Aug 24, 2015

Consoling Myself

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

There are times when your favourite food doesn't look tempting, ice cream can't make you happy, chatting with friends but feeling lonely, wanna cry but there's no tear. Silence can be really deafening sometimes, even become worse when your heart constantly longs for the true happiness at home. 

I feel really uneasy and quite anxious lately with all the revised (harder) assessment, semester we have to pass, lecture notes we have to study, clinical skills we have to practise, stuffs we have to settle and handle. I'm stuck in the labyrinth of life, where even to read or write notes first become a big issue. Sad lyrics make sense, each word hits me well, seems meaningful, suits the atmosphere and the invisible aura around me. The need to talk to someone burdens me, but looks like my inner self is so ego, it persuades me to handle everything by myself, and incites me to ignore my feelings, which at the end I agree to compromise. Giving up is not even a choice. Not after what my parents and family have done for me. Not after I already passed the first year (alhamdulillah). Not after I made up my mind this is what I really wanna do since I was in kindergarten. 

Constantly telling myself that every cloud has a silver lining, after every storm comes a rainbow, every person lives in this world has something to be grateful about. Nobody ever says it's gonna be easy. Nobody tells you can get whatever your heart wishes for. Nobody asks you to stop being happy. 

I keep thinking about how the past might affect the future, but overlook the present, which has the power to change, which I am supposed to cherish. Take past as a lesson for the present to prove. Overthinking strikes me again, ugh I know. But that's what a girl does sometimes, don't you think? I complained too much, I know I shouldn't. I'm sorry. 

Stop overthinking, start doing, Dylla. I have to continue what I've started, to prove what I wished. It's not gonna be easy, but it's possible. Have faith in Allah. Do your part, follow His guide. InshaaAllah everything will run smoothly, according to His plan, that's the best thing. 

Medicine is tough, but I'm tougher. 

Aug 15, 2015

Experience Studying In International Medical University, IMU

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Creds to Mr Google 

This Monday, Semester 3 starts and I am officially a second year medical student, Alhamdulillah :') Have to get back on track soon, even though my heart feels heavy to leave home sob sob *said someone who goes back home almost every weekend :p hehe. First year went well, but I would be a great liar if I say there wasn't any breakdown or sadness or the giving-up feeling. Anyway, I don't think you guys wanna read about me... so let's get straight to the main thing haha. I would try my best to summarise the whole one-year journey in the simplest way and manner, but pardon me if it's still overloaded hehe. 

The very first time I came to IMU was a year ago as an interviewee, sitting on the hot seat, in front of a lecturer and 2 other persons (they were students, I think). Before this I only know its existence as among of the top medical universities in Malaysia which I thought I could never get a place into but I never knew how it looks like in real life actually. With only health science courses, IMU in Bukit Jalil is quite small compared to other universities, but you'll feel grateful later on as you don't need to walk far from one lecture to another haha. Currently my batch, ME214 has 200 students with only about 20 Malays-- not really a culture shock to me as I had encountered the same situation and surroundings before when I was in kindergarten and INTI. It's great to make friends with people from different races, religions and countries though :)

I'm going to use different sign posts, so it's easier for you guys to go through.

On average for Medical students in IMU, every day we only have 2-3 lectures (1 hour per lecture) and there some days that we have only 1 lecture or none at all! Here, we study by systems (Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System etc) and every semester consists of 3 systems, except for Semester 1 which is the foundation module. That's the best thing about studying in IMU; less lectures per day, no such thing as 8am-4pm classes, although in return we have shorter holidays. But then, other than lectures, we also have PBL, CSU, MMS and lab sessions, which sometimes makes schedule becomes really packed, once in a while.

Update: IMU just changed the system. About the 'shorter holiday', after they have changed the system, we have about 2 months holiday on Jan and Feb. 

Problem Based Learning (PBL) sessions-- in a group of 9-11 people, we will get a case. Then we have to interpret what is it about, find the learning issues to be researched and discuss everything on the next session. Everyone will have the chance to talk and express their views in this session.

Clinical Skills Unit (CSU) sessions-- usually with same group mates from PBL, we learn how to communicate, interact with simulated patients, do physical examinations and all the clinical stuffs step by step with the guidance of manuals provided by CSU. Here's another thing special about IMU-- we have been exposed to clinical skills since the first week of being a medical student. We learn about theories and at the same time we apply them during clinical skills. Some say that it's quite hard to proceed to the next level as OSCE (an exam for clinical skills) is made as a stand-alone assessment which we have to pass even in the first year, but there's a reason behind it. History taking, physical examinations and clinical procedures aren't things that you could be good at for only a couple of days. I still could remember when I was in the first semester, Dr A (real name can't be told) stopped me while I was taking a history from a simulated patient in front of my group mates and said that I didn't show enough empathy. Empathy, empathy, empathy. Empathy isn't the same as sympathy. Empathy is putting yourself in someone else's shoes and it's not easy to master it while taking a history, as you have to focus many things at the same time. As time goes, I reckon I improved quite well in semester 2 if compare to semester 1 hehe (kot). Oh, and we also have the chance to talk to real patients during clinic and hospital visits.

Medical Museum Session (MMS) sessions-- we are divided into a few groups and each group has different session time. During each session, we'll be using plastic models from the medical museum itself and there will be a lecturer to guide us throughout the session. Yes, usually plastic models because IMU has only a few cadaver, hm wait, I think only 1 (which is safely secure under a transparent plastic box).... because they said, "We train you to treat living people, not corpse" -.- hahaha.

Lab sessions-- not every week we have lab session.

All lectures are not compulsory except for CSU, PBL and MPU subjects because IMU adopts a self-independent study and that means whether to go to class or not is up to you, as some students can excel without going to class so IMU gives the right and freedom to students to choose what's best for them.

I would like to apologise because I don't really know about other courses, so in this sub topic. I'm going to talk about Medicine course only. Nowadays IMU use a new system, and my batch is the only batch to have the transition semester.. *krik krik*. For my batch, we have to pass Sem 2, Sem 3 (Transition semester), Sem 4 and Sem 5(?) ugh I myself not really sure about it.. By the way, every semester we only have 1 exam (final semester) with a few assignments in between. There's no test after each system. Told ya, studying in IMU is quite relaxing but could be a great dangerous if you too relax all the times haha.

Update: IMU changed the course assessment as well. There's a test after every system ends. A good thing about this is you won't procrastinate until the end of semester and will keep updated about what you have learned.

A cafeteria called Pandan Serai is situated at the Lower Ground level and a coffee shop (I think so..) in front of the IMU main entrance, at the driveway. There are also a few stalls just outside of IMU but during weekends most of the stalls are closed so usually I only eat anything I have at home if I don't go back home to Melaka and were too lazy to go out haha.

There's a pasar malam every Wednesday(?) and Saturday in Sungai Besi. When class ends quite late, my friends and I straightly walk to the LRT station, take the LRT and stop at the Sungai Besi station.

IMU is a strategic but a peaceful and conducive place to study. There's an LRT station (Sri Petaling) just behind IMU (only have to cross the road, but there's a pedestrian bridge provided). Sri Petaling station is only 3 stations away from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), that's why I go back home almost every weekend :p hehe. If you feel tired and fed up of having the same food every day, then just take the LRT and go wherever your heart's longing for~~~ haha

Most students (esp those who live far) stay in Vista B or Vista C which are just about 5-minute walk from IMU. Students prefer to stay in Vista B because it is closer to IMU and much safer if you have to walk back from IMU at night. But Vista C has a higher security system as everyone who lives there need an access card even to enter their own block.

You can either try to look for apartment supervised under IMU, which a lil bit pricey because from water to air-conditioner to internet bills, everything is included and if I'm not mistaken a house keeper comes once a week to clean the house. If you wanna save your budget, you can search for a room in Vista Komanwel website. Some of my friends stayed in vista under IMU for a semester, then they moved to a new house in the next semester together. Normally, apartments in Vista consist of 3 bedrooms (Master, Middle, Small), a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a living room.

I guess that's all for now. If you guys have any questions, just leave them in the comment box below :)


P/s: Alhamdulillah, I finally graduated on the 9th of August 2019. Here's a post roughly about the final semester before graduation: Finally, A Doctor :)

Aug 14, 2015

Tips Masuk U

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Lately ni #TipsMasukU jadi viral kat Twitter dengan beribu orang kasi pendapat. Ada yang serious, ada yang buat lawak. Ada yang cakap jangan lupa bawa gayung extra, ada yang cakap jangan fikir kahwin fikir belajar je, yang suruh flush lepas berak pun ada hahaha. Alhamdulillah Dylla dah lepas First Year, 17th August ni masuk Second Year (alhamdulillah!) so boleh lah nak kasi tips masuk uni sikit hehe. 

1.   Redha dan terima seadanya
Mungkin apa yang kita dapat bukan apa yang kita nak. Ada yang minta Biologi, dapat Sains Kimia. Ada yang minta Accountancy, dapat Mathematics. Tak semua apa yang kita nak kita boleh dapat. Kalau yang mampu, boleh lah cuba apply universiti swasta. Bagi orang sederhana macam saya ni, kita minta pendapat family semua. Buat lah solat istikharah, then redha dan terima dengan hati yang terbuka. Mungkin ada hikmah kita tak dapat apa yang kita nak, Allah SWT lebih mengetahui. 

2.   Kuatkan semangat, ringankan tangan
Ye, betul tu kena kuatkan semangat and ringankan tangan dengan timbunan borang. Takpe anggap lah tu senaman untuk tangan sebab dah lama menganggur kat rumah lah katakan :p Beli lah satu pen yang sedap ditulis so time tulis tu bersemangat lah sikit (kot) sambil boleh practice menulis balik haha. 

3.   Buat checklist
Tak susah pun buat checklist, last last berguna untuk kita sendiri juga. Dylla dulu selalu bahagikan checklist kepada beberapa bahagian; pakaian (baju kurung, tshirt, seluar..), toiletries (sabun, berus gigi, syampu..), keperluan diri (sejadah, Al-Quran, sikat, bedak..), food & drinks and apa apa lah yang patut. Dylla siap print lagi sebab memang takut sangat ada barang tertinggal, almaklumlah Melaka-KL jauh lah juga kan hehe. Bila teringat je ada benda nak bawa, terus tulis dalam checklist. But someone told me, I did this because I have minor OCD and a perfectionist, cehh -..-  

4.   Baca pengalaman orang lain
Before Dylla masuk IMU dulu, memang Dylla pergi google life kat IMU apa semua. Yelah at least before masuk ada lah juga idea tempat tu macam mana, dekat dengan pantai ke bandar ke, sekitar ada apa. Jangan pula nanti masuk haaa terkejut ada haiwan itu ini terus nangis nak keluar uni, no no jangan macam tu. Macam Ica ( siap tengok video lagi haha semangat sangat tu :p Nah ni post Dylla share experience Dylla a week after masuk IMU; FIRST WEEK IN IMU.

5.   Jangan complain banyak sangat
Pergi sana bukakan hati untuk terima everything seadanya. Dylla faham memang lah tak selesa macam kat rumah tapi kena try sesuaikan diri dengan toilet share, bilik kecik sebab memang semua orang kena macam tu. Kalau orang lain boleh, kita pun mesti boleh juga. Takpe, anggap lah ni pengalaman hidup haaa gitu. 

6.   Berbaik dengan roommates / housemates
Kita nak tinggal sama paling kurang pun setahun so dari first day start tegur lah sikit sikit, then lama lama kamceng lah. Seminggu dua make sure barang sendiri jaga elok elok. Bukan nak timbulkan suspicious kat roommate ke apa, tapi nanti if barang hilang sebab kita yang salah letak tempat takut roommate yang tak bersalah pula dipersalahkan. Buat baik dengan orang InshaaAllah orang pun akan buat baik dengan kita. 

7.   Berbaik dengan senior
Kalau macam kat IMU memang takde senioriti langsung. But ni bukan soal senioriti ke apa. Berbaik dengan senior bukanlah kena buat semua benda apa yang senior suruh, ni bukannya sekolah asrama. Sekolah asrama pun senior dah tak buat macam tu dah sekarang haha apatah lagi uni life. Cuma hormat and berbaik lah dengan diorang. Ada rezeki, macam macam diorang tolong. Macam senior kat IMU diorang siap conduct kan mock exam untuk kitorang, bagi tips sana sini, jadi tutor practice OSCE and ada tu siap kasi past year and buku lagi.

8.   Orang lain bukan penghalang, carry mark bukan pengakhiran
Jangan compare diri sendiri dengan orang lain. Jangan rasa bila orang lain dapat keputusan lagi tinggi means kita ni tak bagus langsung and terus menerus torture our mind and 'down' kan diri sendiri. Ada sesetengah orang jadikan orang lain sebagai pendorong, ada yang jadi penghalang. So if you're one of those yang jadikan penghalang terhadap diri sendiri, then senang cerita, after dapat result ke apa tak payah tanya orang lain. Focus on yourself. And selalu ingat carry mark bukan bermakna kita tak boleh meningkat. Macam Dylla, carry mark Dylla untuk Sem 1 tak bagus sangat. So Dylla memang dah set mind "Okay aku kena study hard. Banyak kena cover ni sebab carry mark tak bagus sangat." 

9.   Datang kelas awal / tepat masa
Dylla mula datang kelas awal sejak semester lepas. Ada lah juga hari hari yang terlambat sikit tapi kalau nak dibandingkan dengan semester sebelumnya... *krik krik* kelas pukul 8 bangun 7.45 sebab suka tertidur lepas subuh ish ish perangai. So Dylla mula tidur awal sebab tak nak mengantuk dalam kelas. Make sure set alarm clock, and malam tu dah kena set otak. Contoh apa yang Dylla buat, kalau kelas pukul 8, malam tu Dylla dah set kan dalam otak; "Kelas pukul 8, so bangun pukul 6. Kalau tertidur balik pun paling lewat pukul 7.00 dah kena mandi and 7.30 dah kena pakai tudung." And Dylla ni jenis tak boleh kalau tak cukup tidur, so Dylla memang dah kira dalam otak at least kena tidur 6 jam, means malam before tu kena tidur pukul 12. Otak segar baru boleh belajar :) 

10. Bila relax, relax betul betul. Bila study, study betul betul
Bak kata pepatah orang putih; Work hard, play hard, study hard. Tak payah study 24/7 but make sure you always update yourself especially bila belajar benda baru. Dylla pernah post 8 study tips and Dylla memang ikut tips tu semua, alhamdulillah ada kesan positif. Nah nak baca boleh click ni; 8 STUDY TIPS. Bila relax, pastikan memang relax betul betul. Tak salah kalau lelapkan mata sekejap ke. Tak payah time nak lelap mata pun pergi baca notes. 

11. Jangan kedekut ilmu
Kongsi ilmu yang kita dapat, nanti orang tak lokek kongsi ilmu yang depa dapat. And kalau kita share ilmu yang kita ada, InshaaAllah makin kukuh ingatan kita sebab kita ulang balik apa yang kita tahu kat kawan kita. 

12. Makan jangan lupa!
Sibuk macam mana pun kerja, jangan skip makan! Make sure breakfast, lunch, dinner. Nanti kalau tak makan kalau perut kosong, satu kerja tak boleh buat. 

13. Jangan lengahkan kerja
Home work and assignment siapkan awal awal. Kalau boleh dapat je harini tajuk ke apa, terus start buat, research apa semua. Kerja siap awal, takde lah nanti last minute baru nak kelam-kabut plus boleh study dengan tenang. Another thing, study jangan last minute. Ada orang study last minute boleh dapat markah tinggi, tapi kalau kita tak boleh, jangan ikut. Study awal awal, jangan tunggu last minute. 

14. Tonjolkan diri, kurangkan segan
Bab tonjolkan diri Dylla sendiri pun tak berjaya sangat sebenarnya. Tapi tonjolkan diri ni bukanlah berlakon atas pentas or bercakap depan orang ramai semata-mata. Tonjolkan diri ni maksudnya buat muka tak malu, tegur je semua orang. Semua orang baru masuk so diorang tak kenal siapa kita before this. Jumpa je sesiapa duduk sebelah dalam dewan, tegur je. Kalau tak tahu nak tanya apa, boleh lah guna soalan-soalan cliche yang Dylla pun guna (Nama siapa? Dari mana? Before this study mana?) hahaha. And dalam kelas jangan segan. If tahu jawapan or nak tanya soalan, angkat je tangan okay? Dylla pun sebenarnya still tengah try untuk berani angkat tangan and lontarkan pendapat or bagi jawapan haha. Ada lah juga sekali dua Dylla bagi jawapan hehe (duduk depan senang sikit lecturer nak dengar suara :p). 

15. Jadi aktif! 
Macam yang Dylla cakap, masuk uni bukanlah bermaksud kena study je sepanjang masa. Biasa kelab-kelab persatuan kekadang akan anjurkan program or event so take this chance to join it! Lebih lebih lagi kalau siapa yang kena kumpul jam (MPU hours) haaa lagi lah digalakkan buat awal awal so nanti takde lah bila tiba masa nak grad, tak boleh grad sebab MPU hours tak cukup :/ 

Oh haaa ni lagi satu tips paling penting; SEMBAHYANG, DOA, USAHA, TAWAKAL. Kita mampu usaha, tapi Allah swt yang menentukan segalanya. Sentiasa niat belajar kerana Allah swt, bukan semata-mata nak pass exam, InshaaAllah kekal ilmu tu dalam otak. Panjang pula post kali ni, hopefully berguna InshaaAllah. Ada salah silap, maafkan Dylla, tegur tegur lah eh. Okay till here semua. 

Assalamualaikum! :)

Aug 13, 2015

Don't Throw Your iPhone!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Before you think of throwing your iPhone / iPad / MacBook because something goes wrong, try reading some of the tips regarding minor problems in Apple products here!

Sometimes when an iPhone hangs or turns off suddenly, you can't even switch on it using the normal way (pressing the power button). So in other word if your iPhone doesn't turn or respond, then try this alternative way.
1.  Press both home and power buttons together for a few seconds until the iPhone/iPad starts and the apple logo appears.

If the iPhone/iPad turns off and becomes very hot, let it to cool down first before using it. One of the cases it might become too hot suddenly is because it hasn't been switched off for quite a long time.

Some of the applications may crash while you're using it so one way to solve it is; try to go to the app store and look if there's any update for the apps. Maybe the 'bug' is eating the apple! Haha

There was one time I thought my iPhone speaker had gone crazy. My phone wasn't on silent mode and I already increased it to the maximum volume by using the side volume button, but the sound came out from it was still slow. 
1.  Make sure the ring/silent switch at the side is set to ring (like the photo below).

2.  Go to SETTINGS > SOUND and move the Ringer and Alerts slider to increase the volume.
3.  Voila!

A few days ago, my MacBook Pro suddenly turned off while I was using it. I thought the battery finished so I connected my laptop to the charger to charge it and while it was charging, I pressed the power button but nothing happened. I looked at the charger and the light was blinking orange. The same thing happened before and I had to leave my laptop for a day at the Mac City but this time I was too lazy so I tried to search for the solution by browsing through a few websites. Too complicated, so I ended up searching in YouTube. I found a video, which showed how to open the back of the MacBook and take-out-and-put-in-back a small black box to switch back on the laptop. I took a knife, unscrewed the screws, just like how the guy showed in the video. Unfortunately the last screw couldn't come out so I had to screw back everything. Then on the next day I brought my Mac to the Mac City and directly went to the service centre. 

A lady on the counter showed me how to easily reset the MacBook. So here are the steps;
1.  Press the power button for about 20 seconds. 
2.  Then press Command-Option-P-R keys at the same time and wait until the laptop restarts.

If what I told you doesn't work out, then bring your gadget to the nearest Apple Store. Alright, that's all for now.

Have a nice day and assalamualaikum!

Aug 8, 2015

1.35am, It's Raining

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 

Counting sheeps isn't working anymore, and my eyes have been unwillingly wide awakened since the past 1 hour. My nenek hasn't come back home yet-- paklong and maklong brought her to the hospital because she complained of having terrible pain on the right side of her body. Makcu had been admitted to the ward yesterday after her body temperature raised until 40deg celcius, which can be dangerous if it doesn't return to the normal range. 4 out of 5 makcu's kids are here in this house right now (the eldest is just 14yo and she's in a boarding school). Without nenek and makcu in this house, how can we leave the 4 of them to stay without any guardian. Even my ayah also told us to stay in order to make sure they're safe. 

I never saw nenek in a terrible pain like just now before. Well, except when she has an asthma attack, but that one also still looks bearable. While ibu was visiting makcu, nenek ate some mashed potato, which was bought by MakNgah Milah who dropped by for a while but it seemed like her stomach kept rejecting the food. She couldn't even eat more than 2 teaspoons as what she ate came out directly after she swallowed it. Pity nenek. Ica and I asked her how she felt and so on. 

Somehow, I reckon she tried to tell me everything that she felt just now so that I might know what's the problem hmm how I wish I were a doctor already so that I can straightly check her stomach and tell her what's wrong. But I can't. I only studied about heart, lungs and blood, neither more nor less than that. From her symptoms and signs, the only differential diagnosis that I could get was appendix. That's all. Tbh, I feel a bit sad. Nenek is not just a nenek. She is also my datuk. Because my datuk has passed away (Al-Fatihah), now she's the one who does what datuk always did in the past. It really hurts me to see her in such pain, hopefully she'll get better soon, InshaaAllah amin. 

Ps: I posted this by using my phone as something wrong happened to my laptop.

Aug 6, 2015

Paper Towns & Ant-Man

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I ain't a pro when it comes to giving a review on movies and dramas as I myself usually only watch them when someone recommends but I'll give it a try anyway. Since the day they announced the released date of Paper Towns in Malaysia I already started counting down. I didn't wanna risk my exam as the movie had been aired a week before my OBA and OSPE exams so I waited until yesterday to watch it with my best friend, Ummi. At least bila dah habis exam baru rasa tenang and lega nak tengok movie haha. 

The first movie that we watched was Paper Towns. The movie started with young Quentin and Margo became friends and one day they found a dead man in his 50s lying against a tree and holding a gun. Quentin or his nickname, Q, just like a normal kid, suggested to leave the dead body, but Margo took it seriously and she even tried finding clues on how the guy died. Ever since then, day by day, they started to make their own ways, although Quentin really loves Margo. 

Wait I'm not supposed to spoil the movie -.- haha okay so lets jump to the review! 

For Paper Towns if I haven't read the book yet then maybe I would say this is one of the worst movies I'd ever watched (I'm not a movie person so yeah) haha kidding I'm a fan of John Green, so nayy I would still love this movie no matter what others say. The ending is somehow more or less about the same as 500 Days of Summer, where the hero and the heroine didn't end their lives together. The storyline was quite slow, a bit interesting on part when Q joined Margo to accomplish 9 missions on the same night. There wasn't really much happened when they were on their journey to find Margo and the ending was quite flat(?). The movie was being adapted from the book so yeah, that's how the ending should be. 

Cara was really suited for Margo's characters and her face somehow really showed how mysterious Margo is and she is the reason why I really eager to watch this movie. 

The next movie is Ant-Man! 

I don't really favour Marvel's movies (Iron Man, Captain America, etc) but this one is an exceptional. I really intrigued on how the ant-man tried to control his power and communicate with all the ants-- told them to put some sugar into a cup of tea, to move a coin and more tasks that harder than those! This movie somehow reminds me a bit of Physics, with atoms and sub atoms and those stuffs. Apart from that, there were some humours inserted into this movie, which made it more interesting. Haha I really love the part where when this one guy told stories, it seemed like he imitated what everyone was saying, padahal suara dia juga haha. Make sure you watch this movie later on okay! 

Alright I think that's all. Assalamualaikum :)