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Pre-Housemanship: Things I'm Glad I Did

Assalamualaikum and hi guyssss!  Before I start, just in case you don't know, I'm currently in my 4th posting, which means I already completed 1 year and a month of housemanship, since each posting takes 4 months.  A few months prior to housemanship, I'd asked a few friends who were already HOs that time.  "Patut tak aku study?" Then all of them gave me the same answer. "Tak payah. Please enjoy time before housemanship."  And yes, I did.  1. Cooking with my husband for the family After I got married, my husband and I stayed at my sister-in-law's house. If you know me well, you'd probably know that I RARELY cooked previously especially when I stayed with my parents. When I was in medical school also, most of the times I would just eat out, tapau or cooked a very very very simple dish. I remember I even tried making a few dishes using microwave only, fuh the level of laziness haha.  I challenged myself to cook after I got married and it was fully s

Xiamo Mi Box S Review: 3 Reasons Why You Should Have It

Assalamualaikum and hi guys!  I'm trying to be consistent here by posting at least once per week. So how do I do so far? Hehe  Anyway today I'm gonna review a tech device that I loveeee.  It's called Xiaomi Mi Box S. It's a streaming device where a few apps inc Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, Disney+ Hotstar, etc are available. Before I knew this thing exists, my husband would connect his laptop to the tv whenever we wanted to watch any movies. It was a bit leceh, since we had to wait the laptop to start first, plus the lagging time and the slow laptop. When I found this device, straight away I knew I should get this.  If you're thinking of buying one but still contemplating, here are 3 reasons why you should have it! 1. No need to connect to laptop anymore This box allows you to stream Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, etc directly. You don't have to use your laptop anymore. You can just switch on your TV and automatically it will show you your Netflix, Spotify, Youtube ac

Someone Licked Me In The Middle of The Night

Yes. Someone licked me at 3am in the morning and I was so shocked!  If you guys follow me on Instagram, you'd probably know that I have 2 naughty cats at home.  Meet Ivar and Renji.  IVAR; 10 months old  RENJI; 5 months old We first met Ivar in a car shop. She was so small that time. Small and wet. Sobri and I were just talking about getting a cat in the car. So when this small tiny kitten approached me out of a sudden when I was sitting on a couch, I felt like it was a fate. I convinced Sobri that we should bring this kitten home. Sobri tried to pet her and she immediately licked Sobri's hand. She won our hearts and we decided to adopt her. It happened on 7th of November and she was about 1 month that time.  On 29th May, when Ivar was about 7 months old, we decided to adopt another kitten since Ivar looked lonely. After going high and low searching for a kitten, we found one. It was the day where we met Renji. He was about 2 months that time.  Ever since we have both of them,

One Principle I Always Hold On To During Housemanship

Assalamualaikum and hi everyoneeee. Not sure if anyone still reads blog posts or not, but here I am after a year plus of hiatus. A lot of things happened and changed for the past year. I tried my best to update my blog, wishing that it would be somehow my go-to comfort place, where I can keep a part of memories, but I did not succeed. 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, but I still do not have enough time to update my blog monthly, not to mention weekly or daily. My off days and post nights were mostly spent on sleeping hehe.  Oh and another reason why I didn't update much is because my laptop lagged so much that I rather do something else than wait for it. My husband bought a new laptop for me so yeay! I started housemanship early August 2020. 1 year passed and I had gone through 3 postings, and currently in my fourth. Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G) was my first posting, followed by Surgical, Medical and now Orthopaedic.  Housemanship is challenging. Every single person woul