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Politics And Malaysian

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Politics is the last thing I wanna talk about as it will usually end up with a fight or bermasam muka and terasa, unless you have the same mind and opinion. That is what always happened when it comes to talking about politics. Yes, politics is important as what is a country without politics, right? But not every single thing we have to include politics in as certain issues or actions are better without politics. I'm not rooting any party as to be honest, I see more destruction than benefit on all sides, so basically, I'm rooting for those who I think s/he is right. Politics doesn't portray how the real Malaysia and Malaysians look like. Foreigners and outsiders will think Malaysians hate each other, races can't get united, and Malaysia is far from peace, but actually the real thing is, forget about the politics for a while and you can see the beauty of staying together, as Malaysians. Why am I saying this?  Because

JPA Dituduh Abai 119 Pelajar INTEC JPA

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Astro AWANI; JPA DITUDUH ABAI 119 PELAJAR INTEC   I saw this title on Facebook and instantly clicked on the video before reading the description. The video showed 2 guys telling the media that they felt cheated as JPA stopped their contract with them without giving a warning that they should at least get 9-11 points and kena sambung belajar dalam negara.  Those who don't know might wonder what these points are all about, so lemme tell you that first. Points are entry scores that are used to apply for universities and colleges.  Here's how they calculate the entry scores.  A* = 5 A = 5 B = 4 C = 3 D = 2 E = 1 U = 0 That means the total maximum points that one could get is 15 points with either A*A*A* or AAA or mixture of A* and A. The total minimum points that JPA students (nowadays) should get is 9 points-- CCC or BCD or ADD because in the video itself they didn't mention they have to get at leas

Places To Eat & Visit In Penang (Day 3)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My laptop is broken down and currently being repaired. Luckily I have a very old PC at home, which I hated so much before because it's very slow and always lags haha. Okay, let's continue with the Penang food hunting journey, yeay! Sabar jelah nak type pun lagging..  ASTAKA TAMAN TUN SARDON It was our last day in Penang sobsob. We packed our things, checked out from the hotel and straight away went to Astaka Taman Tun Sardon for breakfast. In this area, there's a wet market and a food court. There are a few stalls, which sell a variety of food for breakfast. From kuih-muih, roti canai to even curry, soup, etc. They also have the famous serabai here. we bought 2 plates of serabai. I had eaten serabai a few times before. Serabai is like an apam but in a form of flat rounded shape and you eat it by dipping it into homemade kaya (sometimes with durian). Other than serabai, we also bought some kuih and 2 bowls of kuey t

Places To Eat & Visit In Penang (Day 2)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. It was the second day of our Penang food hunting mission, yeehaa! We checked out from the Gurney Hotel as for the second night we'd already booked a lower cost room in Love Lane.  View from our room in Gurney Hotel ROTI CANAI TRANSFER ROAD What is Malaysian without nasi lemak or roti canai, right? Haha. One of the most famous roti canai is located at the Transfer Road. The usual roti canai is eaten with the simple curry or kuah dal, but this time we had the roti canai with chicken curry (I think) but not like the normal ones. The thin-and-garing roti canai dipped into the special kuah mmmmmm 'twas really delicious, the best roti canai I'd ever eaten so far! Typical Ardilla, one is never enough, I ordered another piece of roti canai hehe.  Gambar for #Foodylla hehe PENANG CENDOL  It was time to have something that wasn't too heavy, so we went to Penang Road and found a cendol stal