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History Taking (Video Recording Session)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Yeayyy done with my video recording session! What's 'video recording'? Video recording is actually another type on how we learn during the clinical skills session. We will have to interview a simulated patient (history taking) according to the case that we get. The duration for the interview is 5 minutes and another 1 minute is for the simulated patients (SP) to give feedback. What we do will be recorded and on the following week we'll get feedback from our peers. I was quite excited and a bit nervous. Excited because this is the time to know where am I (at which level) and nervous because this is my very first time! We were divided into few groups and guess what? I was in group 1! Each of us got a room and a case. I was assigned to be in the room 29C. My case for today's video recording was a patient with sore throat. I just waited in the room until the patient came in. Okay now I'm going to tell on