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15 Years Back Then

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. It's the longest period of time I haven't touched a book since a few months ago. It feels a bit weird, but nope, I still don't wanna touch it now. Yet. Gimme 10 more minutes to type this post, then I will think about it okay hehe.  I notice the meaning of Raya to me has changed a lot these past few years. Or is it because I'm becoming more mature and I understand the real meaning of Raya, which makes me appreciate Raya even more? Probably yes.  15 years back then, Raya to me was about playing sparklers and firecrackers with cousins, sleeping at my grandparents' house, waking up in the morning by the rooster's crow and of course getting duit raya (though I secretly hope I still get it now hehe).  15 years back then, when Datuk was still alive, at night before Raya, he'd install an extended lamp from inside the house to the garage and place a number of pelitas around the house for us to play with the

I'm Back!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.  Hellooooooo everyone!  Just in case if you guys have forgotten, I'm Ardilla Noorezan. Who am I? No one. So, you are not expected to know me actually haha.  What an interesting way to start a post after so long not writing one, Ardilla . . .  Yes, alhamdulillah I'm still alive, trying to survive in Med school. How was everything? Hmmm which one should I start first? Should I start with the part where I almost cried when clerking a patient? Or my car crashed into a tree? Or the part where I had trouble sleeping? Hm, which one.. haha. Okay, I'll just tell briefly about everything I can remember, alright? Grab some popcorn and keep scrolling hehe.  I already finished 7-week of Family Medicine and almost finish my 2nd 7-week-posting which is surgery. I loveeee this clinical phase because finally, I can relate the theory part and real things. This is also the phase which I learn a lot. Not just about Medicine and p