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A Year Older, But Am I A Year Wiser?

You know how people always say a year old, a year wiser.  I had never said it before until I posted a photo on my Instagram a few days ago. I always write things ONLY if I really mean it. And I had a long pause before typing that sentence, thinking ...  ... am I really a year older, and ALSO a year wiser?  Not one year, or two years, but for many years, I doubted myself. I knew that I learned a lot as time passed because Allah blesses our lives so beautiful from A to Z that not a single day would pass with nothing to learn from. But, that was not the issue. I wondered, did all those life events make me a wiser person? Am I a better person than who I was before?  I am not aware if my personality changes, but one thing for sure, my way of thinking does change somehow. I remember being someone who cared a lot about everything, including things that were out of my control ie. how people treat me. I treated people the nicest way possible, and expected people to treat