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Vietnam (Intro): I Was Hit By A Bike

I never got hit by any vehicles in other countries before, so here's to the first time encountering it.  If any of you guys follow my Instagram: @dyllarezan , you probably noticed that I just came back from Hanoi, Vietnam. One of the things in my to-do-list while waiting for housemanship is to update my travel experience for these past few years. I should continue with my India trip first, then continue with China, Taiwan, Bandung, Brunei, and a few local trips. Anyway, allow me to skip all those and publish posts about my most recent trip to Hanoi first hehe.  Traffic in Hanoi was more or less like India and Indonesia. I was not surprised by the honks anymore, not like the first day when I was in India ( click this link to read it; India Trip Day 1 Part 1 -Airport and Honk ) hehe. One thing for sure, just like India, you had to be super brave to cross the road. Like, super super brave, or else you will never get to the opposite. Forever. Haha that's kinda exagger

KonMari: Don't Judge My Room

Here are some before and after photos of my room.  But before you look at them, promise me you won't judge hehe.  Assalamualaikum and hi guys! Have you heard about KonMari method? It's a method of organising things from clothes, to books, kitchen utensils and tools, miscellaneous, etc. The most important thing is to keep things that spark joy only. The KonMari was founded by Marie Kondo. I'm a HUGE fan of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo series. If you know me well, you'd know how much I love organising and tidying stuff. Nah-uh, not OCD, because I do all these willingly, and in fact, actually I'd feel a bit stressful if my things are not organised. Organising makes life easier, trust me. You organise your things, you know where you put them, you place them back after using it and you'll never have to search for them since you already know where they are. And a plus point is, your room will always look neat!  But, I've never really had a chance t

Finally, a doctor

Have you ever thought of quitting something when you were almost at the end? Have you ever cried so hard inside, but pretended you were okay?  Have you ever felt like giving up and wanted to run away, but you just can't? Have you ever felt like giving up, but you know you'd regret it? I had.  This event of my life deserves a post here. IMU has so many professional examinations that make me lost count. What I knew, on the 6th of August (Tuesday), I had my final professional examination, the last exam as a medical student in IMU. IMU has a different system from other universities. I had OBA, EMQ and 16-OSCE stations in Semester 9, and I thought that was already the toughest exam. The exam in our final semester (semester 10) consisted of a long case and viva on our 10 portfolios. It was easier than semester 9, but definitely not as easy as "Don't worry, you don't have to study also can pass." But what I can say, Semester 10 is one of the bes

Getting Out of Comfort Zone

Easier said than done.  I challenged myself to do something that I had never done before.  Did I succeed?   Assalamualaikum and hi guys!  I loveeee challenges and adventures and I love to challenge myself. The phrase 'easier said than done' is definitely true, but I will always try to prove it wrong, although sometimes I fail. A few weeks ago, I saw someone retweeted a tweet about Baju Raya Project JB and the team was finding 150 volunteers. I instantly sent an email to the person-in-charge, telling her about my intention to volunteer. I did ask a few of my friends if they wanna join, but they had some errands on that day. This is my first time going out of my comfort zone. Usually, in any events that I participate or volunteer, there would be someone I know, but this time I knew no one. The place was not that far from Kluang to JB, but if I wanna reach on the same day before 8.30am, I would have to leave my Kluang house probably around 6 something. I rather go the

Write. Save. Repeat.

I'd been writing and saving posts in draft, but yet, did not publish them. Blame my laziness to continue typing and end up writing them halfway. Anyway, I have a new resolution.  I'm thinking of starting writing like on weekly basis, at least. Since this is my final semester in medical school (InshaaAllah!) and although I don't fancy roller coaster rise, but these few months will definitely be a thrilled ride for sure and publishing the stories here might be a good idea since I don't have a diary.   A quick summary of my current life.  For semester 10 aka the final semester, I am posted in Hospital Enche' Besar Hajjah Khalsom, Kluang. This semester we are supposed to 'shadow' housemen, which sometimes I think we really ARE shadows, like what Dato' Siva told us haha.  I started with Internal Medicine posting. It was amazing. Never thought I could love Internal Medicine as much as I did here. Well, although I have to admit that I'm stil

A Year Older, But Am I A Year Wiser?

You know how people always say a year old, a year wiser.  I had never said it before until I posted a photo on my Instagram a few days ago. I always write things ONLY if I really mean it. And I had a long pause before typing that sentence, thinking ...  ... am I really a year older, and ALSO a year wiser?  Not one year, or two years, but for many years, I doubted myself. I knew that I learned a lot as time passed because Allah blesses our lives so beautiful from A to Z that not a single day would pass with nothing to learn from. But, that was not the issue. I wondered, did all those life events make me a wiser person? Am I a better person than who I was before?  I am not aware if my personality changes, but one thing for sure, my way of thinking does change somehow. I remember being someone who cared a lot about everything, including things that were out of my control ie. how people treat me. I treated people the nicest way possible, and expected people to treat