Feb 27, 2015

Foodylla @ Boat Noodle

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Before I start, I just wanna tell you guys something.
I'm a big eater, seriously.
Biasa kalau makan nasi sepinggan memang tak cukuplah.
Kalau makan dengan lelaki, I makan lagi laju dari diorang.
And of course, I love food (motif beritahu? Haha).

So today I'm gonna write a short review bout the famous Boat Noodle.
It is called Boat Noodle because in Thai it is sold in a small boat!
There are 2 kind of Boat Noodle restaurants, halal and non-halal.
If tak silap yang non-halal is "Thai Boat Noodle".
Check first before you go okay! Bcs in Thai itself usually they serve the noodles with pork.

I went to Empire Damansara but the shop was reallyyyy packed and there was a long line of people, queuing to get a seat!
I was quite dissapointed at first but because nak try jugak makan punya pasal I went to Jaya One's branch.
Haaa lengang sikit takde lah ramai sangat macam kat Empire Damansara tu.
I only had to wait for few minutes before getting a table for my friends and I.

There are 2 types of sauce available here; Ayutthaya and Pathumthani. 
Ayutthaya is more creamy I guess.
Each bowl is served with fish ball, taugeh and daun yang biasa orang masuk dalam tom yam haha.
You can order either chicken / beef for each sauce.
I didn't try the Ayutthaya as my taste buds had been caught by the delicious spiciness of the other sauce.
Jap jap macam mana sos tu tangkap taste bud eh?
Okay forget it. Haha

Each bowl around RM 2.00, if tak silap RM 1.90.
Yes cheap but of course one bowl is not enough!
One bowl = 1 mouthful of noodle.
(I have big mouth #AnotherFact haha)

Overall I ate 7 bowls muahahaha!
Tu pun tak kenyang sangat lagi pun, tapi sebab rasa macam kena stop juga haha. 

Empire Damansara, G03a, Heritage Lane
The School @ Jaya One, P2, Same floor as Cold Storage
Ikon Cheras, G Floor
Publika Block C5, Level G3, Lot 30a
Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru L2-550C
Gamuda Walk, Setia Alam
Klang Parade, 5th Floor

Taste: 9/10
Price: 7/10

Feb 13, 2015

2D1N In Singapore - Orchard Road & Kampung Glam

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Continuation from the previous post.
Below photos are Orchard Road.
Usually if nak shopping haa kat sini lah.
Ada banyak mall kiri kanan, somehow looks like KL I think but not as busy-hot-scary-humid as KL haha.
At first we thought that we wanted to have our lunch at Orchard Road but unfortunately it was very difficult to find a halal place to eat.
Most of the Singaporeans told us the easiest place to find food was somewhere around the 'Market Place' something, I couldn't remember.
Sorang-sorang memang dah tak larat sangat nak jalan.
We decided to take a bus to find halal food.

One thing I like about Singapore is their citizens. 
They are very friendly and really helpful.
An old man helped us and followed us until we arrived at the Orchard Road as we didn't know at all where's that place. 
Nak search pun tak boleh because semua tak dapat phone signal. 
Another man guided us on what bus should we take to go here and there. 
A big thank you for those who had helped us!

Here, we arrived in Kampung Glam. 
No no, not Glam as in 'Glamorous'.
But Glam as in 'Gelam' haha yes ejaan dulu dulu! 
I said Kampung Glam then all of them laughed at me haha bebudak ni memang. 

Kat sini mostly kedai halal, ni macam perkampungan Melayu lah juga. 
After having our lunch (read: early dinner), I straight went to the mosque.
Dari luar nampak macam biasa je, ada construction apa semua.
Dah fikir dah macam mana nak solat apa semua telekung takde bla bla.
Biasalah first impression kan.
But bila masuk..

MashaaAllah lawanyaaaaa! 
Kat lampu siap ada tulis 'Muhammad SAW' 'Allahuakbar' apa semua.
Telekung bersih and wangi! 
Very comfortable, wayyyyy better than I expected, seriously.

Sanaa, Tiara, Nadia, Fatin

We bought some stuffs here as they're much cheaper than in town.
Then we went back to JB Sentral and got ourselves ready for the night bus to KL.
Alhamdulillah everything went well.
Can't wait for more journeys with them.

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Feb 2015 // Singapore

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2D1N In Singapore - Marina Bay

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

The next day after going to Universal Studios Singapore (USS), we went back into Singapore and had a tour to nearby places.
We stayed in Hotel Sentral JB the night before as it was easier for us to travel anywhere (yelah JB Sentral kan mesti ada bas hehe).
Pepagi dah semangat check out hotel and straight tunggu bas.

Kiri kanan semua cermin

Our first stop was Gardens by The Bay.
Lawa permandangan sini! 
Because I really love photography and taking photos of scenery, I think this place is really really suitable to take photos. 

A boat on buildings?

Actually if I'm not mistaken, there's a building in the Gardens by The Bay which is more more beautiful inside, but unfortunately not everyone like me (love to take photos) sigh haha buat cerita sedih.
Then my friends and I took an escalator to have a view on the overall scenery.

Dah dah pergi tempat lain jom.
We continued our journey to..

.. the Helix Bridge! 
Tetiba time atas bridge rasa macam goyang sikit, haaa Resonance (in Physics) gituuu.

At first I thought it's a flower tp rupanya tangan. 

Then we headed to the famous Merlion Park!
Sambil-sambil tu tangkap gambar lagi haha.

It was a longgggg way walking to the Merlion Park.
Rasa macam bila lah nak sampai haha.
Taraaaaa, kepala Singa yeay yeay!

Penat but worth it lah.
At least if someone asks where is the Merlion Park, I can answer that hehe :p

Will be continued..

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Feb 2015 // Singapore

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2D1N In Singapore - Universal Studios Singapore

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Slept at 2.30 am and woke up at 5.00 am.
It's frigging early, i know right!
Sanaa, Fatin and I slept in KLIA 2 because taxi fare during early in the morning if I'm not mistaken is 2x more expensive than usual.
Tergolek lah kami kat surau tingkat atas tu.

After bathing, changing clothes and performing Subuh prayer, we went to Old Town to have our breakfast.
Tiara and Nisa arrived few minutes later.
It was pretty early to eat but nak tak nak kena lah makan juga because nanti if dah masuk Singapore mana nak cari nasi lemak ke apa haha.

Inside the flight, Nisa gave me her seat near the window weeee.
I have this one kind of attitude every time I look at trees, sea, sky, clouds, sun etc.
I will keep quiet and menghayati pemandangan betul betul.
Even you leave me for hours pun takpe, seriously.
I don't know how to describe that thrilled and excited feeling, looking out of the flight from its window, watching the sea and trees beneath, Subhanallah indahnya ciptaan Allah swt.
Tak sempat nak hayati lama sangat pun tup tup dah sampai Changi Airport.
After that we straightly went to the Universal Studios.
This was the route taken by us.

We claimed for our tickets at the floor below the USS (we had to take the escalator to go down, so I assume it's below the USS, no? Haha).
Because there was no retail voucher left, so they changed it to meal voucher, and that means we had 15sgd meal voucher (yeay for food!).
Then we went back upstairs and to sorta locker room to keep our backpacks.
Yeahhhh the journey inside the USS started woohoo!

A compulsory place to take photo
Basically as we can see in the USS map above, there are 7 so-called-world; The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, Hollywood and New York.
We took a quick walk in the Hollywood and New York areas, then headed straightly to the Sci-Fi City.


New York

Had walked bout 100m when suddenly we heard a live singing show was going on. 
Patah balik.
They were singing 'Uptown Girl' by Westlife! 
Apa lagi bebudak ni sing along lah hahaha.

Acah tourist tengah cari jalan gitu, padahal dalam USS je pun haha
Credit to Tiara for this photo.

Sci-Fi City

The first thing that we lined up for was Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle.
It was quite a long queue, so we just stood and had a chit chat while lining up.
I looked back at the map and suddenly I thought I was queuing for the large roller coaster outside.
Ibu and Ayah awal awal dah pesan jangan naik yang bahaya sangat, so I decided to patah balik and got out from that line.
Sanaa, Tiara, Fatin and Nisa kept queuing.
It was a very long time, waiting for them outside of the ride.
Tak nak lah pergi anywhere else without them because I was afraid if they come out and I were not there, how can I call to contact them?
I captured a lot of photos at the Sci-Fi City to kill the time.

Sbb tak tahan dah nak tunggu, I asked a salesgirl of a shop there,

"May I know is this queue for the large roller coaster out there."

"No, it just a 3D roller coaster. The outside roller coaster is still closed."

Lahhhh penat je keluar line rupanya bukan roller coaster besar tu haiyo so rugi.
Few couple of minutes, the other group of my friends came out.
Sarah, Dayah, Nadia, Awin and Awin's boyfriend.
I asked them bout the ride and they told me that it was just a 3D ride with cool effects and best gila.
So, I said to myself, nak tak nak kena pergi juga kalau tak rugi.
Tapi bebudak tu dah lama beratur.

I walked back into the ride but this time I took the "Single Rider" line.
Jalan je straight and sampai terus kat ride tu, tak payah pun tunggu berjam-jam haha.
Single rider ni macam nak penuhkan ride tu, yelah kan biasanya orang datang dengan family or friends.
So kalau ada tempat kosong, they would give the place to "single rider".

Best gilaaaa tak tipu!
Tho I had to duduk sebelah lelaki Arab with his family/friends(?) Idk hahaha.
Diorang menjerit, I pun menjerit juga haha.
I could really feel the effects like it was real!
It isn't like a simple 3D ride with things pop out from that screen, it's more than that!
Here, you'll ride a vehicle which brings you from one 3D world to another one.
This ride has a lot of incredible motions with backward, 'falling', fast jerking forward etc.
A compulsory ride I must say.

Below here is a photo of the dual roller coaster which is currently closed for maintenance.
Lama dah tutup if tak silap, since a year ago.
Both are Battlestar Galalactica: Cyclon (Blue Track) and Human (Red Track).

My friends waited for me while queuing up at the Accelerator.
Accelerator ni macam game cawan pusing yang kat Sunway tu.
1 'cup' could fit 5 people.
Sanaa, Tiara and I had to sit with a couple of Korean.
Luckily they were sporting!
Sempat lagi took a 'wefie' (group selfie) dengan diorang haha.

Then we headed to the next world; Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt

Revenge of The Mummy is under maintenance as well, and we thought that the Treasure Hunters wasn't really worth waiting for haha sukahati je.
We captured few photos before heading to the next stop.

A part of 'Treasure Hunters'

Churros at this shop is NON-HALAL

We took a break for lunch at the Oasis Spice Cafe in the Ancient Egypt world.
This cafe is halal.
To know whether the restaurant is halal or not, you can refer to the USS map.
There is a symbol for halal.

Singapore's Halal Symbol
Nasi beriyani something I guess, forgot sorry hehe
10SGD drink & Nadia
I chose nasi beriyani for lunch.
15sgd meal voucher was not enough to pay, I had to add my own money a bit haha. 
Tiara, Nadia and I shared the 10sgd drink.
I think it was the most worthy drink to purchase as you can refill the bottle as many times as you want, anywhere in the USS. 

And here comes The Lost World.

The Lost World

We rode the Canopy Flyer and Jurassic Park Rapid Adventures. 
Both of the rides seriously best tak tipu! 
For the Canopy Flyer, you'll be sitting 2 in front and 2 behind. 
Kiranya kaki akan tergantung the whole time in the air. 
Long queue but unfortunately sekejap je duration, nak naik again hm memang tak lah nak beratur panjang lagi sekali haha.

Jurassic Park Rapid Adventures was also fun! 
We sat 8 people (or 10 eh? I cant remember) in a tube ride and had a slow journey through the jurassic jungle at first.
Rasa macam alaa awat slow sangat benda alah ni. 
At the end of the journey we found T-Rex above us! And experienced a quick drop woohoo! 
May get super wet, depends on where you sit :p 
You can buy a raincoat there for few dollars, but luckily I brought my own hehe.
We skipped few attractions in The Lost World and went to Far Far Away.

Lining up for Canopy Flyer

Far Far Away

It's princess time! Weeeeeee
This place is where I belong haha jk.

From left; Dayah, Tiara, Nadia, Me

Without further wasting time, we went into the castle for Shrek 4D Adventure.

The show almost started when I captured this photo.

Shrek 4D Adventure
We sat in a theatre and watched an exciting Shrek tale.
At first I thought it was going to be a boring one but I was wrong!
I really liked how the water splashed and the spiders tickled my legs haha.

Then we rode the Enchanted Airways which is a junior roller coaster.
It was getting dark when we went out from the castle.
Nasib baik dah puas ambil gambar, if not wuaaaa so sad.
Then our next stop; Madagascar.


There were only 2 main attractions here; Madagascar: A Crate Adventure (a boat ride which took us into the Madagascar World) and King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round.
Both are much more suitable for kids, but nonetheless, we enjoyed taking photos and making these rides became fun and exciting!
Dah habis main hujan pun turun.

Done trying all rides, so while waiting for others to gather we just strolled around, took more photos.

Below here was the set in Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg.
I was really amazed with this set.
It was like a show of a hurricane hitting the city and it was as real as in those movies!

Lights, Camera, Action!

With Cookie Monster!

Below here was taken inside of the Spaghetti Chase.
So cuteee! Haha

Almost comes to the end..


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Feb 2015 // Singapore

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