Mar 19, 2016

A Cup of Coffee With Dr Beni Isman Rusani

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Whenever someone asks me what I wanna specialise in, I would answer, "I'm not sure as I haven't graduated from medical school yet, but for now, I'm thinking of being a cardiologist." It has always been cardiology ever since I was a kid, even before I knew the existence of the word 'cardiology'. Maybe because it has something to do and is correlated to my late Datuk, who had undergone bypass, passed away because of a heart attack and the one (other than my parents) who always gave me support and motivation to become a doctor. 

To meet and have a nice chit-chat with a cardiologist is like ticking off another bucket list for me, even better with the presence of a cup of coffee, that's for sure. I tweet a lot during the competition organised by Dr Beni and Dr Akmal with the hashtag #Benism on twitter, but unfortunately luck wasn't on my side as I was not chosen even for the top 3 finalists. My best friend told me that it's okay, you'll get a better chance later on. And yes, it did. A better one.

Everything started with an intention of buying a new phone after my sister told me her handphone has already gone insane. I was thinking of giving mine to her and buying a new one, which finally approved by my parents after a few times of "Eleh, alasan je tu" haha. Just right after I talked and dealt with my parents, I saw Dr Beni's tweet, which without any further delay, I decided to send him a direct message, but I could not do so as he doesn't follow me, so I just replied to his tweet and he dm-ed me, asking whether I'm interested for real or not. After a few messages telling him I already paid, where to meet, etcetera, it had finally brought me to the National Heart Institute also known as IJN on last Monday (140316).

Dr Beni offered to treat me and Nisa some drinks, while we were searching for a place to sit and have a look at the phone that I bought from him. Thank the traffic jammed and the fact that he had finished his work, Nisa and I had a chance to spend one hour and a half with Dr Beni calmly, sipping on our hot Caffè Latte in Gloria Jean's Coffee, telling our concerns, with him sharing some useful advices and tips, interesting experiences and also his inspiring journey of becoming a cardiologist. He's not only a cardiologist, but he is also really into reading and writing as well, just like me and to look at him makes me feel more motivated and inspired to become like him in the future, which at the same time scratches off the negative thoughts of I can't(s) from my mind.

In spite of the fact that the memory of the conversation has turned into chunks of words I could hardly recall, I did manage to save some of the keywords and important points that would always be kept in a special room inside my mind with a hope I would always remember them. (Just a reminder, points 1-5 are a combination of his words with my own to make the sentences complete and understandable, from my point of view).

1. Don't ask the right question when you were sad or angry or feeling down dan yang sewaktu dengannya. This is one of my favourites as it's kinda similar to one of the principles in my life; "Don't promise when you're happy, don't decide when you're sad, and don't reply when you're angry." Senang cerita, never make any decisions on temporary feelings.

2. Find a passion to pull you back on the right track when you're being dragged by the feeling of emptiness, stuffiness and like what Dr Beni said, "Tepu". All this while I always thought that being a doctor means you give almost every single time you have for others, but it's not true actually. Doctors are still human beings and to catch yourself back from being drifted away after a long working hours is a must or you might get lost in the labyrinth of darkness. And for him, it's writing. Writing has always been his passion. Just like me. Nisa (click here to read her blog!) sempat lagi promote my blog, haha segan. But, it's okay. Dr Beni won't read it hehe.

3. Stress and failures are normal during study and in this content, as a medical student. Dr Beni shared a story experienced by himself when he was in UKM. He felt really stressed, walking back and forth at the corridor of the sixth floor, thinking of why did he choose Medicine yada yada. But, that's life is all about. There are ups and downs, highs and lows. What you have to do is to remain focused and strive for the best you can.

4. Read the same clinical examination book over and over again won't make you a good doctor. But, meeting real patients and having more hands-on practices would. He asked us about the learning system in IMU, so we told him we already learned how to clerk history and did most of the physical examinations (we did emphasise on the word 'heart' hehe) during our clinical sessions since the first semester yada yada. Other than practising, he also reminded us to read everything about the case of a patient before meeting him/her, so that you'd gain more knowledges, just like what CSU doctors always tell us.

5. According to Dr Beni, presenting a case is like selling a product. He gave 2 examples; pneumonia and TB. You have to discover more about the product (disease) before you sell (present) them. Make sure you ask everything about the product (disease), so that you know everything about what the patient is having and indirectly would make you more confident when presenting the case.

Before the conversation ended, I told him that I was thinking of being a cardiologist, but I always wonder why there are not so many female doctors in this specialisation. First thing first, he asked me "Do you like ECG?" which I answered, "Middle" in return. He mentioned he's also in the middle of I-really-like-ECG and I-really hate-ECG, as obviously that (the ECG) is what he has to look at and interpret every day. The explanation of why most female doctors are not in the cardiology department might be because of the working hours and the fact that only a few hospitals provide posting on cardiology department.

Though we never know what lies in his kind heart and lingers in his wise mind, his charisma and the charm he has, the aura he brings wherever he goes, with his words full of knowledges and thoughts to ponder make everything about him seems perfect and inspiring.

This is a chapter of a dream came true, which starts with a mobile phone.

Nisa's hehe

Where's the photo of me with Dr Beni?

Mar 16, 2016

Tonymoly - Pilihan Ramai Wanita Korea

Sponsored post. 

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Bagi penggemar drama Korea dan muzik KPOP, pastinya anda sedia maklum akan kecantikan wajah pelakon-pelakon Korea yang amat lembut dan putih. Baik lelaki mahupun wanita, masyarakat di Korea sememangnya amat terkenal dengan penjagaan kulit muka yang rapi dan efektif. Oleh kerana itu, tidak hairanlah jika Korea juga merupakan diantara negara yang banyak mengeluarkan produk-produk kecantikan yang berkualiti tinggi dan salah satu produk yang kini menjadi sebutan adalah TONYMOLY. 

Ditubuhkan pada tahun 2006 lagi, Tony Moly yang dulunya hanya dikenali di Korea kini telah mula mendapat perhatian wanita-wanita Asia termasuklah di Malaysia sendiri. Jenama pengeluar kosmetik yang terkenal ini menawarkan rangkaian produk kecantikan, produk penjagaan kulit dan rambut untuk wanita-wanita di Asia.

Apa yang menarik mengenai TonyMoly adalah rangkaian produk kosmetik yang berasaskan bahan-bahan organik yang pastinya dijamin 100% selamat digunakan pada kulit muka anda. Kesemua produk ini juga boleh anda temui dalam tawaran harga yang cukup murah berbanding jenama-jenama antarabangsa yang lain.

Miliki kulit yang lembut dan kelihatan cantik seperti selebriti Korea bukanlah hanya angan-angan apabila kini impian tersebut boleh anda kecapi dengan menggunakan produk kosmetik dan produk penjagaan kulit TONYMOLY Malaysia. Dann untuk anda yang berminat untuk membuat pembelian secara online, produk-produk ini kini boleh anda temui di laman web ZALORA Malaysia!

Mar 12, 2016

4D3N Krabi Budget Trip (Less Than RM700!) - Itinerary & Expenses

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I just started a new semester 2 weeks ago and I'm still in the process to catch the pace. Today is Saturday and it's time for me to relax weehoo! I'm gonna update about Krabi itinerary and expenses. Let's start with the itinerary first, shall we?

(Click on the pink-bold words to read more)

Day 1 (24/1/2016, Sunday)
0730 - Arrived in Thailand.
0915 - Out of the airport and went to Luna House in Ao Nang by a taxi.
1000 - Arrived at the Luna House.
1100 - Morning walk to the Ao Nang Beach and at the same time tried finding packages for the next 3 days. We had lunch at the Bamboo Restaurant and then continued searching for packages with the best price, before heading to the Ao Nang Beach. Too lazy to walk so we took a tuktuk back to the Luna House.
1430 - Arrived at the Luna House and slept until 5pm. Penat sangat hehe.
1715 - Went to the Night Market in Krabi Town by a tuktuk. The journey was about 25 minutes from our stay place.
2030 - Back to the hotel.
2100 - Arrived at the Luna House.

Day 2 (25/1/2016, Monday)
0600 - Woke up.
0830 - Had a breakfast while waiting for the van to the Hot Stream, Emerald Pool and Blue Pool.
0900 - The van arrived.
1020 - Arrived at the Hot Spring Waterfall. We were given 1 hour and had to gather back at 11.20am and continued journey to the Emerald Pool and Blue Pool.
1145 - Arrived at the Emerald Pool and Blue Pool. 
1340 - We were supposed to gather back at 1.20pm, but Sobri and I were 20 minutes late because of (a bit) poor time management. Left the pools and went for elephant trekking.
1500 - Arrived at the elephant trekking place. The journey took quite some time as the driver sent back those who didn't book for elephant trekking. 
1600 - Ended the package and went back to Luna House. The elephant trekking place is situated only about 10-15 minutes from Luna House. 
2115 - Went out for dinner.

Day 3 (26/1/2016, Tuesday)
0915 - The van to Phi Phi Islands Tour arrived.
1020 - Bamboo Island. Spent time, swimming and beach bumming until 11am.
1125 - Snorkeling near the Monkey Island.
1220 - Buffet lunch at the Koh Phi Phi Don.
1330 - Left Koh Phi Phi Don and went to Maya Bay.
1430 - Reached Maya Bay, swimming and beach bumming. Spent about 1 hour and 30 minutes there before going back to where we started.
1630 - Arrived Luna House.
1815 - Went out, finding souvenirs and food hunting.

Day 4 (27/1/2016, Wednesday)
0930 - Left Luna House to the kayak place by a tuk tuk taxi.
1030 - Reached the kayak place. After a briefing, started kayaking for 7km.
1200 - Ended kayaking and went back to Luna House.
1530 - Left Ao Nang. The airport is about 40 minutes away from Ao Nang.
1715 - Boarded into the flight. Arrived at 8.30pm, local time.


The currency is no longer RM1 = 10baht. When we were there, RM1 was about 8.5baht.

Flight ticket (return); RM210
Taxi from airport to Ao Nang; 600baht per taxi, 150baht per person.
Tuktuk from Ao Nang Beach back to Luna House; 120baht per tuktuk, 30baht per person.
Tuktuk from Ao Nang to Krabi Town (return); 600baht per tuktuk, 150baht per person.
Van from Luna House to airport; 500baht per van, 125baht per person.

Triple room in Luna House; 1300baht per night. 3 nights = 3900baht.
1300baht per person.

Hot Stream, Emerald Pool, Blue Pool & Elephant Trekking; 700baht (not inc. lunch)
Phi Phi Islands Tour; 900baht (inc. buffet lunch)
Bamboo Island + Maya Bay; 400baht to set foot on the National Park.
Kayaking; 400baht

Total expenses (not inc. food and souvenirs): RM210 + 4155baht (~RM488) = RM698


Just to inform, I already uploaded the Krabi Trip video in my YouTube channel so feel free to watch it!

Click here;
JAN 2016 // KRABI

Enjoy watching!

Mar 8, 2016

I Met Pregnant Superwomen(?)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I just started my life as a fourth semester medical student in IMU last week, with the reproductive system as the first system to learn this semester. Weehoo for some people, but it's the same for me. I thought this semester would be different with newly energised Ardilla after 2 months of holiday and the spirit to work harder, but meyhhh. The same Ardilla who easily falls asleep, especially in the evening, even though everyone else is laughing about something. I'm still in the process to change myself, fighting Dylla!

Anyway, I haven't written for quite some time, I know right! Writing is something that I do during leisure time when I feel like I wanna do it. But, if that time I prefer sleeping or studying, I'm so not gonna write any because it will turn out into something that is forced-unhappily written haha. 

I had my first and last clinic visit of this semester today and it was a wonderful experience, somehow reminds me of the elective posting in O&G department I had last semester. Everything such as how they record, medications and supplements they give and their concerns are almost the same, but the setting is completely different, that's for sure. I still have to work out on rephrasing the questions and practice more on history taking as there were a few awkward what-to-ask-more full stops during the clerking session as I kept thinking about the flow we were being taught during the clinical session. It made me feel more like a robot rather than a human being who's having a nice chit-chat with another human being. 

While I was taking the history from a patient, my group mate informed me that we had to go for the home visit. 'twas my first time knowing there's such thing called home visit for antenatal (before birth) and postnatal (after birth). We had the chance to go to 2 houses before continuing on the observation in the clinic itself. The first house we visited was for the antenatal care, while the second one was for the postnatal care. 

This home visit is made specially for those who either always skip the follow up they're supposed to go or having difficulties to go to the clinic such as no transport, no one to bring them, etcetera. Medicine is not just about learning the part of the human body, the unique names of the dangerous mosquitoes that can cause fatal diseases or the types of drugs needed to treat a disease, but Medicine is more than that. Today I met superwomen who either carrying a foetus in her belly or has become a mother to a cute newly born baby. They looked really strong despite whatever difficulties they are in and obstacles they have to go through. 

I learn not only how they manage and conduct this home visit, but also the lifestyle of some citizens in a part of this country. It opened my eyes, making me feel more grateful with what I have. We tend to feel sad and frustrated for not having this and that, neglecting what we already have that might be a wish to someone else. It's not wrong to say "I wish" as it might be a determination, which at the same time raising the spirit in yourself, but it's not okay to complain all the times. Today, I saw a mother of 6 who lives with her children in a small house with a set of torn sofa, a very old small fridge, some broken cupboards and a bed. How can I not be grateful when I have a really comfortable place to stay and study, with complete basic needs and facilities? 

Don't complain too much and be grateful. Alhamdulillah.

Mar 5, 2016

4D3N Krabi Budget Trip Video

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

My best friends and I

I just uploaded Krabi video weeeee. Feel free to watch and drop some comments if you have anything to say. And yes, do subscribe my YouTube channel for more upcoming videos! 

What do you guys think about this video? Tell me!