Nov 20, 2017

Nurul Apollo

This post was supposed to be posted on Friday, 17th of Nov 2017.

These two words that become my title for today's blogpost are the words that made my day today. If you were in my group, you'd probably notice how much I loveeee Orthopaedics. 

The last time I had this feeling was during Surgery posting. I'm not saying I don't like other postings. To be honest, I enjoy all postings, seriously! But, these 2 have a special place in my heart hehe. I don't mind going to the hospital 7.15am every day. I don't mind attending the not-compulsory CME on Thursdays. I don't mind making mistakes as long I as I make an effort to try. Creds to Anis for introducing Ortho in a really passionate way that made me fall in love with Ortho even before I started this posting 5 weeks ago.

I introduced my name as 'Nurul' when Prof. A asked my name. In Arabic, it means light. I guess Nurul is much easier to remember and pronounce compare to Ardilla (Arabic: just / fair). Well, light is everywhere unless it's blackout, but you can't see justice visually, right. . . 

Eversince then,

"Nurul, what is the common fracture in osteoporotic patient?"

"Nurul, how do you check for C6 nerve root?" 

"Nurul, check the patient's sciatic nerve."

"Nurul, draw the tension band wire to fix fracture of the patella."

When I answered or did it correctly, I could feel my right-sided and left-sided heart like high-5-ing each other. But, when I don't, I hear them said, "It's okay, Ardilla. Better you make mistake or don't know now rather than later when you've become a doctor." 

I become more in love with Orthopaedic when looking at my lecturers. They are sooooo passionate in their career and not stingy when sharing knowledge. How they work with each other is admirable. They never think they are better than someone else and they always ask for others' opinion because to them, 2 brains are better than 1. Sometimes can be up to 5 brains at the same time, pouring what they know, not trying to prove they are better. 

Back to the story. 

Just now, I attended a talk regarding MERCY Malaysia and Prof Arshad was one of the speakers. I arrived quite late as I was from the hospital, just finished bed side teaching (BST) with Mr. N. When I entered the hall, suddenly my 2 best friends, Tiara and Anis shouted my name! They didn't shout Ardilla, the usual name they call me. But instead, they shouted 'Nurul'. The second time they shouted, Prof. A turned his head and looked at me. Oh. My. God. These girlsssss! Hahaha. And then they told me that they were discussing about Ortho Club just now and when Anis mentioned my name, Prof. A told them that I am a good student :')

I'm really, really touched. I never thought that I can be a 'good student' in my lecturer's eyes because to be honest, I'm just Ardilla. Just Ardilla, with Nurul in front. I guess their definition of 'good student' is not that you have to know everything. Probably I'm considered good in different criteria because I do not know about everything and I still need to improve. A lot. 

Another thing about the incident was when they shouted just now, everyone else who was already sitting comfortably on the chair turned their heads as well and looked at me, wondering who is this girl named Nurul? Hahaha. 

Another funny story happened shortly before that. Remember that I told you I had BST with Mr. N? 

30 minutes before we left the ward, suddenly he looked at my name tag and asked me,

"What's your name again." 

He squinted his eyes. I thought he was gonna call me the right name.

Suddenly . . .

"Is it Apollo? Nurul Apollo?" 

Nurul Apollo also can Mr. N hahahah.