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Not a Covid Virgin Anymore

Covid-19 has been around us for more than 2 years. I have received 4 Covid jabs, including 2 boosters. Thought I was finally fully immuned to Covid, but guess I was wrong.  It was a long weekend and I finally got to meet both of my parents weeee. It had been a month since the last time we went back to Kajang and Melaka. Maulidur Rasul was on 9th, so we got an extra day of holiday. We went back to Kajang first, then to Melaka.  I was sooooo exciteddd. I sang on top of my lungs in the car, while accompanying Sobri to drive hehe.  We spent most of the time with our parents at home. We didn't go out much. Only once in Kajang for tea time. We planned A LOT of things, but ended up cancelling everything because we decided to just chill and rest.  I woke up on the third day feeling like a lump inside my throat. It was so painful. I drank a lot of water but the sore throat did not go away. Sometimes I do get the same feeling whenever I slept with an opened mouth, so I just brushed it off an