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15 Useful Tips For Krabi Budget Trip

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Here are some tips that I managed to remember. Hope this post will help you in planning your trip!  1. Fill in the immigration form in the flight. When we arrived, there was a really, really long line, queuing behind the immigration counters. We didn't write our flight number and 'address in Thailand' because we thought it wasn't important, but then at the counter itself, the customs officer asked us to fill everything, then we had to search back everything and write them down. Luckily, I saved all those details in my handphone. So, make sure you fill in EVERYTHING needed to save time. For 'address in Thailand', just write the address of the place you'll be staying.  2. Don't book any tour package while on your way from the airport to hotel. The van / taxi that you take will bring you to a company for packages and trip booking. DON'T BOOK ANY FROM THEM because you will get a wayyyy

Book Review: Bidadari - Memoir Aishah Humairah

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I've never known her in person, nor what she studied or where she lived. But one thing I know, she was a fighter. She passed away a few months ago due to SLE, but that doesn't indicate she lost to SLE. Let me tell you why.  Some of you might wonder, what is SLE?  SLE stands for systemic lupus erythematosus or in a simpler layman's term, it means body immune system attacks healthy tissue. And because it's a systemic disease (affects whole body, does not focus on any particular area), it might attack any parts of body including skin, muscles, blood, heart, lungs, stomach, kidney etc. All these manifestations attack at the same time in a serious condition. It seemed impossible for one to endure such pain, but that was what she did. This book is compiled by her friends from the experiences they had with her; the ups and downs, the happiness and sadness. I really salute her friends who were always there for her,

Why Waste When We Have A Solution?

This post is written at 11.53pm on Friday. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Photo by Mr Google I should be sleeping right now as I wanna wake up early tomorrow. In fact, I'm already on the bed, getting ready to sleep, but my intention is thwarted by the sudden appearance of my blogging mood, so I better not to turn it away or by the time I try to find it back, it has already gone sebab merajuk haha.  Today is another out-of-routine day for me as I met my best friend, Ummi after a longgggggg time not seeing each other. It's longer than the word 'long' I just typed, wayyy longer than that, no kidding haha. We even didn't have the chance to celebrate each other's birthday, and I wonder when was the last time I gave Ummi a present hmmm. Anyway, time spent is what matters most, innit? Hehe.  Ummi fetched me and we straightly went to Aeon Bandaraya, spending a good few hours, chitchatting about life, study, family interspersed with silly

Makan Dalam Talam

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I had my end of semester examination last Monday and it marked the end of Year 2, alhamdulillah! This semester is not a progression point for us, so no matter what marks we get, we will still proceed to the next semester. And yes, preclinical in IMU is 2.5 years. Hm maybe because the basic clinical stuff including physical examinations and procedures has already integrated into the curriculum. Anyway, I would try my best to update my blog every day! Can't promise though as my daily schedule might change as I have a never ending to-do-list for this (only) one month break haha.  For 3 systems (reproductive, musculoskeletal and nervous systems) that were being tested in the exam, we had to sit for ONE paper only. Can't imagine how an exam consists of everything, 9 systems altogether, which we're gonna sit in the next semester will be tested in ONE paper. Finger crossed. That evening, I crashed into Sanaa's place, spending

Ramadan Is Here! What Should I Do?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Exactly 2 weeks left before my final examination. I'm so sorry for leaving this blog hiatus for quite some time. Anyway, today is the second day of the month of Ramadan and Alhamdulillah we are still here to taste the ni'mah of Ramadan. It's not too late to start listing down your Ramadan resolutions, as what people always say 'Better late than never', and I'm sure most of you who are reading this post will start speaking inside, reminding your heart what your resolutions are. It can be anything. From waking up for sahoor, helping the needy to standing a part of the night for tahajjud. But those are not the only thing about Ibadah(s).  Ibadah is a word with one meaning (worship), which has a few branches and broad classifications as it is not only confined to the pillars of Islam, but also comprises a lot of other good deeds and behaviours. Ibadah or worship is not restricted to fasting, prayer, going to