Oct 29, 2015

Amazing Muslimah Clothing Tips

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Over the past few years we can see a growing community of Muslimah fashion bloggers and hijabista in Malaysia. This has totally changed the idea of how to infuse the modern lifestyle into the core of what it means to be a modern Muslimah. Even the media used to portray Muslimah women as shrouded in pitch black robes and fully covered from head to toe, feeding the stereotype idea that modern lifestyle, fashion and the religion itself could not mix. 

However, this is when all those popular Muslimah fashion blogs prove them wrong with huge impact on the internet like no one has ever seen before. In fact, it is not that difficult to mix them all and dress fashionably like the others – but of course you must adhere to the basic guidelines of how to dress modestly like a true Muslim woman. There are so many ways to adopt a little creativity without even to have crossed the line. You just need to know there are plenty of amazing Muslimah clothing tips that are easy to follow and do not cost much either! 

Do not be afraid to experiment when you are at it. Play with your imagination to have the best looking fresher than ever. Put on some accessories to make yourself look more stunning and outstanding. Yes, you might stumble on one of the biggest problems every Muslim woman faces, which is finding a stunning dress or garments that appropriate because some of them either are too short or too revealing. The best way to beat this problem is by layering and putting longer garments underneath like a sweater or cardigan.

Wondering how you can find a good dress which may captivate everyone, causing their eyes drop on the floor because you're too good to be looked at? Better to have too many choices than none at all, right? Here's where you can find them.


Zalora provides a variety of choice from head to toe, from pretty, plain, colourful scarves to elegant, amazing, quality shoes. No worries, everything is just at the tip of your finger. I've used their service before, and yes, it's a trustable and reliable company, which always puts their customers at the best satisfaction. 

Have a nice day everyone :)

Oct 27, 2015

White Lab Coat

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Planning to jog every evening, starting from this week, but recently, the weather has been quite bad, especially around 5-7pm, preventing me from going outside of the building. If I were still in IMU by the time the rain falls heavily, I have to stay at school and wait until the rain stops pouring, at least until drizzle is left. 

I have 2 lab coats; the short sleeved is for clinical, which is used at least once every week while the long sleeved one is worn when we're in the lab. I took a great care after my (old) short sleeved lab coat because first, this is the only short sleeved I have and I was looking forward to use it for a couple more years and second, I love my lab coat looks neat and clean (though the colour isn't white as new anymore), especially when meeting outsiders, including nurses and real patients during hospital or clinic visits. I washed it every time after using and ensured myself to iron it before using, but, yeah.. malang tidak berbau.

I put it in the washing machine with some 'Attack' detergent, switched on the plug, let the machine do its work for about one hour, but I forgot to take it out. My housemate, Kak Nas was the one who took it out for me. I asked Kak Nas for it, then Kak Nas told me, when she took out the lab coat from the washing machine, there were a few patches of coffee-like stains on my lab coat. Kak Nas had already tried her best to remove the stubborn stain, but some of them were still there. I was touched. Yes, even though it's my lab coat, not hers, but she helped me to brush the lab coat after she saw it. My housemates are really kind and concerned, hard to find people like them.

Looks 'yellow' and ada stain wuaaaa. Banyak lagi tempat lain :'(

Back to the story, I was kinda disheartened and frustrated (haha over), so the next day I told Tiara about this matter and she mentioned to me about the pre-order of this lab coat, which the steps have been stated in our IMU e-Learning website at the right side bar. I filled in the details needed and sent the email.

Today I left my Vista home to go to IMU around 12, even though I had only one class, which was at 4.15pm. I rarely log into my student email account, and just checked my email yesterday. I was supposed to collect my lab coat on Friday, so I immediately informed the person who's in-charged and asked her whether I can pick it up today or not, and she allowed me to do so. I paid at the Finance Department, the so called 'Cashier' and instantly stepped into CSU with Tiara to collect my lab coat. The sister who I met looks garang, but actually she's nice! Haha. Maybe it's the job that needs her to look garang. Yelah, kalau muka baik karang, budak budak ni mengada sangat, ye tak? Hehe

Oh another story about lab coat.

I saw some of my friends who just entered the clinical year had their White Coat Ceremony. I always wonder why they have this ceremony when they're in the clinical year, because mine was done during the first day of our life as a medical student, right after registration, so I asked Audi about the significance of this ceremony. She told me the ceremony is like a recognition that you're already able to treat a patient. All this while I had no idea what exactly is the White Coat Ceremony about. I thought the ceremony was held because we just got our white lab coat and it was like an indication that we are medical students now hahaha so ignorant, innocent and noob. Maybe because we start our clinical together with theory, that's why ours is on the first day of school, err I reckon so. Ke sebab IMU malas nak fikir untuk akan datang. Or maybe akan datang ada lagi. I don't know.

Anyway, now I know haha.

P/s: If anyone knows how to remove the stain and make it looks white back, do tell me. Thank you :)

Oct 26, 2015

Need More Energy: Quick Nap or Caffeine?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Macam pernah Dylla tulis pasal ni, tapi dimana ye? Haha. Yes, I wrote something about Nescafe and staying up in my previous post entitled 'BERKESAN KE NESCAFE UNTUK STAY UP' (click the title to view the post). Since I was in high school, one thing that keeps lingering in my mind, makes me stuck in a 5-min-cannot-study-because-cannot-decide dilemma is whether to have a quick nap or drink coffee first. I know it doesn't make sense because whatever I do, for sure I would end up with having a power nap, esok pagi baru terjaga haha. Unless, like I'd already mentioned in the previous post, usually if I tried to hold my sleepiness after drinking Nescafe and go here and there, reading while walking so I won't fall asleep, then I wouldn't feel sleepy anymore, oh well, even though I would still tersengguk once in a while during staying up *garu kepala tak gatal* hehe. 

Last night, one of my closest friends since high school, Assyfa Ariffin, who I usually call Cypa, tagged me on a video (at the end of this post) in Facebook. Talking about high school, I entered a boarding school from Form 1 until Form 5, and staying up with friends was like a routine, and my usual places berkampung malam malam were in the dorm either on a bed or with a small table, near the light source because we couldn't on the lights after 'lights off', which was at 12.30 (if I'm not mistaken) or pantry, where no one cares whether the light was on or off haha. Cypa was one of my friends who always helped to wake me up whenever I needed a 5-minute-end-up-extend-to-30-minute break haha. 4 years back then, I was kinda 'immune' to Nescafe (Layman's term; not effective), and I could still sleep soundly even after drinking 3 sachets of Nescafe, terrible yes I know. 

When I watched the video Cypa tagged me, my mind sensed something funny and my brain started to process the information, telling me what I did all this time was wrong. Well, it wasn't 100 percent wrong, it's just not the best way. The video is about 'Coffee Nap'. 

'Coffee Nap'? 

Coffee nap is basically coffee + nap. You drink a coffee, one shot of espresso or anything that can make you straight away feel dizzy, and then you have a quick nap (15-20 minutes). In my previous post; BERKESAN KE NESCAFE UNTUK STAY UP, I wrote something regarding the shape of caffeine molecule, which is quite similar to adenosine. Adenosine is a byproduct of brain activity which builds up throughout the day and it binds to the receptor in the brain, which then slowly telling that your body is tired. Yes, Nescafe or coffee can make you stay awake because the caffeine competes with adenosine to bind with the receptors on brain, so caffeine keeps your brain from slowing itself down. But still, the brain will slowly rasa penat and tak larat. 

Sleeping removes away all the adenosine, so if you had a 'coffee nap', the caffeine from the coffee no longer needs to compete with adenosine after you wake up. It's said to be more effective this way. But don't take a nap too long or you might feel wanna sleep until the next morning. Set your alarm clock, biar beratur banyak banyak setiap 5 minit pun takpe haha. 15-20 minutes is enough to make you feel fresh and have a productive stay up later on. 

I've never tried this before, so if anyone out there has tried, tell me the result okay! I'm eager to know hehe. Thanks Cypa for sharing this video with me!

P/s; To someone who told me she read my blog, I'm so so sorry sempat senyum je but tak sempat sembang or tanya sebab time tu kawan panggil minta tolong :( Terharu ada juga yang sudi baca tsktsk hehe. InshaaAllah if ada masa kalau jumpa kita sembang ke ehh?  :) 

Oct 23, 2015

Book Review: Anna And The French Kiss

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabakaratuh. 

Today can never be any better and it turned out everything ran smoothly so far, Alhamdulillah. I showed up for every classes, though I was thinking of not attending the last class (Medic lectures are not compulsory in IMU), because first, I hadn’t printed out the notes yet, and second, I could barely interpret and digest what the lecturer taught during the previous class in the morning. Thinking of having lunch with Tiara during the 2-hour-gap, but changed our intention last minute as I had a meeting with my MPU group mates for our video assignment and Tiara had some errands, so she had to leave the campus early. For the video assignment, we had to record some scenes based on the title we had chosen; Eating Disorders and Anxiety. Though the video is far from perfect, but it isn’t that bad for a first timer who just met each other without an ice breaking session plus the fact that we did everything spontaneously, yes, there was no script for us to memorise our lines. 

Anyway, I finished reading Anna and The French Kiss weeeee. It took me only 2 days to read it during weekdays, which means I tried my best to find some time because in the morning, usually I'd spend my time studying and revising. 

Here comes the book covers, Anna's gang drawing and review.

From left; Rashmi, Josh, Anna, St. Clair, Meredith

It's a romance fiction novel where this guy and girl fell for each other with many obstacles happened but got together at the end. As cliché as it might sound, with a hopeless romantic couple (but the guy apparently wasn't as arrogant and snobbish as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice) and a happy ending, which was totally opposite to how The Fault In Our Stars ends, where the girl had to move on after her boyfriend died, but this book captured my heart, made me couldn't stop reading and smiling for no reason in the class when the head of Dental Programme was teaching about dental hygiene and eventually made me looked crazy -.-

From the first page I read, I knew I was gonna love this book as Stephanie Perkins' choice of words and the way she described everything were undeniably perfect. The details made me felt like I was there with them the whole time. I could imagine how charming St Clair looked like, with his big brown eyes, curls hair, sweet smile, how fascinating to stand on the stone engraved with 'Point Zero Des Routes De France', how scrumptious the cakes and macaroons in the cake shop near their college and it makes me longing for Paris more. Not that I've been there, but because Paris is one of the places in my after-marriage-bucket-list. A romantic place for honeymoon, a happy married couple, take photos under the Eiffel Tower, have a visit to Notre-Dame, hahaha so cliche I know.

I don't really fancy on the part where St Clair didn't break up with Ellie earlier than that, but maybe it's true, he was confused and desperate to have someone with him. The way he stared and protected Anna ahh I'm sure all girls who read this book will wish they were Anna who's gonna meet St Clair haha. I really like the part where Anna told him that she was really glad she had someone to talk to and St Clair replied "Does that mean I can call you?" awwww it reminds me of someone though, haha alright I'm not gonna spoil the book, don't worry.

This book also indirectly tells us that being rich and handsome/pretty doesn't mean you'll be happy all the times and only own nil problem in this world. There are ups and downs and that what make a life is a life. I also found something which I think really suits with our lives nowadays; 'Every time a choice is made between one meaning of a word or another, the translator determines which one to use based on what he believes is correct, based on his own personal history with the subject' which means, how we look at someone and think what they might think of us are not always right. Maybe it's the other way round, but then we unconsciously decide it that way with our own preferences based on our past with that particular person.

'Anna and The French Kiss' is worth the money and time. So, go to the nearest bookstore, get the novel and trust me, you're gonna fall in love with St Clair and wish you would meet someone like him haha!

Now, I'm moving on to another book entitled 'Isla and The Happily Ever After' by Stephanie Perkins also. I downloaded the book and acknowledged the title before reading 'Anna and The French Kiss' and there's a part in 'Anna and The French Kiss' where a girl named Isla tried to help her in an incident and I was like "No way......" I immediately flipped the 'Isla and The Happily Ever After' ibook.

I was right.

... will be continued with the next review.


Oct 17, 2015

Book Review: Stolen, Escape From Syria

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabakaratuh. 

A little bit of synopsis here; An Irish woman (Louise) married to a Syrian guy (Mostafa) and had a child with him named May. Together they stayed in Cyprus. She was being abused by her ex husband, but despite everything that had happened, he kept returning back to him. One day the guy abducted his own daughter and brought May to Syria. Louise entered Syria in order to be with her child and tried to bring her out of that war-zone country and with the help of many people along the way, they managed to escape and back to Cyprus again. 

I felt really sorry for her at the beginning of the story when her ex husband abducted May and she had to figure out ways to rescue her. I know I'd never understand what a mother would do for the sake of her child as I'm not yet married and my ibu always tells me, "Bila awak dah kahwin, dah ada anak, baru awak faham." But as the story went, I became really frustrated by what happened and how bias a person can be. It wasn't my interest in that book that drove me to keep reading it, but because I would like to know how was her daughter, and whether she'd see any good in the other side (in this case: Islam). Here are some critical points that I would like to point out from this book, which is supposed to become a heroic story, but to me.. it is not a really good example. 

1.   Staying with an abusive married guy.
Since at the beginning she already knew how abusive Mostafa was, even before they got married when she was pregnant, carrying their first child, May. She stayed with that guy despite of everything he had done to her. He had repeatedly beaten her up dreadfully, but she continued going back to him, used many excuses to stay by his side and telling herself that everything might be okay, which in return, what she expected was never happened. Mostafa became more violent, and every time something wrong happened; (Louise knew Mostafa slept with other girls, Mostafa had a wife and 2 kids in Syria), when Mostafa insisted that he wasn't wrong, he lied to Louise telling her she got a fake story blah-blah, but still, Louise didn't leave him. She stayed with him, although she had to pay all the rents and bills, which I cannot brain. Some of the reasons were because she loves Cyprus (she couldn't run away from Mostafa as he lived in Cyprus too) and Mostafa is handsome(?). Invalid and unreasonable reasons I must say. 

2.   Insensitive and judgmental
The writer of this book definitely didn't know anything about Islam at all before she met Mostafa, and she judged Islam mostly based on her experiences with this guy who was clearly only a Muslim by his name. Here are some parts quoted from the book that I felt quite offended when reading them; 

"He enjoys drinking alcohol, not visiting mosques or praying every few hours on a prayer mat. To me he was born Muslim, but was not practising, and he was definitely not one of these extremist Muslims. I had nothing to fear."

"We go to Mass and tell a priest our sins through choice, but with Islam, there are set times to pray and Muslims must pray at those times. In Idlib (an area in Syria), the calls to prayer went on for about 15 minutes each time, and whenever they started (the Azan), I yearned more and more for home."

"I hated Syria, its religious beliefs ..."

"Was their religion so powerful that they could refuse what most other countries would see as a basic human right ..."

"As I entered her home, I went to take my shoes off, and she said, "What are you doing, love? There are no Muslims here. We are Christians." I think it was then that I knew were truly safe."

So you're telling your readers that those Muslims who don't drink alcohol and pray on the prayer mat every few hours are the extremist Muslims? Not sure where did you get this idea from, because as far as I know, the real Muslims who don't drink alcohol, visit mosque for each prayer time are usually the good Muslims, those who are less likely would beat their wives, neglect their responsibilities and have a social lifestyle, hanging out with all girls in pubs and bars. Not all, but mostly.

You compared Islam to your religion, which bias was obviously shown. Do you know why we pray 5 times per day instead of whenever we want to? Do you know why there's prayer call every time we are supposed to pray? You didn't know, you never discovered about it, yet, you criticised without knowing the reasons behind them. For those who don't know about Islam just like you will definitely have their minds carried away by your condemnatory and disapproving words towards Islam in your writing before knowing how the real Islam looks and feels like. I can't really blame you as you were quite unfortunate for meeting the wrong Muslim guy, but just a piece of thought, if we close our heart towards good things one might give, we would only see the bad things. Islam is a perfect religion, but not the people. It is really unfair to judge the whole religion from a person or speculation you are known from an unreliable source. Her poor understanding of Islam and Syrian cultures makes the border of the prejudice.

3.   Redundancy
Louise's bravery in entering a war-zone to save her daughter is undeniable, but I bet every mother would do the same thing. I just asked my mother about that. She said even if it would cost her life, she'd do it, just to rescue me out from the dangerous place. I just can't accept that despite of everything she had gone through, she kept going back to that guy, refusing to move out of Cyprus, just because she loved Cyprus and ignored all the consequences both of her and her only daughter, May had to face. In the book itself, she kept telling how cruel was her ex-husband, how she couldn't stand with his behaviour, but ended up back to him, and this thing had been written over and over again until it became a redundant, which made me wanted to stop reading the book, and in my mind I reckon May was way much cleverer than Louise back then.

I just wanna express my unsatisfied feelings towards Mostafa, who shouldn't bother Louise's and May's lives as he was such a guy who deserved to be called neither husband nor father and though the domestic violence occurred every day in Louise's life, she never learnt her lesson.

4.   Selfish
As heroic as she might sound, which in fact is quite true, but then she was the one who put her daughter and herself in this situation. She was the one who didn't wanna leave Cyprus and every time she did that, I always wonder why was it so hard for her to leave Cyprus and back to her hometown in Ireland. Her reasons weren't solid and concrete enough to make readers not to question her acts and decisions, for staying in Cyprus, near a guy who she really disliked and at any time can abduct and bring May to other places, and at the worst case like the true incident, to a war zone country, Syria.

Her family, especially her sister and dad were very worried about her, and to me it was a selfish attitude and immature decision to not go back to Ireland, where safety will definitely be taken care of and she wouldn't have to be afraid of Mostafa every time he visited May and took her out for a walk during the visiting day. There was a time when she told readers she wore Western clothes and with her blonde hair, going from one place to another place in Syria, while rescuing her daughter, May. I am truly aware of how strict Syria is with the guarded checkpoints, checking for protestors and to look like a Western woman in the midst of everything might increase the risk of being caught and mistaken as protestors, which not only will put her life in danger, but also her daughter.

5.   Returned back to the old place
One thing that makes me can't brain at all is the fact that she told everyone in the book that she is now returning back to Cyprus and I don't get the logic of staying back at the place where your daughter got abducted from. And the fact that she doesn't know where Mostafa is now worsening my disbelief towards her actions.

Anyway, after what had happened to her, I'm really grateful and feeling glad that May is out from Syria and already back to her mother.

This is such a long review. Sorry if I said (read: typed) anything wrong!

Oct 16, 2015

Inserting A Tube Into The Private Part

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

The title above is actually the layman's term for Urinary Catheterisation. Yesterday I had my last CSU for Renal System (kidneys and urinary tract) as next 2 weeks, we're gonna start our Endocrine module (hormones). Wei Bin and I were very excited for this CSU. Well, obviously because it's not a history taking session, where you have to think about clinical reasoning and come out with a few differential diagnosis haha and usually when it involves procedures, it will be so much fun as you will get the chance to perform it in front of either the doctor or peer tutor (usually seniors who have just graduated from IMU). I already read the manual and watched the video provided by CSSC (Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre) to prepare myself before entering the CSU session, if not, there's a high chance you'll be very 'blur' and if you less fortunate, free free kena marah dengan doctor or sister haha. 

Watching the video itself looks really painful apatah lagi if it's on a real patient. Yesterday was our first time doing the urinary catheterisation, so of course we didn't perform it on real people. We just performed all the procedures on the mannequin, basically to get the overview, guided by doctors and sisters, and become better and better as we practice more and more later. Then baru lah can perform on a real patient during clinical school. Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the commonest infection in a hospital setting, which can lead to various other diseases, and that is why we have to get really prepared before doing it on real people. 

For the first 50 mins we were being taught about the procedures of urinary catheterisation on males. Stepped into the so-called ward cubicle, saw the doctor who'd guide our group and immediately looked at Wei Bin while she instantly came to me and hugged my left arm. It was Dr L! Cuak kebebeh maynnnn. Wei Bin asked me why did I laugh. Then I told her because I was just about to tell her, what if we get Dr. L then there she was, passing by us to get something from the sister hahaha. Wei Bin was the first person to perform it. Then we took turns to do the catheterisation part (without the intro, consent and everything), but before I managed to do it, the bell rang and we had to change cubicle to learn about how to insert into female's. Dr L told my group mates to give the priority to me and another friend of mine because we didn't get the chance to perform it just now. 

My friend didn't wanna do first so nak tak nak eden kena lah pergi jang oi. I had to do everything, from the beginning to the end of the procedures, including the introduction part, where I had to introduce myself and my role, confirm it's the correct patient, procedure, purpose, and last but not least, ask for the consent to proceed. This time, a sister (nurse) guided us. A lil bit different from the previous one when the doctor taught us, yelah lain orang lain cara kan, but Alhamdulillah I managed to perform it till the end. Even though it wasn't perfect dengan 'water for injection' (to inflate the balloon when it's already in the bladder, so that the tube will stay in it) yang terpancut from the syringe and a lil bit minor incidents, which broke the rules of sterilisation (terletak forceps yang dah guna dalam sterile area -.-), nonetheless okay lah, not bad for first timer I think hehe perasan. 

CSSC gave each one of us a dressing set and a catheter to practice later weeeee. Practice on mannequin, don't worry haha. Oh and we also did the dipstick test (a test for urine content). The sister brought in a tube of urine and we had to dip a special paper strip with a few colourful-small-box into the urine, then observed the colour changes. Everything was normal, except for the high glucose level. Tbh, cam geli lah juga but then the sister told us it was actually chrysanthemum tea and one of my group mates dengan rela hati pergi bau to confirm it hahaha. 

By the way, I'm really sorry for using a few medical jargons in this post. Feel free to ask me by leaving comments in the comment box if you have anything to ask :)

Till here! Assalamualaikum. 

Oct 14, 2015

Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck (Theatre)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

T'was my first time entering Istana Budaya, watching a real theatre. When Audi told Rieza and I about this, asking whether we wanna join her or not, I immediately answered yes. Tak fikir lagi nak pergi sana naik apa, takpe yang penting beli tiket dulu haha that was what I thought. Audi bought the tickets for us together with her other UKM friends and I paid her. I never thought of looking at the poster or knowing who'd be the actors, until yesterday. 

We arrived a bit late, but luckily they hadn't started yet, just Upin Ipin ads on the white screen. I was amazed by how big is the interior part of the Istana Budaya. First timer lah katakan, tu pasai cam rusa masuk kampung jap hehe. Finding our seats wasn't that hard as at the entrance, we were already instructed to go left. While in the enormous-great-looking hall, there were a few men who I believe a part of the theatre crew, and one of them showed us where were our seats. The three of us bought the RM58 tickets and guess what, our seats were in the third row, right in front of the stage! Memang kalau pelakon bercakap menyembur air liur boleh sampai lah hahaha. 

This theatre has been adapted from a movie, which was from a book. I knew the existence of this movie after Sobri recommended to me and I already watched it, so roughly I know the storyline, characters and of course the ending. Just a general idea of this movie; a kampung guy went to a diff kampung, met a girl who lives in a strict tradition and customs, they fell in love with each other, they couldn't get married, this girl married to a rich guy, bla bla bla. The theatre began with the girl giving a letter to a guy (not the hero) when she was about to board the Kapal Van Der Wijck. Then the hero came out, it was Amar Baharin! Lahh dia ke hero, ingatkan diorang just ambil orang mana mana haha. Main cast; Amar Baharin, Nabila Huda, Karl Shafek, Amyra Rosly and Syarul Ridzwan.

What I can say, I was really fascinated by the props, how they entered the scenes, enjoyed every single thing the actors spoke with the same tone and more or less the same script, just like in the real movie. I couldn't take off my eyes from the stage, although sometimes there was a lot of things happening on the stage, with the main characters acting, and side characters busy doing their own roles, but I just love the way they tried to make it real as I noticed even side characters had their own scripts, I bet. And I really love how the producer or whoever-arrange-the-storyline for picking up the main scenes that audiences need to know. Oh and it's kinda like a musical theatre so once in a while, they'd sing and that was what made it more interesting! 

So overall, I really like this theatre, but I guess when it comes to 'best ke tak tengok teater ni', I can't really answer that because I'm afraid, my interest in watching this theatre isn't the same as yours, so I can't tell whether you would like it or not. It depends on the individual actually. 

Here's the movie trailer;

"Demikianlah perempuan. Dia hanya ingat kekejaman orang kepada dirinya walaupun kecil, dan dia lupa kekejamannya sendiri kepada oranglain padahal begitu besar." -Zainudin

Ya Zainudin~

Oct 13, 2015

Gara Gara Lecturer Lain Accent

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

From Google

Too sleepy to study so I reckon maybe I should write something in this blog first hehe. I realised lately I've been posting tips and serious stuff so today kita chill je okay? Last week, on Friday, I had 2 compulsory classes. Compulsory classes are those lectures other than Medicine and have attendance. Medicine lectures are not compulsory, pelik a bit kan? Maybe because they let us choose whether to come for a lecture or not. If ada attendance for Medic lectures, hm memang ramai lah yang kena barred time exam nanti haha.

It was a lecture on the research study, yeah, we have to start doing research this year. A more serious research with a lot of journals and articles to be read *cry a river*, compare to our previous assignment, we usually only had to read 3-4 articles. 

Most of the people who attended the research lecture were not really paying attention. I was sitting at the back, trying to listen and focus while completing the name list of the new members of Malay Culture Society to be given to the Student Representative Council. The lecturer who gave us the lecture is a Vietnamese, if I'm not mistaken. Tengah khusyuk khusyuk focus sambil type on my laptop, suddenly I got a notification from my 'Melayu-Nusantara ME214' group Whatsapp. 

I opened the whatsapp. It was from M. 

"Dia cakap pasal Alia study. Alia tu sape? 

Then J replied, "Earlier."

Hahahahahaha! Tiara, Sanaa and I who sat at the back gelak terbahak bahak dalam versi cover sebab takut gelak kuat sangat kat belakang. We laughed not because the lecturer has a different accent, but because how innocent our classmate sounded hahaha. 

I can still remember there was a class with another Vietnamese lecturer. She's a really good lecturer. She's kind and she always explains one by one to make sure all of us understand, with her small giggles sometimes in between her explanations. I can't forget the word 'Lang', which she actually referred to lung haha kinda cute. We seldom asked each other whenever there's a word that we couldn't understand, because a pronunciation is really important. Yelah contoh Buerger's Disease and Berger's Disease, lain teramat maksudnya. 

Tapi jangan lah lecturer tu lain accent, hampa pi bahan habis habisan, kesian dia :( Telling it once okay lah, but if more than once I don't think it's funny. So as a conclusion, pay attention in the class as those who pay attention also can misheard, apatah lagi yang tidak. A reminder to myself haha. 

Oct 11, 2015

Clerking A Simulated Patient aka History Taking

Assalamualaikum wahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

History taking and medical students can't be separated. 70% of the information for doctors to make a diagnosis, or at least to come out with a few differential diagnosis is from history taking. A good history taking. That is what my doctors in Clinical Skills Unit (CSU) always tell us. For every system we will have at least one or two clinical skill sessions on history taking. That is when everyone feels so cuak because masing masing rasa diri tak ready if out of the blue you get a difficult case and a fierce doctor, my god cuak kebebeh I tell you. 

In a group of 8-9 people, each person will have the chance to say something. Some doctors prefer to divide each student to clerk a different component rather than a full history taking, that means one person does the history of presenting illness, another person does the past medical history and so on. While some other doctors might ask a person to do the whole history taking, fuhh! My group is the last group, and like last week, my session was on Thursday. I already asked a friend of mine from the previous group how was her CSU session. And she said the first case was quite hard, and she told me it was about a bladder obstruction because of enlargement of the prostate. And the second case was about a lady, but she didn't tell me what was it and I also didn't ask. 

I went back home and got myself prepared with the first case because usually the first case is always about taking a full history. A friend of mine told me she felt really guilty to herself for not being brave enough to volunteer on her session. Somehow she inspired me to volunteer for my session, so that night before I went to sleep, I told myself, 'No matter how afraid you are or how fierce the doctor is, you must raise your hand and volunteer'. 

Tick tock tick tock. 

After the sister in-charge took our attendance, my group mates and I straight away went to Room 26C and waited for the simulated patient (SP) and the doctor. Doctor A came in and I was like 'Alamak cuaknya she's kind but quite strict'. Then a woman who was our first SP came in. Okay, this is not funny, I thought the first case should be the guy, I'm not ready for this and as usual, I didn't volunteer. 

The doctor chose someone to do the full history taking. She pointed at someone. Guess who?


*mixed feelings*

I was absolutely not ready for this. I stayed calm, walked to the 'hot seat' and greeted the SP. Dalam hati, Allah je yang tahu. Rasa macam tergolek golek dah jantung jatuh kat lantai haha! 

The patient came with a bilateral swelling on the leg. For HOPI, I asked since when does it start, has this happened before, exacerbating and relieving factors, whether it's pitting or non-pitting, if there's any pain, systems reviews (from head to toe; headache, vomiting, etc.) and I explored the associated symptoms. I asked too much about her urination though (even the urgency, hesitancy, poor stream, dribbling, incontinence) because like I told you, I prepared for the bladder obstruction, not this one haha. Next, I asked more questions about Past Medical History, Drug History, Family History, Diet and Social History. There had been a few questions I'm not really sure I already asked or not, so there was a time, after I asked about the family history, I paused and asked the patient about other symptoms. Amboi sukahati je. I thought I messed up the whole thing. 

Then it was time for the feedback. 

Doctor A asked me how did I feel during the interview. I told her (and also everyone else in that room) that I didn't have any other things in my mind except for fluid retention because of renal failure. I also told her everything was messed up and I think there were questions I wasn't so sure whether I should ask or not.

Doctor A asked the SP how does she feel about me interviewing her. Then she said I was good in term of the voice tone, posture, eye contact, and how I tried to build rapport with her, but one thing, some of the questions I asked were repetitive, which I agreed with that. The doctor also gave feedback. She said everything was smooth, I did quite well, with just an occasional pause, but it wasn't too obvious and can be improved. Then she asked my group mates if they have anything in their minds and most of them told the doctor I did it quite well. Alhamdulillah! 

Then mula lah discuss one by one. The doctor told us there's no such thing as simply ask (which everyone does if tetiba tak tahu nak tanya apa haha). She told us everything must have a reason. To be honest, when you sit on the so-called the 'hot seat', suddenly everything is mixed up and you can't think well compare to when you sit with others. Maybe because everyone is looking at you and listening to what you say attentively kot haha. Doctor A told us that we should actively think to cancel out other causes one by one, like in this case, to cancel CVS causes, respi causes etc. This is where the clinical reasoning plays an important role, and it is one of the main components in history taking (other 2 are communication skills and contents). 

English is not my mother tongue. Although during high school, I was in English Set A for every year, but trust me, I was only good in writing, not in communicating. My friends who were from other sets spoke in English wayyyyy better than me. Yes, I could talk in English, but I preferred not to because my confidence level was at the lowest point.  

But here in IMU, you have to talk in English. Ever since I entered IMU, I always tell myself, I have to improve my communication skills and to do that, I have to brave and confident with myself. Even until now, I am still trying to make myself better and better. 

Here are some tips, which I always do with my friends and might help you in history taking, as a medical student.

1.  Practice with friends. Take turns to become an SP with different cases, so everyone can learn and at the same time can give feedbacks. 

2.  Read more, more and more. Learn how to differentiate one case from another one. 

3.  If you have to interview a simulated patient (SP, not real patients. SP gets a script beforehand and they have to act like a real patient) like us, set your mind you are interviewing a real patient and treat him/her like a real one.

4.  Hard to show empathy? Imagine and put yourself in the patient's shoes and try to really understand how s/he feels. Respond to every concern your SP tells you. Dylla pernah kena marah because tak respond time SP cakap parents dia dah passed away. 

5.  Don't forget to signpost and don't simply jumble up your questions here and there, unless it is really important. Contoh if you think patient punya chief complaint ada kaitan dengan drug, then terus je tanya pasal medication time history of presenting illness (HOPI).

That's all for now. Anyway, I am still a medical student and have not entered clinical school yet so I don't really know how the real challenges look like. I only share things I learned during my clinical sessions and I'm really sorry if it doesn't really helpful at all. Any mistakes I did, just tell me okay. 

Feel free to drop any comments or questions in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading! Assalamualaikum :) 

Oct 10, 2015

How To Delete Your Facebook Account After You Pass Away

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I always wonder, when I pass away one day, how should I delete my social media accounts. Things we share in social websites might not be good and everything will be counted in the hereafter. Recently, I found a new tool provided by Facebook for us to delete our Facebook when we have passed away. I would show you guys on how to delete / let someone to manage your account after you pass away. It only requires a few easy and straightforward steps. 


1.   Click the small inverted triangle on the top right of your screen. 

2.   Go to 'Settings'.

3.   Click 'Security' on the left side bar. 

4.   Click 'Legacy Contact' and there will be 2 options that you can choose. I'd show you how to delete first. On the second option as you can see, there's a box under 'Account Deletion'. Click on that small box. 

5.   Click 'Delete After Death'. 

6.   Lastly, insert your password.

There's a written statement from Facebook, "Once someone lets us know you've passed away, no one will be able to see your profile again." So yeah, your account will be deleted permanently. 

If you think "Nahh, I dont wanna delete my account, so that my family and friends can visit me account and share memories in it," yes, there's another way. This time, you let someone to manage your account so that the person can accept friend request, post on your behalf, and also deactivate the account after you pass away. 


The same steps 1-4. 

5.   Under 'My Legacy Contact', write a person's name (of course, your family or your best friend maybe) and click 'Add'. 

6.   Facebook will send a message to notify the person about this thing. You can also talk to them personally. Click send. Then it's done! 

You can choose only one option. A big thanks to Facebook! Now, I don't have to write my password somewhere and ask a person to find that note when I have passed away haha. Happy trying! 

Assalamualaikum :)

Oct 7, 2015

A Trip To The Dialysis Centre

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Currently we are studying Renal System so everything is about the kidney, how the body maintains the constituent minerals and water in our body and stuff like that. For this system, we'd been divided into a few groups for a visit to the dialysis centre. 

My group, which consists of 7 people went to the dialysis centre in Kampung Pandan this morning. Finally.. I felt excited as I could meet real patients again. We went there by a van which was provided by IMU. We arrived there around 8.15am and at 8.40am, the nurse/sister who works in the centre gave us a briefing about how they process the clean water, how the 'fake kidney' functions, steps to make sure their patients get the right amount of nutrients and minerals in the body, etc. 

My group has 2 international students so it was quite hard for them to understand as the nurse spoke in Malay. I pity for them, but there was nothing we could do as the nurse told us she had to be quick so it's easier for her to talk in Malay. But later, we made a circle, discussed back what we learned and explained to my international student friends from A to Z so that they won't miss any important points. 

Basically, those who have to undergo dialysis are at the end stage of kidney failure. Usually for young patients who don't have chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problem and so on, they would try their best to find a donor, from their family or friends, so that they can have a liver transplant, as to have dialysis 3 times a week makes their lives difficult as they can't go to work and have a job. Some of the alternatives made by the National Kidney Foundation-- they offer teaching them to cook, sew, etc, to increase their soft skills and might help them in having side income. 

Thought of interviewing the patients, taking some history, but then most of them were sleeping so we decided to call the van uncle and went back to IMU. 

Nothing much happened, but t'was a great overview of how the dialysis centre works. 

Oct 6, 2015

How I Spent Last Weekend

This post was supposed to be published 2 days ago. 

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

I just sent my best friend to the bus station in Pekeliling, near the LRT Titiwangsa Station. Most of my best friends are from the same high school as me. From high school, to INTI and even to IMU, the people who I am close to are from the same high school. I know, my circle of close friends is not that big. Pusing pusing orang yang sama haha. 5 years in a boarding school makes you know each other well, what she likes, what she hates, who she adores and stuff like that. We rarely meet, but we do catch up with each other's life once every 2-3 months at least. 

The last time I met Wafi (real name: Wahidah. Why Wafi? Hehe secret :p) was 3 years ago, I reckon so. She's studying in UIA Kuantan. She already planned to meet me last year, but unfortunately that time Malaysia was having a terrible flash flood and the bus couldn't get to Semenanjung as the road was blocked. Every time she called me, I'd ungkit about the incident, telling her "Yelah kau mana nak datang sini. Alasan banjir lah apa lah" and she'd stress out and told me over and over again about the flood thingy hahaha saja buli. 

A few days ago, suddenly Wafi called me to tell that she's coming to KL. At first I wonder is she on her holiday or what, rupa-rupanya she came here to meet me! Terharunyaaaaa! *nangis golek golek* I went back home on Thursday and came back to KL on Saturday morning. Wafi waited for me at TBS as she arrived first. Patutnya Dylla yang tunggu Wafi but terbalik pula. Ibu and ayah pesan next time make sure I'm the one who wait for her not she waits for me. Okay ibu ayah, ampunkan anakanda. 

We felt really hungry at that time, so we straight away went to NU Sentral to have a lunch there. Before that, we left our things in a locker in TBS. Lockers in TBS use passcode, so you don't have to hold the keys and get worry in case if the key misplaces or drops anywhere. We went to NU Sentral by LRT from TBS and then changed to Monorail in Hang Tuah. Sampai sampai je terus serbu directory and chose the Gravy Factory (Click here to read Foodylla review) for lunch. 

Then I bought Wafi to one of my fav ice cream places, Sangkaya! We went Sangkaya for 2 times because we just couldn't get over it and guess what?! Wafi loves Sangkaya too! Weeee hehehe. We went back after watching Maze Runner with the free tickets my sister got (do visit her blog; http://ariesharezan.blogspot.my/) and stopped at TBS to pick up our bags from the locker and from TBS, we decided to take a taxi back to VIsta. It's very easy to book a taxi nowadays. You only need a phone application called MyTeksi and mobile data / wifi. Everything is just at the tip of our fingers.

Wafi slept over at my place for a night and on the next day we went out together for brunch before I sent her to Titiwangsa LRT Station. The haze is getting worse here, with API more than 200 hm it's really bad, especially for those who have asthma.. like me. Even though Alhamdulillah I don't get any dramatic critical asthma attack, but somehow this haze affects my breathing and health. Usually I won't feel very tired, but recently I easily get shortness of breath, even walking for only a short distance, from the Sri Petaling LRT Station to my house in Vista C, which is just about 550m away. I took a taxi on that day, so that I don't have to redah the haze and feeling very tired at the end of the day.

Avoid going out and stay indoor okay! 
Hope this situation will get better soon. I miss the clean air, although KL is KL, not a jungle where the fresh air is everywhere haha.

Nah belanja a photos of us.
I'm wearing a shawl from Rezllene's New Collection btw hehe.

Meet Wafi



On our way to the Sri Petaling LRT Station

Wafi bye :'(

So, that's all for now. 
Deedaadee. Assalamualaikum!