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Consoling Myself

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.  There are times when your favourite food doesn't look tempting, ice cream can't make you happy, chatting with friends but feeling lonely, wanna cry but there's no tear. Silence can be really deafening sometimes, even become worse when your heart constantly longs for the true happiness at home.  I feel really uneasy and quite anxious lately with all the revised (harder) assessment, semester we have to pass, lecture notes we have to study, clinical skills we have to practise, stuffs we have to settle and handle. I'm stuck in the labyrinth of life, where even to read or write notes first become a big issue. Sad lyrics make sense, each word hits me well, seems meaningful, suits the atmosphere and the invisible aura around me. The need to talk to someone burdens me, but looks like my inner self is so ego, it persuades me to handle everything by myself, and incites me to ignore my feelings, which at the end I agree to comp

Experience Studying In International Medical University, IMU

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Creds to Mr Google  This Monday, Semester 3 starts and I am officially a second year medical student, Alhamdulillah :') Have to get back on track soon, even though my heart feels heavy to leave home sob sob *said someone who goes back home almost every weekend :p hehe. First year went well, but I would be a great liar if I say there wasn't any breakdown or sadness or the giving-up feeling. Anyway, I don't think you guys wanna read about me... so let's get straight to the main thing haha. I would try my best to summarise the whole one-year journey in the simplest way and manner, but pardon me if it's still overloaded hehe.  The very first time I came to IMU was a year ago as an interviewee, sitting on the hot seat, in front of a lecturer and 2 other persons (they were students, I think). Before this I only know its existence as among of the top medical universities in Malaysia which I thought I could never

Tips Masuk U

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Lately ni #TipsMasukU jadi viral kat Twitter dengan beribu orang kasi pendapat. Ada yang serious, ada yang buat lawak. Ada yang cakap jangan lupa bawa gayung extra, ada yang cakap jangan fikir kahwin fikir belajar je, yang suruh flush lepas berak pun ada hahaha. Alhamdulillah Dylla dah lepas First Year, 17th August ni masuk Second Year (alhamdulillah!) so boleh lah nak kasi tips masuk uni sikit hehe.  1.   Redha dan terima seadanya Mungkin apa yang kita dapat bukan apa yang kita nak. Ada yang minta Biologi, dapat Sains Kimia. Ada yang minta Accountancy, dapat Mathematics. Tak semua apa yang kita nak kita boleh dapat. Kalau yang mampu, boleh lah cuba apply universiti swasta. Bagi orang sederhana macam saya ni, kita minta pendapat family semua. Buat lah solat istikharah, then redha dan terima dengan hati yang terbuka. Mungkin ada hikmah kita tak dapat apa yang kita nak, Allah SWT lebih mengetahui.  2.   Kuatkan semangat, ringank

Don't Throw Your iPhone!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Before you think of throwing your iPhone / iPad / MacBook because something goes wrong, try reading some of the tips regarding minor problems in Apple products here! IPHONE / IPAD HANGS OR 'FREEZES' / TURNS OFF SUDDENLY & BECOMES HOT Sometimes when an iPhone hangs or turns off suddenly, you can't even switch on it using the normal way (pressing the power button). So in other word if your iPhone doesn't turn or respond, then try this alternative way. 1.  Press both home and power buttons together for a few seconds until the iPhone/iPad starts and the apple logo appears. If the iPhone/iPad turns off and becomes very hot, let it to cool down first before using it. One of the cases it might become too hot suddenly is because it hasn't been switched off for quite a long time. APPS ALWAYS CRASH Some of the applications may crash while you're using it so one way to solve it is; try to go to the ap

1.35am, It's Raining

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.  Counting sheeps isn't working anymore, and my eyes have been unwillingly wide awakened since the past 1 hour. My nenek hasn't come back home yet-- paklong and maklong brought her to the hospital because she complained of having terrible pain on the right side of her body. Makcu had been admitted to the ward yesterday after her body temperature raised until 40deg celcius, which can be dangerous if it doesn't return to the normal range. 4 out of 5 makcu's kids are here in this house right now (the eldest is just 14yo and she's in a boarding school). Without nenek and makcu in this house, how can we leave the 4 of them to stay without any guardian. Even my ayah also told us to stay in order to make sure they're safe.  I never saw nenek in a terrible pain like just now before. Well, except when she has an asthma attack, but that one also still looks bearable. While ibu was visiting makcu, nenek ate some mashed po

Paper Towns & Ant-Man

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I ain't a pro when it comes to giving a review on movies and dramas as I myself usually only watch them when someone recommends but I'll give it a try anyway. Since the day they announced the released date of Paper Towns in Malaysia I already started counting down. I didn't wanna risk my exam as the movie had been aired a week before my OBA and OSPE exams so I waited until yesterday to watch it with my best friend, Ummi. At least bila dah habis exam baru rasa tenang and lega nak tengok movie haha.  The first movie that we watched was Paper Towns. The movie started with young Quentin and Margo became friends and one day they found a dead man in his 50s lying against a tree and holding a gun. Quentin or his nickname, Q, just like a normal kid, suggested to leave the dead body, but Margo took it seriously and she even tried finding clues on how the guy died. Ever since then, day by day, they started to make their own ways,