spicy food there to see how spicy is their spiciness.

Suddenly this reminds me of Samyang haha.

10. Buy chocolates and snacks at Lotte Mart

Lotte Mart is one of the leading supermarkets in Korea where you can buy Korean products, from biscuits and chocolates to shampoos and body gels. They have a few branches in Korea. The best thing about buying here is you can get Korean products much cheaper compared to in Malaysia as the price is excluded the packaging, transportation, cargo, etc.

The first section that I'll immediately go once entering the mart is of course, food section. I wanna buy the famous banana milk, some for me and some for my family at home. I will also buy chocolates, seaweed, and yes not to forget, the spicy samyang noodles. I bet they are cheaper there!

11. Ride on a cable car up to Mount Namsan

The Namsan cable car starts from the base of Namsan Mountain up to Namsan Tower. I know that people can also choose to go on foot, but I'm not that fit to hike and as I have history of asthma in the past, I think it's more safe for me to choose to just ride on the cable car. The view is still mesmerising, that's for sure. From the stop point, I will go further up via the Namsan Seoul Tower observatory area to look at the whole city of Seoul.

12. Be creative at the Trick Eye Museum 

The Trick Eye Museum is an art gallery, which has a lot of painting where we can be creative. They are 2D art pieces which become illusions of being in 3D. I wanna pose and try to make the captured photo looks like a real one.

Creds to for this photo

Not to forget, there's an Ice Museum in the Trick Eye Museum as well! 

13. Visit SMTOWN Coexartium 

Where should a K-pop fan go? Of course to the SMTOWN Coexartium where they have a lot of things related to K-pop world. I wanna buy some merchandises for my friends, and if possible I wanna attend any live performances. Surely it will be super exciting to go there!

Alright so till here. I really hope Traveloka will approve my leave and make my wish to South Korea comes true. Thank you again Traveloka for giving us the chance to try! And again, this is #MyTravelokaEscapade wish.

Nov 28, 2016

Everything I Never Told You

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

One of the most depressing books I've ever read but I was inspired by its title.

After 17 years of studying, from Tadika Seri Berjaya, to SK Bukit Beruang, to Seri Puteri, to INTI and to now, IMU, one thing I know about myself -- I'm not gifted. I always thought I had to work harder than everyone else, but little did I know, they were studying when I was watching a movie, revising when I was procrastinating. Fifth semester of being a medical student had taught me a lot; about life, family, friends, medicine and about myself the most. 

Final exam of semester 5 in IMU is one of the scariest examinations as it determines whether you can go to clinical school or not. It became scarier when the assessment changed, from only OSCE to both theory papers and OSCE. I never told anyone about this, so lets just keep this secret between us okay. 

If people asked me to come out with one word to describe the whole semester, I'd definitely say...


Breakdowns after breakdowns. I became fragile and easily wounded. I felt I was not as good as everyone else. I felt demotivated. I asked myself why this, why that, but I never got the right answer to make me forget it. Outside I might look tough and relax, pretending I was fine and never cried, but inside only Allah knows how nervous I was, how I really longed for home, hoping and waiting for the time I can go home so that I can cry as much as I want in my own bed, in the arms of my parents. 

I almost gave up. I almost lost myself.

For the first time in my life, I asked myself, "Why did I take Medicine in the first place?" 

There were times I felt really, really down. I felt useless. I felt anxious. I felt sad. Mixed feelings, I felt everything at the same time. Never thought the 'down' phase can be worse like this. I fell down. I had to get up by myself. No one can help me if I myself don't stand back on my own feet. I told myself repeatedly that Allah is the best planner. I should feel grateful. He knows best and I should do my best. If he brings me to it, He will bring me through it. That was what I did every time I thought quitting what I've already started is the best decision. Repeatedly, I tried to convince myself, to pick up back the broken pieces and glue them together. 

My parents are my true supporters. Not to forget my sister, Ariesha, who tries her best to be there for me though she is far away, who is also struggling to study and to learn. They are always there when I need someone to talk, a shoulder to cry on. Some people said, "Home is not a place, nor a person. It's a feeling." They are the reasons why a house is not a home without them, and anywhere is home as long as with them. They are the reasons why I remain strong, though my limbs weaken. They always tell me to come home whenever I say I feel homesick. They make me calm when there's a storm in my chest. The happiness when I'm with them is never finished, though it has been fed by thousands of Dementors. If I were to write down everything they did for me, the list will be hella long one. 

Can never get through everything without my friends. My ranting listener, Sobri. Everyday he will say, "Don't worry, you can do this. The exam will be very easy for you." Though he can be a pain in the neck sometimes, but he makes me feel much better every time.. he must have magic! I'm Ardilla Potter by the way hehe. My 3-hour-call-every-one-month friend, Sara. Sometimes up to even 4 hours, trust me. We just have so much things to talk whenever we're on the phone. A kind of friend who tries her best to find free time for me though people know how busy life in a clinical school can be. My one-day-early-birthday friend, Tiara. The kind Tiara. The selfless Tiara. The caring Tiara. Soothing words from her melt a hardened heart, sealed a broken heart. The truth is, she not only gave me comfort when I needed one, but she taught me a lot as well. 

My IMU friends, especially my OSCE practice group mates were the ones who made things bearable. Though at first, it was awkward. Really, really awkward I tell you. But as time passed, the clock ticked away, I'm glad I had them to practise with. They gave me tips when my percussion could only be heard by a mouse, they corrected me when I wanted to put the tuning fork onto other body parts rather than the bony ones, they booked a room, though I was always one of the latecomers and they gave me chances to practise on them, without making any face, showing dissatisfaction. 

As an ending to this long appreciation post (?), whenever you feel down, find the source of your strength and happiness. Then slowly stand back on your feet, tell yourself you can do this. Never ever ever compare yourself to others. Find your own style, follow your own pace. What works for others might not work for you, and vice versa. Look back at what you have achieved and believe in yourself that you can really do it. If everyone else can, of course you can! 

I asked ibu, if Datuk were still alive, would he be proud of me? 
"Datuk mesti riuh sekampung." Ibu told me, and tears rolled down my face.

Seremban, here I come. InshaaAllah. 

Nov 25, 2016

5 Things (I Planned) To Do This Holiday

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Creds to Sobri

Study and exam weeks are the best time to think about EVERYTHING and when exam ends, everything just *poof* disappears. Before I sat for my exam last week, all ideas just flowed into my mind like the stream moves downhill, but now when I have so much time to spend, I end up doing nothing. Anyway, here are the 5 things I planned to do this holiday;

1. Learn in depth about photography
I've always wanted to learn more about photography, but I couldn't find any suitable time. I once thought of taking a photography course after I finish my degree, but that seems a bit impossible I guess. To be a professional photographer needs a lot of time and commitment (of course money as well because you gotta upgrade your lens as you become more pro), which I don't think I can manage it yet. For now, as long as I know how to use the camera, and not only just turn to the auto mode every single time, that's quite enough. I downloaded some ebooks to be read and of course I have to practise using the camera also. I bet the camera has showered with dust. Where's my camera again by the way?

2. Go to some new places I've never been to
One thing I love about going to new places other than capturing images of what my eyes see using a lower megapixel-kind-of 'eye' is to try the food they have there, especially those which are traditionally made and can't / hard to be found elsewhere. Whether it's in Malaysia, or somewhere abroad, all places have their own speciality and that makes they are unique from one another. InshaaAllah, I'm going to somewhere soon (the reason why I have to postpone updating my blog post), hope everything goes well amin. Where to? Stay tuneeeeed hehe.

3. Read more books
I have lots and lots and lots of books I haven't read. I loveeee going to a bookshop. I'd walk from one shelf to another shelf, going through from one book to the next one. Sometimes I'd remind myself that I still have a bunch of unread-and-tersadai books, and sometimes I'd just buy them either because of the interesting synopsis they have at the back of the book cover or based on someone's review. And every time after I've bought, I'd plan to finish the old ones first, get bored after a few pages and decide to start with the new one. End up reading all books halfway and stop. I sold some of my books (I have and haven't read) because they take up so much space in my cupboard, but I still need more books ...

4. Publish blog posts consistently
I've been trying. Like really, really trying. I have a love-hate relationship with my blog. I love writing, but na-uh, not at a wrong time. After days of I-wanna-write-but-got-other-stuff-to-do, I finally have the momentum to write this blog post. As I'm having a 3-month break, I will try my best to publish a blog post consistently. Hope my mood will always be there whenever I need it *fingers crossed*. If I didn't post anything on my blog for more than 3-4 days, check my Instagram if there's any update. If not... please wake me up. I might accidentally fall asleep while trying to write one haha.

5. Update my travel journal
I just bought a new notebook and make it as my travel journal. I'm soooo excited to update about the old and upcoming trips! I have 3 different pencil cases for my pens and stuff to decorate my journal. Though I don't really travel, but lets just see how it goes.

Anyway, if you have a long holiday ie. more than 1 month, what do you usually do? Is there any plan? Or do you just go with the flow?

Nov 19, 2016

Luckily I Ran Like Crazy

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

My friends and I went to MidValley after the OSCE debriefing session last Thursday. We didn't have any specific plan; just bought some stuff for our upcoming trip and spent time together before going back to our hometown. Around 6, it was time to go back. We had to take the KTM first from Midvalley and then changed to LRT in Bandar Tasik Selatan. By the time we wanted to go to the train, many people went up from downstairs, which means they were just arriving. 

We ran as fast as we could because you know how tiring it would be to wait for 40 minutes before the next train arrives. We were quite relieved when we saw a long queue waiting to board the train. The train was really packed with people coming back from work and whatnots. Though the long line could buy us some time, but the problem was.. the 3 of us + 1 cabin-sized luggage (I just bought it) were not gonna fit in there. Fatin and Sanaa were in front of me. They ran from one exit to another exit, and there was a moment when they already can fit into the train, but not me. So, they went out from the train and tried to find another exit.

Me? I was running like crazy WITH my luggage. No time to be ashamed, I just ran as fast as I could. I thought I might have to stay there first and wave goodbye to my friends, but I don't think it's wrong to try haha. And yes, luckily I ran like crazy because at last we managed to enter the train though we were standing really, really close to the door, almost kissed it, but we didn't have to wait for another 40 minutes phew.

I thought that was the only time I had to run like crazy, but I was wrong.

I wanted to go back to Melaka that night and as usual the last bus from KL is at 9.30pm. I just arrived home around Maghrib, and being me who likes to procrastinate when it comes to getting ready, I simply bought a ticket for the last bus online without even thinking twice as I didn't think I could prepare everything earlier than that. I was really hungry. At 9pm, I cooked (too lazy, I just put the hot water haha) 2 packs of curry Maggi. It was already late, but I refused to go out without filling my tummy first. I ate the Maggi in only 5 minutes! (New achievement unlocked!) Then I wore my shawl and booked a Taxi from the Grab phone application. The taxi arrived at 9.15pm. I only had 15 minutes left to be exact hm it was not funny...

I told the taxi driver to drive fast if he can. The uncle was sooooo kind! We had a nice chat from about how he works from 5am to 1am every day to a pregnant lady who asked him to stop the taxi metre and told him to keep driving. I was 50/50 at that time; convincing myself I would arrive on time, but at the same time telling myself I won't make it.

I arrived TBS sharp at 9.30am. Again, I ran like crazy. Yes, with my backpack and a medium-sized luggage. I ran as fast as I could, but tried my best to run in a 'sopan' way to the boarding pass counter to get the ticket. I asked the counter guy if I could make it and the lady who was sitting next to him, took the walkie talkie she had with her and tried to contact whoever downstairs to ask whether the bus has taken off or not. Luckily it hadn't.

I got my ticket and immediately went to the long line of people who were waiting patiently for their tickets to be scanned before going to the waiting area downstairs. I didn't have much time, so I asked a guy if I could cut his queue as I was running late. He allowed me to. I thanked him a few times and he just smiled.

Luckily my bus this time waited at the nearest gate, Gate 1 and Alhamdulillah the bus was still there. I boarded the train and sat down at seat number 15. While trying to catch my breath, I smiled thinking of what had happened and felt really grateful and thankful to have met those people who helped me.

I shouldn't do anything last minute. Lesson learnt.

Have you guys ever had any experience like this?

Nov 8, 2016

Blog Tips: How To Make All Links Open In A New Tab

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I just made a new change in my blog page. If you click at any link in my page, it will open up a new tab instead of go directly to the link. I found out that it's easier if I visit anyone's blog, click on the link given and it opens a new tab; I don't have to leave the initial page and can easily click without having to return to the previous page.

So, I thought maybe I should do the same thing for my blog. It requires only a few steps and trust me, it is super duper easy. All you have to do is just follow the steps below.

1. Go to blogger dashboard (

2. Click more options (button with arrow beside 'View blog'), and click 'Template'

3. Backup your template first, just in case if something wrong happened. Go to 'Backup / Restore' at the top right of the page and click 'Download template'.

4. Click 'Edit HTML' 

5. Find <head> by clicking anywhere in the middle of the coding box and press Ctrl + F on the keyboard and you'll notice a search box at the top right of the coding box. Then type <head> and press enter.

6. Then just add this code below it <base target='_blank' /> and it's supposed to look like this.

7. Then click 'Save template' and voila it's on! 

It's easier for your reader and of course for yourself as well! Tell me how do you find this tutorial. Thank you and hope this tutorial works for you guys too.