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Birthday Surprise - A Success Or A Failure?

I couldn't read his face. Did he feel surprised? Or not? It could be either way. But I just couldn't tell it. Then I decided to ask him directly.  Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Yesterday was Sobri's 24th birthday and after so many years of LDR and facetime wishes, I wanted to make this year a different one for him ceh konon. He's working in JB and for the current posting, he has to work even on the weekends. I planned to make a surprise, and was it a success? Or a failure? Jeng jeng jeng.  On the 10th of April, I contacted one of his friends who works and stays in JB, Ily. She's one of his group of friends who he often hangs out together. I consider myself and Ily as acquaintances as we follow each other on Instagram, know each other presence, but never met in person. Ily was willing to help me, and another great thing was another friend of Sobri, Feeda agreed to join as well weee the more the merrier.  I already booked a bus ticket t

The First Thing Her Husband Asked

Disclaimer: Some medical and sensitive terms used in this context are for knowledge purposes. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. An elderly lady came to the gynaecology clinic for a regular follow-up due to pelvic organ prolapse. She already underwent a surgery to repair, but the same problem happened once again and what made it worsened this time was the problem started to interfere with her urination and causing her to have difficulty in passing urine. I was attached to a medical officer (MO), and the patient told the doctor that she felt really uncomfortable, not only when she wanted to pass urine, but also when she stood for a long time. Gravity made it easy to find a way out. The doctor told her that the only way to solve this problem is actually to undergo another surgery called colpocleisis, which is a procedure to fully close the vagina so that it won't protrude through the vagina, hang down and disturb her during either standing or walking. She hesitated