Apr 15, 2018

Birthday Surprise - A Success Or A Failure?

I couldn't read his face. Did he feel surprised? Or not? It could be either way. But I just couldn't tell it. Then I decided to ask him directly. 

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Yesterday was Sobri's 24th birthday and after so many years of LDR and facetime wishes, I wanted to make this year a different one for him ceh konon. He's working in JB and for the current posting, he has to work even on the weekends. I planned to make a surprise, and was it a success? Or a failure? Jeng jeng jeng. 

On the 10th of April, I contacted one of his friends who works and stays in JB, Ily. She's one of his group of friends who he often hangs out together. I consider myself and Ily as acquaintances as we follow each other on Instagram, know each other presence, but never met in person. Ily was willing to help me, and another great thing was another friend of Sobri, Feeda agreed to join as well weee the more the merrier. 

I already booked a bus ticket to and fro Melaka-JB one day earlier, so that everything would run smoothly. In the morning, I quickly went to buy presents for Sobri. It was kinda last minute, but luckily I managed to. Then around 12.30, my mother sent me to Melaka Sentral, I boarded the bus and the bus left sharp at 1pm. ETA showed 2 and half hours, but little did I know that it takes 1 hour longer by bus as the bus did stop for about 30mins if I'm not mistaken and the road was a bit jammed. I reached Larkin Sentral at 4.30pm. 

Ily fetched me from Larkin Sentral and we went to a nearby Secret Recipe to buy a cake. There was not much choice left for me to choose from. I saw my favourite White Chocolate Macadamia, so I told the lady at the counter. At the same time, a pakcik told another lady that he wanted that cake. It was the last White Choc Macadamia cake left in the fridge. Of course, I was not going to fight with the uncle for the cake, so I decided to choose a different one. Moral of the story here: Secret Recipe should provide more cakes haha kidding. 

We left Secret Recipe and Ily drove straight to The Cave Cafe. A funny thing happened. Ily parked near the back door of the restaurant. We entered the door, which at first lead us to the toilet before reaching the main area. We were finding a suitable place to sit, and for me to hide before we realised that we entered the wrong restaurant haha. Imagine if we waited for Sobri there, and Sobri waited for us next door haha. 

The Cave has a rocky entrance, which will make you feel like entering a cave. There are outdoor and indoor areas, and we chose the indoor one hm cs how can you sit in outdoor if you're in a cave, right? Make sense? Hehe. Ily already told Sobri that a few of them wanted to celebrate his birthday and asked him to come to The Cave. A table of 4 was chosen and I went to find a strategic place to hide. I called Sobri and asked where was he going. I made sure we called until he reached that place. I was brilliant, I know. I wish I am this brilliant in Medicine haha. Sobri being Sobri. He didn't ask much when he noticed there were only 4 chairs, making things easier for me haha. Ily and Feeda were so good at helping me by making it looked less obvious. A waiter helped me to prepare the candles on the cake and I brought in the cake. Sobri sat facing the wall, so he did not notice me from behind. 

And when I reached, the first thing that he said was, "Eh, eh." He went speechless for awhile and I think I noticed his eyes were a bit watery, but his eyes are always watery though so nahh, pass haha. He cut the cake, we took some photos and the 4 of us had a dinner together. It was a success, yeay! 

A big thanks to Ily and Feeda for making it a success! And I have new friends weeeeee. 

Sobri sent me to Larkin Sentral that night as my bus would depart at 9pm. I asked him whether he was surprised or not and he told me that he was really surprised and never thought anyone would make a surprise birthday celebration for him. He also mentioned that at first he did not recognise me and he thought 'awek mana entah' (amboi) because I look thinner(?) Was it because I really look thinner compared to before, which I don't think losing 2kg can make me suddenly look very thin or was he just being sarcastic? Haha cis. It was a long day, but I'm really glad it went well :) 

Apr 1, 2018

The First Thing Her Husband Asked

Disclaimer: Some medical and sensitive terms used in this context are for knowledge purposes.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

An elderly lady came to the gynaecology clinic for a regular follow-up due to pelvic organ prolapse. She already underwent a surgery to repair, but the same problem happened once again and what made it worsened this time was the problem started to interfere with her urination and causing her to have difficulty in passing urine. I was attached to a medical officer (MO), and the patient told the doctor that she felt really uncomfortable, not only when she wanted to pass urine, but also when she stood for a long time. Gravity made it easy to find a way out.

The doctor told her that the only way to solve this problem is actually to undergo another surgery called colpocleisis, which is a procedure to fully close the vagina so that it won't protrude through the vagina, hang down and disturb her during either standing or walking. She hesitated, unsure of what to decide and what to say. She wanted to discuss with her husband, so the doctor told her to call her husband. Her husband entered the room and the doctor started explaining about his wife condition and what might need to be done (inc the surgery of permanent closure of the vagina). The husband listened to the explanation attentively. The wife sat down quietly, looked worried and a bit anxious. The doctor stopped talking.

The first thing her husband asked, "Will this surgery help her with her urinary problem?" 

I was quite surprised as the doctor didn't mention about his wife urinary problem at first. I was expecting him to ask more about the surgery instead. His concerned face couldn't be hidden. He looked really worried. His concern towards his wife was as if he was the one who would have to undergo the surgery. He knew everything about his wife from the next appointment in a different hospital to medications his wife was on. He also read about his wife condition, so that he would really understand the issue and he tried to find the best solution for his wife. Hashtag relationship goals they say. Deep in my heart, I wish I will meet someone who will really love me, care about me and want to grow old together with me, just like how this couple treats each other. They also remind me of my grandparents. "Unto death we apart," my late grandfather promised to my grandmother.

I also really adore on how the MO tackled this issue and answered enquiries from both of them. She made sure that both of them know the risks of the surgery and she provided them with useful information if they choose to do or not to do the surgery. I enjoyed time spent, attached myself to this doctor. At first, to be honest, I thought she was not a student-friendly doctor, especially when she told us to go to other rooms instead of everyone be in the same room. But, actually, she just wanted to make sure that the room is not too crowded. I tried to approach her again alone and she allowed me to attach to her. Since then, she gave me chances to get involved with the discussion of the cases. One week in the clinic was not enough, and I wish I get more time to be there.