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A Cup of Coffee With Dr Beni Isman Rusani

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.  Whenever someone asks me what I wanna specialise in, I would answer, "I'm not sure as I haven't graduated from medical school yet, but for now, I'm thinking of being a cardiologist." It has always been cardiology ever since I was a kid, even before I knew the existence of the word 'cardiology'. Maybe because it has something to do and is correlated to my late Datuk, who had undergone bypass, passed away because of a heart attack and the one (other than my parents) who always gave me support and motivation to become a doctor.  To meet and have a nice chit-chat with a cardiologist is like ticking off another bucket list for me, even better with the presence of a cup of coffee, that's for sure. I tweet a lot during the competition organised by Dr Beni and Dr Akmal with the hashtag #Benism on twitter, but unfortunately luck wasn't on my side as I was not chosen even for the top 3 finalists. My best

Tonymoly - Pilihan Ramai Wanita Korea

Sponsored post.  Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Bagi penggemar drama Korea dan muzik KPOP, pastinya anda sedia maklum akan kecantikan wajah pelakon-pelakon Korea yang amat lembut dan putih. Baik lelaki mahupun wanita, masyarakat di Korea sememangnya amat terkenal dengan penjagaan kulit muka yang rapi dan efektif. Oleh kerana itu, tidak hairanlah jika Korea juga merupakan diantara negara yang banyak mengeluarkan produk-produk kecantikan yang berkualiti tinggi dan salah satu produk yang kini menjadi sebutan adalah TONYMOLY.  Ditubuhkan pada tahun 2006 lagi, Tony Moly yang dulunya hanya dikenali di Korea kini telah mula mendapat perhatian wanita-wanita Asia termasuklah di Malaysia sendiri. Jenama pengeluar kosmetik yang terkenal ini menawarkan rangkaian produk kecantikan, produk penjagaan kulit dan rambut untuk wanita-wanita di Asia. Apa yang menarik mengenai TonyMoly adalah rangkaian produk kosmetik yang berasaskan bahan-bahan organik yang pastinya dijamin

4D3N Krabi Budget Trip (Less Than RM700!) - Itinerary & Expenses

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I just started a new semester 2 weeks ago and I'm still in the process to catch the pace. Today is Saturday and it's time for me to relax weehoo! I'm gonna update about Krabi itinerary and expenses. Let's start with the itinerary first, shall we? KRABI TRIP ITINERARY; (Click on the pink-bold words to read more) Day 1 (24/1/2016, Sunday) 0730 - Arrived in Thailand. 0915 - Out of the airport and went to Luna House in Ao Nang by a taxi. 1000 - Arrived at the Luna House. 1100 - Morning walk to the Ao Nang Beach and at the same time tried finding packages for the next 3 days. We had lunch at the Bamboo Restaurant and then continued searching for packages with the best price, before heading to the Ao Nang Beach. Too lazy to walk so we took a tuktuk back to the Luna House. 1430 - Arrived at the Luna House and slept until 5pm. Penat sangat hehe. 1715 - Went to the Night Market in Krabi Town by a tuktuk. The jo

I Met Pregnant Superwomen(?)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I just started my life as a fourth semester medical student in IMU last week, with the reproductive system as the first system to learn this semester. Weehoo for some people, but it's the same for me. I thought this semester would be different with newly energised Ardilla after 2 months of holiday and the spirit to work harder, but meyhhh. The same Ardilla who easily falls asleep, especially in the evening, even though everyone else is laughing about something. I'm still in the process to change myself, fighting Dylla! Anyway, I haven't written for quite some time, I know right! Writing is something that I do during leisure time when I feel like I wanna do it. But, if that time I prefer sleeping or studying, I'm so not gonna write any because it will turn out into something that is forced-unhappily written haha.  I had my first and last clinic visit of this semester today and it was a wonderful experience, somehow

4D3N Krabi Budget Trip Video

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My best friends and I I just uploaded Krabi video weeeee. Feel free to watch and drop some comments if you have anything to say. And yes, do subscribe my YouTube channel for more upcoming videos!  What do you guys think about this video? Tell me!